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Monday, 16 November 2015

France bombs empty buildings

No doubt the French bombing raid on Raqqa produced a lot of sound and light, but little else. The Coalition drone strikes and previous air activity have found a paucity of targets - ISIS are smart enough not to permanently use buildings or fixed bases on the surface or detectable by IR. It's estimated that only one in ten US air sorties finds a confirmed target - and the cost is prohibitively high, using a half million dollar missile to take out a five thousand dollar 'technical'. 

After an initial richesse of targets, the Russians in the West of ISIL's caliphate will find the same thing. At first they destroy munitions dumps, then vehicles and finally a flock of chickens that counts as an 'economic target'. While ISIS hides amongst civilians. 

No wonder that the RAF have made near to no difference at all in Iraq; the pitifully small number of aircraft and the low rate of productive sorties mean that the most we're doing is helping to keep ISIL's head down. The Canucks have already skedaddled - and they made even less difference than we have. 

So some sort of ground offensive is needed. But as Hungary's wise President Orban has pointed out, Europe is faced with the prospect of our native troops dying in combat in Syria whilst Syrian troops who have deserted and migrated are drinking coffee on the Unter den Linden in Berlin. Not an attractive option for our politicians. So absent our use of our own ground forces, the only boots on the ground that can effectively engage ISIS are the Kurds and Assad's Syrians. And Cameron and his chums must overcome their embarrassment at having backed the wrong horses and support both those forces to the utmost of our ability - anything less will be a betrayal of the British people. 


mikebravo said...

Support Assad - how will the AlBeeb report that? "The barrell bomb murderer!!
Support the Kurds and alienate the Turks - Oh the tangled web.

The politico/media will be spinning so fast they will drill themselves into a hole.

TrT said...

We are in possession of large numbers of deserters
Ship em back to assad

Anonymous said...

" - anything less will be a betrayal of the British people."

I'm afraid to say it is going to have to be our boots on the ground to eradicate this evil. To leave it to other proxy fighters will only result in the continual terrorist roundabout. As the CIA found out in Afghanistan.

Also it will give our boys experience in street fighting etc ... That they are going to need when it comes to the civil war that will occurr in this once fair country.

A relaxation of the gun ownership laws in this land would also be helpful.

DeeDee99 said...

Cameron will do what Obama instructs.

The Yanks wanted Assad gone; if the Yanks, in discussion with Putin, decide he can stay (only temporarily, dont'cha know) Cameron will stand in front of the cameras and declare that Asad is an ally in the fight against Syria and he has the British Government's full support.

We have a PR spiv in No. 10. Not a statesman.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

An interesting (or perhaps chilling) quote from Erdo─čan:

"Democracy is like a tramcar - it's useful to get from one place to another"
(I could well be wrong with the exact words - but I think I got the sentiment)

Could Recep be the new Saddam?

oldrightie said...

MikeBravo, will? Already have and "going forward", or in English, the future, will just end up their own backsides!

Cuffleyburgers said...

Hello Gordon - I don't think he's the new Saddam but he's a bastard alright. Turkey was doing well, tolerably free, getting richer and happier; and he's changed course 180° fomenting disunity, racism and violence.

And his role in the migrant crisis is yet to be revealed but it is hardly likely to have been benign.

Anonymous said...

Erdogan, is a Sunni fanatic, why is anyone surprised?

Budgie said...

Paris bomber's mother: My son blew himself up because of stress. So now we know. No doubt the poor lad tried listening to Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

"And his role in the migrant crisis is yet to be revealed but it is hardly likely to have been benign."

Well Turkey have been providing safe harbour to ISIS soldiers and bombed the shit out of the only non-nutters in the entire region, the Kurds, so it's safe to say Erdogan is a twat.

I think our biggest issue is that allying with the Saudi's and the Turks, we have picked the Sunni side in the Sunni-Shia civil war. Seeing as the Saudi's have created ISIS and Al Queda as their proxies, against Iran's HAMAS and Hezbollah, I think this will prove to be a catastrophic error.

After all our biggest issue is internal radicalisation which is driven by Wahabism and Saudi money...

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'After an initial richesse of targets, the Russians in the West of ISIL's caliphate will find the same thing. At first they destroy munitions dumps, then vehicles and finally a flock of chickens that counts as an 'economic target'..'

Oh I dunno, the Russians are in a campaign, which was in the planning well over a year ago. Campaigns are staged operations. First you move into theatre and secure the immediate area. Second you carry out intensive intelligence gathering. Third you execute the first stage of a multi-stage plan to defeat the enemy - in Russia's case supporting the Syrian Army, with air sorties of increasing frequency. The first result came in just a couple of days ago.

From the Unz Review:

'Finally. After weeks of gruelling combat the Syrian armed forces have liberated the Kuweyres air base in northern Syria. This is a huge victory for the Syrians because during the 2,5 year long siege of the airbase it had become an important symbol of the Syrian determination to resist the Takfiris in general and, especially, Daesh which had deployed its best fighters to maintain the siege of the base and prevents its liberation. In fact, the Takfiris did resist with everything they had up to the last moment..

There was, by the way, an interesting if little noticed side story to this event: according to the Russian military, the “moderate opposition” gave key intelligence to the Russians to target the “terrorists” around the airbase. Here is what RT reported about that:

Syrian government forces received intelligence on terrorist positions around the besieged Kuweires airbase from opposition sources, which helped them lift the two-year blockade, the Russian Defense Ministry has revealed. “This airfield had been surrounded by ISIS [the former name of the Islamic State terrorist group] for two years,” Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian defense ministry, said in a daily briefing. “Intelligence on the locations of the terrorist fire positions and support points around Kuweires was provided by the Syrian opposition and cleared by the communication center in Baghdad.” Lifting the siege on the airbase in Aleppo provinces has been one of the biggest victories for Damascus since Russia started providing air support for Syrian government forces. The opposition also provided data to help target a big weapons depot of the Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, near the village Mheen in the Homs province, Konashenkov revealed.

For one thing, as far as I know, the so-called “moderate opposition” is mostly a myth, and to the degree that it does exist, it is in Turkey and in London. Furthermore, I don’t remember the so-called FSA playing any major role around Kuweyres. So what is going on here?'

Good question.


Cascadian said...

Despite Raedwald's bald statement, the Canucks are NOT skedaddling.

Indeed they are working with the USA and the Kurds and achieving some limited success (as are all air forces), despite some childish posturing by our new PM turdeau that was widely reported and believed by the gullible.

As to achievements we usually leave that to history to judge, unlike certain types of jingoistic brits that need constant reports of "our brave lads" achieving this-or-that which have in the past been mainly due to commonwealth or ally efforts. While your brave lads are no doubt capable they are hindered by a disastrous officer and political class that cannot organize air station security even when it is on a remote island or organize a timely airlift of stranded passengers from Egypt.This is the "capability" of the the UK.

Raedwald having invested his vote in a panic with the PR spiv camoron now seems to feel it is his duty to run interference for the spiv to cover up his major shortcomings and disastrous decision-making, by reporting nonsense.

Anonymous said...

This raises a lot of issues we should be thinking about