Friday, 6 November 2015

'Safe Space', Victor Orban and Guido Fawkes

Yesterday was a reminder to us of the bloodiness of pre-enlightenment differences in belief.

It started with the popes of course. They created in the Catholic church of the day a 'Safe Space' in which the tired old orthodox ideas were safe from challenge; thus Galileo could not challenge the notion of the Sun orbiting the Earth without violating the Safe Space then, any more than he could do so in one of today's universities, those that have banned all novel ideas and any challenge of orthodox dogma on the basis that students may be offended. Galileo would today be banned from speaking at the University of London. It is a matter of some shame that today's students are as restrictive and reactionary as pre-Enlightenment popes but there you are. 

Hungary's Victor Orban spoke yesterday against George Soros and his ilk - the global corporates, supporters of a melding of the entire human race into one homogeneous, featureless mass of workers and consumers without any ties, bonds of loyalty or identity beyond those associated with global corporate branding. Orban spoke passionately about national identity and its importance, and about the anti-democratic illegitimacy of the unelected satraps of Brussels, the puppets of Soros and the boys, and against their tactic of using uncontrolled mass immigration to Europe to destroy our final and stubborn nationalism. It was a fine speech, and would certainly earn him a ban from the Safe Space.

Amongst the global corporates is of course Time Warner, the company that earns a royalty from every Guido mask sold in the UK, as a correspondent pointed out yesterday. The 5,000 mask march in London yesterday will not have earned TW an eye-watering amount, but no doubt the astonishment of many the anti-austerity, pro-open borders rioters at their financial and policy support of the global firm and of Soros and his ilk will give them need of rest and recuperation in their Safe Space against the notion that their heads are full of bollocks. They are actually protesting in favour of everything the global corporates want.

It does though speak of a certain lack of originality that the 'V' masks have been adopted both by the street anarchist urchins and scions of rock-Gods and our notable far-right bloggers and angry groups. Perhaps they all belong together in the Safe Space.  


Anonymous said...

I've read this post a couple of times and now I've come back to it again and still, I cannot really fathom, divine the rub and gist of your post.

I have to say, that, I pretty much agree with most if not to a dotted i and crossed t of what Victor Orban alludes to.

Then and with a black humour, I have to laugh hard at these fuqwit protesters raging at Tories in general, rich people in particular and at "capitalism".
For evidently, Britain is not a beholden to "capitalism" - free market commerce and laissez faire economics, it's economy does not allow for carte blanche capitalism, indeed or anywhere within the stifling boundaries of the EU.
Where, the EU is anything but "capitalist" in nature or, make-up and in actual fact it is the corporate blob and faceless undemocratic governance which is the greatest enemy of [people like me] AND the anarchists and great unwashed - for, it is their jobs which are disappearing and it is their employment prospects being destroyed by Soros's wet dream of the disappearance and deconstruction of the nation state.

And the other thing, all of our protestations will be as nothing, there is the other 'thing' in our midst, the wolves are abroad and here in our backyard.

'Safe space', the black flag loons of the cult of death will send you to one.

Raedwald said...

Anon - yes, I'm afraid it has all the characteristics of a mental meander but I'm forming the notion of a sort of sandwich, with the global corporates on the top slice and the Apple-equipped Amazon-using Netflix-subscribing anti-austerity open borders bien pensant rioters on the bottom slice, both actually in favour of the same things. The rest of us are jammed between them. Or something.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see it and I think you have a point, I've been musing along, travelling on the same sort of track.

I see and sense the ire of these protesters and then think, shame of it is, they don't really channel that anger, maybe on certain agendas we are not so far apart. But then their prescriptions and solutions; let them all in - open borders, green policies = more big state solutions, amounts to Communism by another road and yet more equality - how much more equal can it get?....... and endless welfare...FFS more of that? One can only conclude that, they are deluded beyond help.

What we need is to be free of the yoke of big government and without foreign input [Brussels]. To return, and go back to being a sovereign state in charge of our own affairs. We need to, dismantle this decrepit 'democratic' legislature - thus destroy the party political system [600 independent MPs] and no parachutists, nepotism, lobbyists, NO Oxford PPEers, Etonians - all MPs to have 10 years work experience engineers, DOERS preferred - outside of Westminster and some ex soldiers/military.
An end forthwith, to indoctrinating kids with Frankfurt school dogmas and that - is the real fucking problem, in that the protesters of today are the leaders of tomorrow and that is a most depressing thought.

Anonymous said...

The future is Orange.

The history of the west, the bit that is so attractive to all of these corporatists and arse-scratchers that represent government, was created by the Victorian concept of "novelty"...

It was a novel idea to provide clean water and safe disposal of sewage.

It was novelty that enabled folk to move around under their own steam, relatively cheaply.

The problem with creative people, the kind of people who have novel ideas, is that they are always at cross-purposes with those who are obsessed with control, it is the nature of the beast.

And the problem that we all have is that the religion that we know as communitarianism is even less capable of accepting that some people are original thinkers and will not accept their medicine, than the old versions like Islam or Christianity.

So even though the 1% mob aim their vitriol at "tories", and the anti-communitarians (UKIP) aim their vitriol at "lefties", and neither sees the common ground and the common enemy that they share, one is right to be amused at the unwitting acceptance of the corporatist bollocks that we unwittingly absorb unnoticed.

The RayBans, those "V" masks, Apple apps, Googling for the most accurate information etc.

Alan Moore, who wrote "V" for Vendetta, was actually anti-Thatch, so a great story, with an uplifting end, had a writer who could not identify the real enemy that he was writing about.

Anonymous said...

You won't be surprised that I understood all of it Raedwald. Following the careers and utterances of nation killers is a pastime of mine. The work I do for the observation bureau English Witness includes documenting foreign actors (e.g. Soros, Sutherland) who lever domestic governments into policies designed to undermine and eradicate settled white populations in Europe. The digital archive (which is duplicated) has 2.7 terabytes of information thus far. Security is paramount so for instance the duplicate for England (kept for future historians to examine) is kept in Japan.