Monday, 9 November 2015

Filthy greed of public management scum must be curbed

Hats off to the Mail today for the launch of a major investigative piece on the extent to which the thieving scum at the top of our public services are robbing our taxes to fund their corrupt and lavish lifestyles. The crooked troughers include:

Police bosses - paying themselves record salaries and pension contributions whilst reducing police cover and ignoring many crimes
NHS Fat Cats - happy to hand out free treatment to foreign visitors whilst slashing basic services, increasing debt and all for massive pay deals and expenses
Vice-Chancellors - the country's international scammers, flogging basement education in return for visas to foreign students; so lucrative has this vile and corrupt misuse of higher education become that every hairy-arsed agricultural college in Wales now has a 'London campus'; the VCs are raking in massive pay and bonuses
Council Chiefs - doing less and less (except Child Protection, where ever more money is spent) yet paying themselves more and more.

Let's be clear. These are NOT market driven reward packages; there is absolutely no shortage of capable people who whould do these jobs at a fraction the cost. The post holders are not going to disappear overseas; they're mediocre middling bureaucrats, not hedge fund managers. They are paying themselves such vast and obscene sums simply because they can. 

It really is time we capped public sector rewards by law.


Cuffleyburgers said...

Not just the amounts radders but the whole oversight of public sector needs to be revolutionised.

It is not acceptable, and happens all the time, that when cutting spending, these people deliberately target seek to reduce useful services while leaving untouched the spending on their own benefits and backoffice or politically correct compliance absurdities, and then rely on the subsequent outcry to leverage their budgets back up again.

This has to stop and the only way I can see it happening is to have some kind of structure broadly similar to a board of school governors to oversee the delivery of public services, area by area, manned by citizens, not elected, but selected in a manner akin to jury service so as to avoid "capture" or "political tribalism" the period of duty could be say 2 years, a half day per week, with expenses paid and compensation to their employers. Anybody who has worked in public sector would be excluded, as would people with familiy members who do.

Anonymous said...

"Anybody who has worked in public sector would be excluded, as would people with family members who do."

Not quibbling your idea, but that will end up with a relatively small pool of people to call from.

Ed P said...

It's not only the inflated salaries, but also the many benefits, including subsidised housing (often in areas where there's a long waiting list for those actually needing a home).
There was a time when public sector jobs were considered part of public service and were paid less than comparative jobs in the private sector.

James Higham said...

I agree - it "nust" be curbed.

Raedwald said...

oops! ta

Flyinthesky said...

Human nature dictates, Those in a position to address the situation have a vested interest, usually their own, not to.

I don't know why we persist in calling them public servants and services, we have allowed them all to become public authorities.
The bigger they get the faster they grow. And we, as a nation, just accept it.

Anonymous said...

It's not just paying stupid money for totally useless fuckwits though - is it?

There is the other side to it, and adds on more insult to great injury.

Where, dropping a sickie is the done thing, Sandwell Metropolitan [Smethwick, West Bromwich way] council sick days added up to 69,000+ days in one year...... Or, to put it another way, that has been estimated at over 189 years in sick days lost.
Oh let me tell you, now these guys are on 37½ hr weeks with at least 6 weeks + public holidays paid annual leave, then, they can build up hours to have 'days off' and most of 'em will take the odd sickie into the bargain New Year the usual time and Summer - a week off, and that's a couple of times per year.

Their contracts are water tight, they can do virtually what they want - toss it off all day and have no chance of being sacked.

The top bods, usually even if they are sacked, walk into another comfy sinecure.... manage to get in somewhere else on the public gravy train because of the Common Purpose odd balls network - ie you are - 'A' is a shit worker but I know that you 'B' knows that, and that..... 'A's got something on 'B' stored up for reference at some useful juncture - not only is it a revolving door: it's also a jobs protection racket.
Diversity quotas, mean lots of coloured boys and girls work in the public sector and they all work for another crew entirely, mostly for Allah and that is certainly: not for the greater good of the public.
Public sector unions are the problem, lawyered up workers and out of proportion contracts are the problem, the ECHR is the problem and HMG proceeds to gold plate it.

Why do we turn a blind eye to it?

More importantly, we can't afford the public sector pensions liability nor, can we go on paying them stupid money for fuck all return.

Retrenchment, it requires mass sackings, severely done and as Radders points out - these bod's are not rocket scientists.

Most anyone, could be trained up in half a week to do most of the admin jobs, accountancy a little longer but judging by the standard of public sector [and the private sector] accountants I know, the training cannot be too strenuous in the brain department. Town planners milk £billions - sack the lot of them and CEO's the same. But where we can lop tremendous low hanging fruit - diversity coodinators, human resources, global warming officers and hundreds of other useless appointments and God the NHS as well - it's knowing where to start.

Liberista said...

"It really is time we capped public sector rewards by law. "
by law? the very colleagues of these thieves will never cap anything. it is them who allow all this
instead of capping, there should be some kneecapping, sir.

John M said...

What is particularly outrageous about this is that the revelations came not out of any Government oversight or public sector reporting, but as a result of handfuls of FOI requests instigated by the Daily Mail.

The Government is currently looking to water down that same FOI legislation.

I suggest that George Osborne intervene by adding up the salaries of every single one of them earning over £100,000 and immediately reducing each organisation's allocated budget by exactly that amount. Let them eat that.

Anonymous said...

"I suggest that George Osborne intervene by adding up the salaries of every single one of them earning over £100,000 and immediately reducing each organisation's allocated budget by exactly that amount. Let them eat that."

Then they'll cut more visible public services and then go on the telly, give interviews to the local press about how awful the government cuts are.

Look at how much big charities award their staff. These people are shameless.

Peter Whale said...

There is an easy solution to this. 1.The only pension provided by the state or a company should be the state old age pension all other pensions should be provided by individuals out of their salary or wages. This goes for the private as well as the public sector wage pay would then reflect this. 2. Everyone in the public sector should only be allowed the use of the NHS and public funded education, if they or their immediate family use the private sector they are dismissed as if resigning. The level of care and education would then immediately rise for they are the ones administering it for themselves and we all would benefit.

Mike Spilligan said...

Only "anecdotal", but it seems to be that couples are often, just by chance of course, involved in these "top jobs". The CEO of one authority is married to the CFO of an adjacent authority; and so on. I would take a bet that an investigation into second generations would produce some interesting facts.
As someone has already said: "Knowing where to start".

Cascadian said...

"It really is time we capped public sector rewards by law.".........since you are advocating doing this lawfully, the actions of government will be required. That government (we) is currently headed by the camoron, well known for PR waffle and piffle, not astute government.

Good luck achieving anything, the conservatives are quite happy with the status quo adding to the deficit and debt every year at similar rates as the well-criticized Gordoom brown.