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Friday, 27 November 2015

Primitive Saudi savages set to hack-off 50 people's heads today

Primitive native Saudi savages are set to hack off the heads of 50 of their enemies today after Friday prayers - presumably when the 'religion of peace' has put them in the correct barbaric and animalistic frame of mind for bloody murder. 

These despicable and low forms of human life are the Prime Minister's valued allies. They are worth less than pig shit and are less useful. May they burn in Hell for eternity.


Dean Ditchbank said...

But these same Saudis - our revered allies - have quartered their troops in every British town, in every mosque & madrassa. Our own leaders are their captives and hostages. This also seems to be the will of the great Emir in Washington DC.
So it seems to me that we either continue to sacrifice our children in the sex slave market in the hope of delaying the reckoning - or we start charging some of these savages, convicting and financially penalising them on all the usual petty things.
Either we start rounding them (on grounds of civil & financial misdemeanour) or they start rounding us up (on grounds of being unworthy kaffirs only good for taxing). Let's have some convictions of madrassas for abuse of children. And if you think it could help, ketchup blood could be splashed on the Saudi embassy door just to remind them that we are not savages yet

Cuffleyburgers said...

Ditchbank - you seem by your postings here to have sunk as low as the saudis.

Dean Ditchbank said...

We all wish this issue would go away, but…
According to our legal and political traditions we are all equal under the law. But there is a concerted attempt by one section of our political nation to introduce a second law, and promote it over our own national law, and so to end equality under (one) law. Our civil society is therefore under threat.
We surely have to admit this is what is being attempted, and it may succeed if we do not oppose it? And we oppose it simply by enforcing our own law. That’s all.
I don't think police, CPS or local or central government have enforced the law adequately with regard to the Sharia brigade, and we and our civil liberties are all (Muslims included) worse off as a result. I have no specific proposals beyond that the law be enforced.
I can’t see how you are upset about that, Cuffleyburgers. Your children and grandchildren have to live here as well as mine. We don't set out to leave the place worse off – less liberal, more totalitarian – than we found it.
best, etc

Cuffleyburgers said...

Dean - with your second posting I agree totally.

Anonymous said...

I agree. We have to pick a side and it is sure as shit not the one our lords and masters have picked.

DeeDee99 said...

We need to stop the Saudi's from funding any mosques and Imams in the UK. All Saudi-sponsored Imams should be barred from preaching and, if they don't hold a British passport, deported back to Riyadh.

Then we need to stop the Saudis from buying up real estate in London and from coming to spend their blood-money in London. Visa applications can be denied on the grounds that their presence is not conducive to the public good.

It's going to cost money, but we have to stop pretending that the evil regime in Saudi Arabia is any better than Saddam and Ghadiffi were, or Assad. It isn't: it's worse.

Anonymous said...

In the 18th century, traitors in Britain were hanged, drawn and quartered. There were still a few who were hanged and then beheaded in the 19th century.

Were the English in the 18th century primitive savages ?

Unfortunately gruesome executions are a common feature of civilised societies.

(I oppose capital punishment myself because of the risk of miscarriages of justice.)

Don Cox

Raedwald said...


(1) You can't judge the actions of the past by the moral standards of today, particularly our post-enlightenment moral standards

(2) The primitive Saudis know they only rule by fear and blood, and if ever those poor buggers rise against them they will be torn to pieces. Yet they're too greedy and too fanatic to allow any democratic progress. So they remain primitive native savages - it's exactly and precisely what they are.

And no, gruesome executions are NOT a common feature of civilised societies; it's the absence of gruesome executions that is the hallmark of a civilised nation.