Sunday, 8 November 2015

Idiot scientists wrong again - more people die

Perhaps off topic, but this morning I'm angry

On the questions of food, drink and tobacco, I have for the past 40 years made my own decisions deaf to the politically inspired nonsense that comes from generations of tame government scientists. In food terms I avoid like the plague anything made in a factory, or by a chemical process outside of an animal or plant. A cow that emulsifies fat is cool, a factory that does so is evil. Butter is good, margarine is poison. So for decades I have used nothing but butter, olive oil and goose fat, and occasionally suet pastry made with lard, completely contrary to the shrieking PC voices of the idiot scientists.

I am partial to red wine, ale, cider and distilled spirits, fortified wines and sherry, and have consumed these always in quantities suitable to age, environment and contingent circumstances, completely ignoring the lunatic and arbitrary 'limits' of the idiot scientists. As a consequence I have no drink dependency and my liver is in excellent condition, as is my digestion and cognition. 

I cook from fresh meat and offal, fish, shellfish and crustacea, vegetables, funghi, grains, rice and pulses. I enjoy preserved meats - particularly real English bacon and speck, that dried, air-cured speciality of the Alpine region. And sausages made from known pig. I avoid where I can the brine-inflated, soggy, flabby, dextrose pumped factory meat so loved by the idiot scientists, with a water content unknown to any living animal. 

The only food factory poisons in my store and cupboards are table condiments and sauces - and these are next for elimination. There has to be something very wrong about mint sauce that can stay 'fresh' in the fridge for six months. 

I don't generally proselytise about any of this - I just do my thing. Though I did point out to a colleague in the tea room eager to share her diet that the 'healthy' cup-of-soup she had just made contained two heaped teaspoons of sugar (11g) whereas my coffee had a scant half a teaspoon. 

Sadly and tragically, as a direct result of the idiot scientists and their harmful 'advice' on fats and oils scores if not hundreds of people have died horribly and prematurely of cancer. They really now need to shut up or face the consequences. And yes, I have my own views on climate change as well that owe little to those chiselling scientific frauds. 


Anonymous said...

Well put Raedwald, I take a similar tac myself, since the day I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and my wife found a book in the Fulham library on "natural hygiene"... If I become sick, the simplest recourse is to stop eating, to only ingest warm distilled water and allow for a period of total physiological rest, to allow my body to heal ITSELF.

The hygienists tend to be veggies, and though we tried this for a while, some vegetables can cause real grief to my body, so I go for eggs, meat and fish, with some fruit and mainly roots (and tubers).

I disagree with your suggestion that scientists are idiots though...

They are merely at the sharp end of being scared shitless of starving, so they follow the money. One just needs to look at who they work for and ignore them in the same way as any sensible person would ignore their employers, the industrial "food" manufacturers and civil servants/politicians.

APL said...

Raedwald: "Butter is good, margarine is poison."

The ( I'm sorry to use the term ..) industrial food complex didn't actually know that margarine was better than butter or not. They just had a by-product of another process they needed to dispose of. Presto!! margarine.

I remember my poor mother who ten years after being told that she should feed my father margarine excluding butter, then read a report that in fact butter was not bad for you and that it was probably better than Margarine.

Ever since, I've taken the position that if one is not obese, does not suffer diabetes or some other debilitating disease, one can pretty much eat and drink whatever one wants to eat and drink.

APL said...

"one can pretty much eat and drink whatever one wants to eat and drink."

And if it annoys the food fascists, then that a bonus.

Anonymous said...

I feel that these reports point to a modern malaise, we have a surfeit of middle class. That is to say people who make a living producing reports designed to feed the agenda of this or that pressure group or government agency. Worse still, the ones you see are just the tip of an iceberg made up of advertising types, propagandists, nudge merchants and so on. A complete but unproductive industry. They are a natural result of our cocktail glass economy, the middling ranks desperately scrabbling up the sloping sides, fed by crumbs and agenda chucked down from the rim and being terrified of slithering down the stem into chavdom. Ignore them.

Sackerson said...

@Roger: "cocktail glass economy" - like that. Yours?

G. Tingey said...

UTTER BOLLOCKS ( I'm afraid )

This is POLITICAL INTERFERENCE in what were, originally, fairly semi-respectable scientific findings. [Note]
You need to look at the countries whose money & clout were behind this "report".
All MUSLIM ones.
OF COURSE they will do anything at all to try to institute a scare story about very obviously "haram" foods.
I mean cured, smoked porcessed PIG, after all.

Note] Curing, especially smoking will increase, by a tiny amount, the very slight risk of ingesting carcinogens, true, but the numbers are so small as to be meaningless, unless you eat nothing else at all, for your whole life.
But, once you get religious bigots, as the paying politicos behind the thing, all sense & reason flies out of the window.

Oh dear

My local butcher has just started supplying both an utterly delicious double-smoked bacon & also a slightly tougher, but extremely tasty bacon made from the neck-cut.

APL said...

G.Tingley: "This is POLITICAL INTERFERENCE in what were, originally, fairly semi-respectable scientific findings."

Disagree(*) old chum.

Most of these surveys and research papers are government sponsored by this or that government funded agency, charity or government funded University - there being only one in the UK that isn't.

* God is in his heaven and all's right with the world.

Anonymous said...

@Sackerson, sorry to say I have no original ideas. Cocktail glass economy has been around the left and right econ blogs for some time.

@APL Regarding surveys and reports. Any sensible consultant or expert wants to get paid - quickly. Therefore it is important to find out what will please those who are paying - before you wtite the report. The usual form is '...and what is the view of the Minister... and is that your view?'. Been there.

Anonymous said...

For years the medical profession pushed us to eat a very large proportion of carbohydrates in our daily diet. Remember those pictures of plates with about half of the plate surface covered with bread, potatoes, pasta, cereals. Fine if you are an athlete or do heavy manual laboring but for the rest of us who spend our days in front of computers it is a diet guaranteed to increase weight. No wonder UK has an obesity problem. Carbohydrates, if not used for physical energy, are turned into sugar, resulting in swathes of fat around our organs. Cut right down on the carbohydrates and watch your stomach shrink.

Some years ago I was prescribed statins to get my cholesterol reading down. Depending on reports in the news, sometime I took them, sometimes not. My yearly check up this year my doctor said my reading was borderline, basically OK. She was astonished when I said I hadn't taken statins for probably a year and even more so when I said I had egg and bacon for breakfast, every morning.

APL said...

Anon: "I was prescribed statins to get my cholesterol reading down."

On the as infrequent as I can make it occasions when I visit my GP he/she never misses an opportunity to push a Statins prescription. Last time I made the error of permitting my wife to attend the consult, bingo! I walk out with a prescription for Statins. Which happen to be one of the biggest money spinners for the political pharmaceutical complex.

God! Now I sound like a '70s leftie.

Budgie said...

Up until quite recently the government was pushing a low fat, no animal fat, diet as the only "healthy" option. It is the lack of fats (and with a chav diet, the lack of animal fats in particular) that drives the cravings that the obese chavs have. It's not their fault. To an extent it's not even the fault of the food factories. The factories have had to bow to government pressure to stay in business.

It was a similar story for the Community Re-investment Act, beefed up by Clinton, that triggered sub-prime. The American banks acted in a cowardly manner to keep their jobs. It is difficult to blame, unless one have been a whistleblower oneself. Same as the CAGW hoax, which is now politically, rather than scientifically, driven. Thick politicians with too much power and too much time yet with little or no technical knowledge latch onto a possible scare and drive it and the country over the abyss.

So I would tend to blame the politicians who enact the laws and enforce the advice, rather than solely the venal scientists.

Cuffleyburgers said...

What anon said - I recently stopped eating breakfast most days (unless working in the garden, cut down drastically on carbs and eat for lunch most days just parma ham.

The good news is that supper is still normal including lashings of wine and whisky chasers, and I have lost at least half a stone and dropped a couple of inches round the waist.

I have long believed that butter is a less unhealthy option than any of the margerine based alternatives - at the end of the day, we need to eat less, especially as we are older and more sedentary.

Carbs are pretty disastrous on that front. It's easier to feel full on protein.