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Friday, 20 November 2015

Primitive Saudi savages to hack head from man for ceasing to believe in their God

Primitive and savage natives from Saudi Arabia are set to hack-off the head of a Palestinian poet unfortunate enough to find himself in their barbarous and evil empire at a time at which he lost his faith in their evil pseudo-prophet and their religion of hate founded on blood and death.  

These animals are counted as valued allies by Cameron and his ruling cabal. They are also behind the savage Muslim natives of IS (Islamist Shits)

 May their wretched evil book hang in the privies of Europe. That's all it's good for - wiping arses.


anon 2 said...

Well, Radders -- I'll second most of what you say [[I really don't give a hoot about thought police, even the gov's]].

My one problem with it is: though the privies of euroland are indeed "vile" - beyond description, they are far too good for the izzy book. The savages need to dig some drains under their deserts to handle that, even if the ordure does contaminate the oil

G. Tingey said...

So, the Saudis are ( 2015-1697 = ) 218 years behind the Scots christians...
Got some catching up to do, haven't they?

Unfortunately, like the christian bible, the "recital" is worth keeping a copy of, if only to find out what bizarre collection of lying murderous shit they will come up with next ....

Dean Ditchbank said...

Our favourite savages get a write-up at ZERO Hedge. I hope they are not losing the loyalty of our MSM barons

Ed P said...

Just as it's not guns alone but people that kill people, their book is not the real problem. It contains many contradictory statements, just like the Bible. Christians have learnt to ignore the worst stuff - in a few hundred more years Muslims will do the same with the Koran.

As long as uneducated Imams and their medieval brain-washing Madrassers exist there will be gullible fools indoctrinated into the worst aspects of this vile belief system.

IS = Ignorant Swine (Swine, as they really do not like the comparison with pigs).

G. Tingey said...

Ed P
SOME christians have sometimes learnt to ignore the worst stuff ....

Poisonedchalice said...

100 Kilotonne nuclear bomb should do it. Why waste time?

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