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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Russia, our valued Ally

If there is one good thing to come out of the mess of the Islamic civil war it is this; that the Christian-heritage nations of the North are becoming united. Russia, in particular, alienated for almost a hundred years since 1917, is finally rejoining the family. Together we are immensely stronger than apart. We need next to dismantle the absurd sanctions and restrictions erected by the unelected officials in Brussels; the EU tried its hardest to cast Russia as Europe's enemy, and the world of militant Islam as its friend, but Juncker and his scheming cabal have been trounced. 

And while Russia's record of human rights is not yet at western European levels, remember two things; they are immensely better than the head-choppers of KSA or the crane-executioners of Iran. Secondly, the Russian mafia is not much worse than the Italian and EU mafias, which extort, steal and subvert similar amounts of state money with impunity. The EU can't even sign its accounts off because of the vast extent of EU mafia theft and fraud.   

There is a particular place in the hearts of Russians for both London and Paris, and both cities have done well from Russian investment. Our criticism is only that the Russian owners of our traditional right-leaning newspapers are too soft. 

The ex-Soviet satellites may well view Moscow slightly nervously, but remember that a large part of their warnings are strategic pretence, aimed at screwing as much in funding from Brussels as possible, and we don't condemn them for that. In reality neither Poland nor the Baltic states have anything to worry about. As for Ukraine, well, Putin may be happy with just Crimea and a bit of the eastern border for now, and 'park' the issue whilst we concentrate on working together in Syria. 

And for a future independent Britain in Europe, Russia offers highly attractive trade opportunities; UK design and engineering and Russian manufacturing can trounce Herman. 

So welcome, friend -  Dobro pozhalovat' drug - it's about time. 


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Well said, sir.

Anonymous said...

It should be obvious to those that have eyes, that Putin's leadership has turned the basket case theoretical conglomerate of communes known as the USSR, into a thriving, well defended traditional nation state, in just over twenty years.

As Raedwald points out, it is by no means perfect, but as I pointed out yesterday, it is in the ambitious Mr. Putin's personal interest that he is successful... It will make him and his family very rich and life is short... He and his ilk are built in similar vein to the Victorians, like Cecil Rhodes and the industrialists that caused the British empire. The fact that the British government chose to convert their personal success into an empire should be the warning.

I keep saying that government's sole duty is to defend the nation... Whether a nation's leaders are nice people, or whether they believe in social welfare, or have green credentials, is neither here nor there...

...Life is too short for such niceties, they are only theories anyway.

What we have been suffering from in the west, particularly since the fall of communism, is the reconstruction of something worse that communism called communitarianism, and it is being achieved through the acts of the professors, political theorists, and their media mouthpieces...

Defending the nation, actually means defending the nation from them as well as from without...

We need more leaders in the west like Putin, Sadaam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad... All we ever get here are arseholes like Cameron and Blair, or nincompoops like Brown and Major.

Maybe, democracy is even less perfect than Churchill understood, maybe it is the one that is worse than all the other ideologies? God knows, he had a fight on his hands when he tried to point out the danger of German/Russian socialism in the 1930's.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Putin is a Russian and therefore he is a pragmatist and I've always absolutely preferred pragmatists over, wholly headed liberal fantasists, those social engineering gender bender dreamers and left wing faggots - very much like those Cultural Marxist fetishists - Junckers and Dave's lot.

Some of us do mark and always recall the sacrifice of our Russian brothers and sisters during both World Wars. It is to Europe's eternal shame that it's self appointed leaders [Brussels] that have spurned the friendship of Russia but then know this, that, the people of Britain still know who our real friends are - in Moscow not Brussels.
As it should be, we return to our shared history - Russia and Britain. two fierce trading rivals but with common interests and mutual respect in military alliance.

Dean Ditchbank said...

One problem is that the US corporations need Russia to be the enemy. If you manufacture weapons, their guidance & comms systems you have to persuade Congress that the enemy has armaments of equivalent sophistication. Fourth generation warfare won't encourage Congress’ big ticket spending, or keep funding high for armaments industry jobs.

Meanwhile our real enemy is driving masses of their civilians into our midst, crippling us with huge new economic costs, while providing cover for the inner invasion of their fighters. Our dearest allies – the US, Turkey, Saudi & Qatar – could not have inflicted more damage on us if they had been trying. Time to spin our sights around 180degrees for some proper target acquisition

Anonymous said...

A reminder that the Wolfowitz Doctrine, leaked to the New York Times on 7 March 1992, was a post-cold war strategy dealing with the new Russian Federation (later withdrawn).

'Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.'

The US also supports the nation killing doctrine (whites only) of the UN (ref: Peter Sutherland, George Soros, General Wesley Clark, which has now been exposed, and resisted by the likes of Victor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister. So will we still be 'Westerners' in a 50 years time, when we've been minoritized; deracinated and dispossesed, by Africans and Asians? I think not. In the end nationalism will turn into survivalism. It's that bad so either wake up folks or you'll allow them finish the job.

If you want your grandchildren to be a despised minority in their own land then by all means, go back to sleep.


Anonymous said...

To what extent are other countries on Russia's borders safe when as even you say, "as for Ukraine, well, Putin may be happy with just Crimea and a bit of the eastern border for now". You make it sound like feeding a crocodile. What if croc gets hungry again ?

Raedwald said...

Anon 15.35 - Those that are NATO members are quite safe. Ukraine, well, is in respite - Putin will bide his time. As for Russia's southern neighbours, those troublesome Islamic statelets where bloody Blair goes dogging after dosh and where the leaders boil their enemies in butter, who really cares? Better Russia oppresses them than they export yet more Islamists.

Poisonedchalice said...

The axis of alliances may well pivot. There should have been a third red, white and blue flag in your picture Radders!

Coney Island

Raedwald said...

CI - Yes, correct - but I couldn't find one and didn't have the time this pm to photoshop one meself ..

G. Tingey said...

Heil Hitler!
( Adolf was a good christian, after all! )

Now get stuffed.
This is exactly the sort of twaddle that was heard in the early 1930's - something that does not fill me with forward-looking enthusiasm, I can tell you.

Incidentally a n other sign that we are somewhere about "1932" if you see what I mean is Corbyn - fortunately, it seems that many labour MP's have noticed this too.
Question - how long before Labour fissures into 2 parties?

Disagree profoundly regarding the Baltic states, though.
Putin cannot be trusted, but, nonethless, in the present circumstances, we should be able to "do business" with him - if we are careful

Sebastian Weetabix said...

The merest browsing of Mein Kampf is sufficient to show Adolf was not a good Christian, you stupid ahistorical twat. NOW FUCK OFF.

If anything he was a Green.