Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Enemy amongst us

There will be time enough for all the polemic, all the vituperation against the barbaric acts in Paris carried out by primitive and ignorant Islamist savages, but first we must look to our own security. We know from where the greatest threat comes; perps are likely to be
  • Islamists - believing in a primitive and superstitious bigotry as 'faith'
  • Young & Male - There are few 50 year old Jihadists, and the black ghosts seem reluctant to explode themselves
  • Urban - From the TB ridden overcrowded urban slums high in Moslems
  • Mosques - connected to other Islamists through primitive places of worship
  • Experienced - likely to have been trained in small arms and explosives in Pakistan, North Africa, Middle East
  • Armed - Access to firearms or explosives; UK Islamists armed only with bladed weapons are quickly taken down
How many are there in the UK who are ready to die in terror attacks? I'd guess from a score to a hundred or so; not enough to destabilise the nation, but enough to cause the harm we've seen in Paris, with kill rates of 20 each before they're despatched to Hell. So potential max UK casualties of 400 to 2,000 - anything less will be a bonus. 

Of course we could be provoked into action - options that are not beyond the bounds of realism include
  • Protective Custody, or internment camps, for young Islamist males
  • Pre-deployment of armed forces to ensure more rapid take-down of attacking Islamists
  • Formation of local citizen militias armed with CS gas and Tasers to patrol public places
  • Selective curfew banning young Muslim men from public places
Readers will have views on how effective any such knee-jerk reactions would be, given our experience in Northern Ireland. 

Still, we're better off than the poor Krauts - who have just welcomed in a million young Islamic males who fit the profile above. 

Risk Areas - London
London has higher TB rates than Iraq, Ukraine or Nigeria - and many cases of multi drug resistant TB that will spread into the wider population. The high-risk TB areas are also very good proxies for high-risk Islamist areas - areas of urban squalor and overcrowding that breed Islamists. The security services will already be targeting these areas with electronic 'rings of steel' and we must give them our support to maintain their vigilance. 


Anonymous said...

I am with you most of the way here Raedwald, I have nothing against the various peoples of the world, but it cannot be ignored that the history of the human tribes is their penchant for creating their own tribal areas, which they call their own... its most recent iteration in my part of the world is known as a "nation", formerly it might have been a kingdom, or something like that.

But this:

"We know from where the greatest threat comes; perps are likely to be"

is where we part company...

The greatest threat does not come from a bunch of mediaeval eejits in frocks...

No sir, it is from those who have set themselves up as our leaders, those who at election time try (pretty successfully) to tell us that the occupy different sides in the great political argument... As Farage has said, many times... You can't fit a cigarette paper between them when it comes to policy.

The truth is that representative democracy is broken, its flaws have been deliberately manipulated for some higher "progressive" purpose... Perhaps these people were/are impressed with the witterings of John Lennon, or Karl Marx... I don't know...

...But there are plenty of stoopid people that are happy to be manipulated and continue to vote for the two big parties.

The real threat does not come from Isis, it comes from our own politicians and their corporate chums, and the people that haven't noticed.

DeeDee99 said...

Our political class will never allow ordinary native/non-Muslim British citizens to take any action to defend themselves, let alone give them the wherewithall to do it.

If Citizen Militias are created, the police will be instructed to take immediate action and they'll be hauled up before a Court before you could get through the first verse of God Save the Queen.

We are defenceless, powerless and sitting targets for the Muslim murderers. And that's just how our political elite want us and will keep us.

I expect every single one of the Muslim terrorists who have just slaughtered 120+ innocent people in France will turn out to be French/EU citizens. If they hold an EU passport, every single one of them has the right to come to the UK whenever they choose. And amongst the million or so Merkel invited to come to Germany there will be more murderous young men who will bring the wars of the middle east to the heart of Europe.

Victor Orban must be feeling pretty smug that his refusal to allow Muslims to settle in Hungary has been so quickly vindicated.

Raedwald said...

RW - Good point well made, and if I'm callous enough to think that if 150 dead Parisiens add another 5% to the 'Leave' vote then they shalln't have died in vain.

G. Tingey said...

Citizen Militias
Are you stark raving bonkers?
That is guaranteed to kill innocent brown people in the wrong place & make things much, much worse.

I would suggest a return to the rules of either 1583 - 1605, with the word "muslim" replacing the word "catholic" - make no mistake, the problem is religion, & its supposed perversion.
[ Remember that the inquisition were "good catholics" ]
"DORA" anyone?
I think an updated version of the latter might be a good idea.
After all, we could jail Corbyn under 18B, then (!)

Anonymous said...

We must keep a steady nerve. However................ the Guardian and the left in general were bemoaning the fact that Emwazi was 'nuked' and that "he was such a quiet, shy and sensitive lad" at that.
Our society has been unpicked, the underbelly is an udder and too many feed on the teat, politically speaking - we gave into Eastern Conquest: circa Mid Eighties to the late Nineties.

But when it comes and as night follows day it most surely will like Bombay, Nairobi, Moscow, Paris - do not listen to the Sirens of Multiculti.....those Tory/Lavs guardian reading BBC loving Grandees.. the Dr Pangloss types - "ooh it could never happen here".....

A reciprocal and preferably a more powerful response with all the ferocity we are able to muster BUT that ain't much.

For 60 years of political correctness and the 'Oestrogen factor' particularly since 1997; a quiet revolution, the feminization of British menfolk and in general all society and thinking - of way of life.
This wet nurse soppishness, will mute and make apology for any necessary response to a terror assault and they - the mad mullahs, Islamofascists and their cannon fodder bombers and suicide killers - know that: the west is and has gone soft.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to an eye witness on R4 who repeatedly used the word "civil war" in his narrative.

It has taken this to awake the French to what is happening, what will take to raise us from our slumbers about the vipers within our once fair land?

Jamie said...

Good morning, my first post on this site.
I have been saying the same for a number of years. However, I believe the western government are being manipulated by a much more powerful entity with a common purpose to introduce a new world totalitarian global state.
I do not think for one minute the likes of David Cameron and Merkel are architects of this agenda, they are mere pawns.
The higher purpose are using the most aggressive and unstable group of people to cause anarchy in our communities. When the natives finally fight back that will be the precursor to the new order. This may explain why mass Muslim immigration from the poorest countries is been allowed, not Hindus, not African Christians, but muslims.

They have had to accelerate this program as the anti EU sentiment increases and the risk of member states leaving becomes more of a reality.

The problem is they think they can put the Islamist genie back in the bottle when they achieve their objectives. I think they will struggle to replace the more barbaric totalitarian Islamists with their own totalitarian police state and they may find they are fighting the natives as well as the Islamists who will obviously be taking full advantage of this and attacking both sides.

Jamie said...

Our leaders may be soft but when push comes to shove we will find out nerve.

Anonymous said...

Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

If that premise is correct then in my opinion strong leaders would say that, since we can't tell the peace-loving from the fanatical we should bar all of them whereas our leaders say that we should take all of them.

Did Idi Amin - nasty man though he was - have the right idea?

The greater the number of Muslims allowed to settle in the West the stronger their voice will become (only a few decades ago Muslims lived quietly in the UK) and the more they'll influence - peacefully - our customs, values, law. They don't need IS, just time.

(BTW Cameron's prediction to the Wembley audience that the UK will one day have an Indian prime minister??!! - either he doesn't know or doesn't care how that remark might play to the majority of the population.


Anonymous said...

Another difference, in the French approach and starkly contrasted with the UK authorities modus operandi. Witness the way, in which the London Met police attempted to subdue and arrest the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby..... with the French method, during the quite appalling Bataclan atrocity, the security forces forced their way, got in, killed the nutters - with no prisoners.

Our lot, would still be negotiating at Christmas.

The French security forces are to be gravely, earnestly and properly acknowledged for their swift and deadly prosecuted response and for the UK authorities to observe, mark and to closely duplicate the French security counter terrorism riposte.

In prayer, I commiserate deeply and in solemn mourning for the victims, their families and close friends of the bereaved and may Almighty God rest their souls. I've always had a soft spot for Paris, and the small kindnesses of French hoteliers, people and particularly for those sadly vanishing - of older Parisians: avec mes frères et sœurs de Paris, je me tiens en grave respect de la solidarité.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

anon @ 12:24

Given the PC-ness and woeful levels of competence of much of the middle and senior management of the UK authorities - it's not unreasonable to expect them to bag at least several Brazilian tradesmen and to ramp up spending on the Blair family security detatchment.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

What a tiresome bigot Tingey is. Muslims murder hundreds and still he manages to have a poke at Catholics. Cunt.

G. Tingey said...

Your hatred & fear of women is apparent - sure your'e not a catholic or a muslim?
You should hear my wife's comments about the Parisian murderers, & then you wouldn't say that.
Anon (who may not be the same anon):
the security forces forced their way, got in, killed the nutters - with no prisoners.
Which means you can't extract INFORMATION from them can you?
Getting these loonies to talk under careful, slow, questioning is very valuable.

G. Tingey said...

I was merely using a valid historical parallel, when catholic terrorists threatened us.
If you don't like it, you can shove a greased warm crucifix where the sun don't shine!

Actually, I think that "DORA" might be a better approach than "1583", if you see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

This morning`s online edition of Alriyadh, a Riyadh-based,pro-government Saudi daily newspaper has, in it`s international section an admirable cross section of current global events.
Thirty items in all but for some inexplicable reason they have forgotten to make any mention of the(ir) activities in France yesterday.
How strange.

Cascadian said...

"but first we must look to our own security.".....then gives a list of four items, three of which looks to the government to act (which they will not) Laughable.

Here's a hint, close the madrassahs and mosques, take some PERSONAL responsibility for your families safety.

Plod is too busy chasing 1970's entertainers to investigate burglaries, you don't honestly believe they can protect you and yours, do you? camoron has a team of armed men protecting him-does that tell you nothing?

Anonymous said...

'The Enemy Amongst Us' is an apt title.

Must be seven years since I first went online, did it for one reason and that was to find out what the fuck was going on in the world. What persuaded me to get a laptop was talking to an old engineering workmate I'd bumped into back in 2008, we'd both been in the forces in the 1980's: me 29 Commando, him 2 Para. His boy was a clever sod for a 15 year-old; autistic but an absolute genius with computers.

To cut a long story he'd hacked an encrypted website of the Wahhabi persuasion. What he saw was nothing less than a plan to take over England, then the UK by demographic means alone. A map of all the mosques in the UK; Muslim population, plus the direction of travel for both. Tables for how many and where by each decade, etc. Amazingly detailed and as it turns out very accurate seven years down the line. I think he had it all printed out on A3 paper at one time. I told my mate that printing it out was probably a 'hate crime'. We laughed. The site is gone now but as far as I know the plan is still very much on.

The UK Muslim population exceeded the entire population of Wales just recently.


Plantman said...

"The enemy amongst us" indeed - but another enemy amongst us was just as deadly and they won; they got what they wanted (or damn near enough anyway) and it still rumbles on. When we in this country were subject to indiscriminate bombings and murder I don't recall the international community wearing their hearts on their sleeves, I don't recall the "I am English" placards. I do recall a very big, very important and very rich part of that community continuing to provide sustenance and cash to the terrorists (thank you US of A)

Or am I misremembering the IRA and the killings and bombings that courtesy of Bliar got them their win from bloodshed and terror.

Span Ows said...

Mr Tingey, you may be right about 'Defence of the Realm' but do you think we have the politicians to run this well...and with balls? I don't. WW1 etc there were hardened politicians, these days we have a plethora of namby pamby Oxford PPE that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.

Of course no doubt they'd happily apply watered down booze and restricted pub opening times.

G. Tingey said...

Span Owls
Um ... err ... not a good prospect, is it?

Dadad said...

If you thihk our 'democracy' is broken, and I think it is, beyond doubt, the effective answer has to be The Harrogate Agenda, qv.