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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The sound of Shibboleths tumbling

As ISIL gunmen still ran loose in Europe and casualties from Friday's attack were still becoming fatalities, the EU's senior unelected official JC Juncker was concerned only about one thing - that EU nations would be tempted to control their borders contrary to Shengen's open principle.

As the risk became clear of migrants entering Europe with fake Syrian ID, as migrants themselves leave a trail of rape, sexual assault and exploitation and coercion in their wake, as violence rules migrant camps inhabited by young men and as the inability of the authorities to control their movement within Europe becomes clear, the #refugeeswelcome fools are still howling at us to lift all controls and let everyone in.

And even as the most emollient politicians have finally stopped parroting that these attacks are nothing to do with Islam, Muslims in Europe who resent any comments about their separate lifestyles are still chanting it. As Katie Hopkins quotes in today's Mail '(ISIS) has a clear strategy. A strategy which includes beheadings, crucifixions, and the revival of slavery, and it all derives from their fucking book, the only book they ever read.'

Some 27% of UK Muslims thought the Charlie Hebdo murders were justified; even though the numbers supporting the Paris atrocities will be fewer, they will still be significant. The most risibly stupid of the UK Friday people will even post their thoughts on Facebook.

But despite all of this, a cold new reality is blowing away the soft fluffy dream cobwebs of the lunatic liberals. The victims in Paris were the French equivalent of Guardian readers; under-30 hipsters, Hoxton arts fags, multikulti street people. We have always held their lives as valuable and vulnerable to terrorism, but for too long they themselves have thought that the effects of terrorism were for other people.

And even as the EU's senior unelected official stumbles about in a drunken stupor mumbling a drunkard's rubbish, I hear the sound of 'liberal' (the most misused of terms) Shibboleths crumbling and falling. It's a tragedy that's it's taken blood, bullets and lives to achieve it. 

What to do if an Islamist gunman opens up
Of course, I knew it wouldn't be five minutes before the government started issuing stuff. My mate Eric runs a marginal pub - no garden, no food and hit by the smoking ban. He was delighted to receive from the Met advice to 'review your business continuity plan' and to 'ensure door controls and internal security compartmentation are in place'. That would be Mrs Eric, we guess. Their Mumbai advice goes
  • Under immediate gunfire, take cover and try to escape
  • Nearby gunfire - try to leave the area, if safe 
  • Leave belongings behind
  • Don't block exits or evacuation routes
  • If you can't escape, try locking yourself in a room or cupboard, barricade the door and keep very quiet, including silencing mobile phones  
Eric sighed and glanced at his Blackthorn cudgel, kept under the bar counter for emergencies such as Islamist death-cultists armed with automatic weapons.  


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your sentiments young Raewald but think the Paris executions by the religon of peace are only the opening of the floodgates in the new enlightment.

It is going to take a similar atrocity with-in our own comfort zone/borders to really wake up the fuckwits in power to the threat they have been forcing upon us plebs for so long.

Vive la belle France !!!

mikebbravo said...

"Don't block exits or evacuation routes".

Presumably by falling in them when riddled with bullets?

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that the first line of that advice didn't read -

"Return fire.

Time tostart demanding that our faint hearted MPs give us back the right/ability to defend our families and others.

Anonymous said...

Luckily for the Islamist nutters, they are currently up against a bunch of soft headed morons, who do not have a clue about history or the meaning of traditions. The BBC call these people our leaders...

As far as I am concerned leadership is a relatively simple task, it is to maintain proper defences of our borders, if incomers are using tactics that make it difficult to discern their real purpose for entry, stop them coming. This is what used to happen in the days before the Great War.

Following this terrible war, there seemed to be a new mission for politicians, one of starting new wars, creating a dependency culture with the development of the "Farewell state", and the canard that we can teach other folks about "civilisation".

We (especially us) but also many other Europeans have a history of spreading out across the globe for the purposes of trading and exploration, along with a smattering of evangelism. This was OK until our government decided that this needed to be controlled by them, it was only then that this process turned into empire building.

Let's face it, there are a significant proportion of our population, the cognoscenti, the meritocracy, the "educated", who think that it is OK to throw their weight around and tell not only our own merchants, but a load of foreigners that you do it... "Not like that, but like this...." We fools listen to them and give them our money and our votes, and what we really need are a few very tough blokes whose mission is simply to defend us. You don't even need elections... See Sadaam Hussein... Thirty years of doing pretty much what traditional British leaders did... Nothing but protect their own immediate interests, which co-incidentally are ours too. We can see this in modern Russia with Putin and we can see the weak Basher Assad, attempting to emulate his father and failing.

As Martin Durkin (on Channel Four of all outlets) pointed out, the above mentioned (clever sheep) have created massive and ever growing debts telling us how to behave... down to what sort of bags we can put our fucking shopping in, when previously we never heard a peep out of them as we went through our lives with our friends and families, adhering to a few simple rules, mainly keep your heads below the parapet and try to gather enough around to survive retirement or ill-health. And this cost less than 10% of the national GDP.

I fear that (before reading Hitchens, about ten minutes ago), that what we are going to get, and just like Raedwald has suggested here, is a bunch of new restrictions on our every day liberties that will only serve to protect our overblown, and increasingly expensive internal empire of non-productive parasites... What we know as "the government".

Does anyone here remember the 1970's when our governments seemed determined to start a nuclear war, and the only method we were given to defend ourselves was to turn our dining tables' to the wall, cover it with a blanket, and cower behind it?

Protect and survive...


formertory said...

@right_writes. Pooh! You'd never have stood a chance; you forgot about Sellotape and whitewash on your windows! Good points though.

Anonymous said...

● Stop selling alcohol, it is unnecessarily divisive and makes you a target
● Employ Muslim staff, it might reduce the risk of attack but if that fails it proves that ‘it is nothing to do with Islam’
● Campaign for more Muslim immigration, it makes them feel safer
● Keep repeating, “It is nothing to do with Islam”
● Learn the Arabic for “Allah is great, I’m a Muslim too”

G. Tingey said...

I repeat:
THIS is a bit out-of-date
But was a fair summary of what Da'esh are about.
Well worth a read.
VERY informational & clear, also on how Da'esh really are muslim, same as the inquisition were christian....

Anon @ 10.06
Da'esh, as is usual with religious nutters, hate "heretics" worse than unbelievers.
The number of other muslims (esp Shia) they have killed is the give-away here, so your supposed "protection" won't work.

P.S. I also think the word "liberal" has been misused here, actually.
Nothing wrong with a liberal (as opposed to the political party) outlook, but, at the same time it also means: "No freedom for the enemies of freedom" - something that some people are going to have to re-learn.


Anonymous said...

OK, OK, you're a dick head?

FrankS said...

"In the event of an Islamist atrocity… get some sympathy-signalling egotist to sit at a piano and intone 'Imagine' ."
Come on France with your tradition of chanson etc - why wallow in imported pop pap? I hope this isn't going to become de rigeur at all massacres.

Anonymous said...

"If you can't realise the difference between putting down a rabid dog and harming an innocent person then you're an idiot."

Demetrius said...

A blackthorn cudgel. I have one of those, a thing of beauty. I bought it in County Kerry near sixty years ago. Kept by the front door it seems to discourage some kinds of people.

Anonymous said...

Butch Dave was at the dispatch box this morning. His handlers must have told him to avoid the usual "this has nothing to do with Islam" decoupler so he used some wording I hadn't heard before. Sounded bollocks anyway. Who does he think he's fooling?

Why not hear about Islam from a woman who grew up as a Muslim in the Middle East:


Elby the Beserk said...

"Blackthorn cudgel"

A Shillelagh, of course. I have one, given to me by my Dublin-born father. A fine weapon.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I've wibbled about this before here but IS are the direct descendants of the mad Mahdi of Kitchener's Omdurman and The 1979 Siege of Mecca - they are "end of the worlders" ...

They are not amenable to bombing and aren't as far as I can see that keen on being drawn into pitch battle (beyond the Koran - their leaders have obviously read some history)

The only way to root them out is to hunt them down on the ground. I'd propose that folk who've been locally on the receiving end are likely the most motivated in that respect and are most likely to stay on top of the situation.

DeeDee99 said...

Sorry Raedwald, but our politicians (Farage excepted of course, since he's sane) are still lining up to parrot the line that "this has nothing to do with Islam." Theresa May was the latest; BoJo used a variation a couple of days previously.

I think your mate Eric's best potential security is to fix bags of pork scratchings to the pub door/s. No MUSLIM terrorist is going to want to come anywhere near contact with "unclean" pork products.

Juncker can see his beloved EU collapsing around his ears. He's probably downing several bottles of cognac every day just to keep going.

Poisonedchalice said...

The insensitivity of a plane load of Syrians arriving in Glasgow just a few days after the Paris bombings just staggers me. It does demonstrate that our government doesn't give a flying fuck about us. Deeds, not words!! The old adage of what a government should do for us - secure the borders, keep the peace and empty the bins - just has no meaning anymore.

The French backlash, should it ever arrive, should be directed at the French government for it's stupid open borders principles. Madame Guillotine needs to make a reappearance in France and; if we really want to show solidarity with the French people, in Britain as well.

Coney Island

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I've seen suggestions that it took 40 mins for armed units in force to show up at Bataclan ...

That facet of the mess will not I suspect receive much airtime or discussion....

Thud said...

We have lots of vermin here so I have a semi auto shotgun for each different type,I'd imagine somebody could see them being put to other use if they were of a mind,I of course would never think of such a thing!

Anonymous said...

If and when they do turn up for a spot of innocents culling those bravest of weasels - gangbangers of the cult of death, they will be toting AK47s and armed thus, they will quite easily, in range and firepower - outgun anything the British femirozzers will be armed with, femicoppers who may as well turn up with spud guns and shillelaghs.

It was the same in Afghanistan, British troops couldn't return the Taliban fire because the talib stayed out of range of British units, there is nothing to beat the good old AK47 and whatever new mark/ version some are using.

G. Tingey said...

Anon @ 00.09
You really are an idiot aren't you?

Look these murderous wankers of Da'esh will be up against an armed government - forget it - they will lose.
An idiot with an AK-47 will actually stand no chance, even against police, if the latter are properly trained, using their much more accurate & longer-range Glock machines.
Given that the world record for a single-shot to kill is held by a BRITISH soldier:
DETAILS. Afghanistan, 2475 metres range (approx 1.5 miles)using a L115A3 Long Range Rifle ....
You are talking even more utter twaddle
Corporal Household Cavalry at the time ....