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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Time for strategy, not hatred

I wondered yesterday which of Tony Blair and Bashar al-Assad had caused the most deaths in the Middle East; Blair I think is still ahead by a length or two. However it's an apposite lesson that we should not take much notice of whom governments pronounce as baddies on the world stage; these are inevitably political rather than moral designations, and owe little to any objective measure of guilt. 

Secondly, the host of fools who are quick to rabbit that the atrocities in Paris have nothing to do with Islam. My dears, those attacks have everything to do with Islam. Which by no means implies that all Muslims are terrorists. 

Thirdly, a thankfully smaller group of greater fools who advocate talking to ISIS to reach a settlement. Thereby demonstrating that, in placing ISIS as equivalent to the IRA or ETA, they understand absolutely nothing about primitive Islamism. 

ISIS is desperately keen to provoke open conflict between the Islamic world and the West; they are being gradually destroyed in Iraq and Syria and their attempts to export the Caliphate to Africa are being thwarted. If Paris means anything, it shows the strength of recent successes of the Russians, Syrians, Americans, French and Kurds all uniting against them. This is a fight that needs finishing - but not on Cameron's terms, dictated as they are by his Wahhabi chums in the evil and primitive KSA. As Heff writes in the Telegraph
We must gauge the extent of the threat from Isil, and decide what role Britain must take to fight this terrorism – even if it means going shoulder-to-shoulder with President Assad of Syria. That will also mean reversing the ill-advised cuts in our Armed forces.
Good sense. We belong fighting alongside our Russian allies in this fight, invited by Assad to join his war against ISIS, not acting as lapdogs to the Saudi princelings. And take the army back up to 100,000 men and the navy back up to 50 warships. 

And at home we must be sensible and restrained; Islamic belief is wrong, misguided, primitive, ignorant and dangerous. No question. And we must challenge the absurdities of the ignorant and primitive crap taught by semi-literate imams - that means patiently and slowly telling British Muslims that the Koran is just a fairy tale, that Sharia law is Haraam in Britain, and that they must use toilet paper like the rest of us. But doing so without driving them into the hands of the Islamists, without creating a problem.

And we must have absolute control of our borders. The French are today more sympathetic towards our stance on Calais, and will be looking themselves to block the flood of Balkan and Ukrainian weapons coming to Islamists in France through open Shengen borders.  

This is a fight between the Christian / Atheist / Agnostic West and the savage primitivism of Islamism, but we must do all we can to ensure it's fought on our terms, at our choosing, and not be forced into doing what ISIS or any of its successor terror cabals want.


DeeDee99 said...

I agree Raedwald, but how are we supposed to highlight the absurdities of the Muslim faith when we aren't allowed to criticise it or satirise it; when our media is terrified of publishing a cartoon in case it results in a violent response.

Muslims have a grievance complex even greater than the Scots - and that's saying something. They are "permanently offended." Instead of pandering to them, we should be making it clear that they must westernise and conform to OUR laws and OUR culture, or consider if they would be happier living in a Muslim country like Pakistan.

One of the biggest mistakes The Establishment has made in recent years in the UK (and there are a great many to choose from) is allowing the creation of state-funded Muslim schools. No non-Muslim will ever want to attend these: they have deliberately created an educational ghetto, where Islam's primitive, prejudiced, bigoted tenets can be indoctrinated into the next generation. They should be closed down. If British Muslims want their children indoctrinated into Islam, they should pay for it: not me.

Elby the Beserk said...

We should have been alongside Assad from the first signs of trouble in Syria; the last secular ME country, a buffer against the crazies - not to mention that he is very popular still there, GDP was growing, they had for the first time a middle class professional class, and a fine education system, as a BBC series attested to. Instead as usual we went into our better the devil you don't know mode, and another blasted heath of a country has replaced a tolerant society. Everybody I know who went their loved it, indeed, my stepdaughter was there for six months before the trouble, and had a wonderful time. She felt safe on the streets - unlike Morocco, where she was for a fortnight earlier this year, and felt unsafe without male company.

Yes. We must go shoulder to shoulder with Assad.

Anonymous said...

The best estimates for numbers killed are:
Iran-Iraq war -- at least 500,000
Bush-Blair war in Iraq -- 125,000
Syrian civil war so far -- 250,000

Don Cox

Raedwald said...

Don - What of the Lancet survey that gives 600,000 violent excess deaths in Iraq since 2003?

G. Tingey said...

Islam is no more loonie & deranged in its beliefs than christianity.
They are both blackmailing insanity.
BUT a certain tiny section of islam - the islamicisits are "off" in every sense of the word....

My dears, those attacks have everything to do with Islam
Yes, in the same way that the Inquisition & the murders committed by Calvin or at Magdeburg are everything to do with christianity - & viewed in the same (historical) light.
This is a fight between the Atheist / Agnostic West

And lastly a partial quote from the blog of a friend:

Wrt. Da'esh's latest outrages -- in Paris, in Lebanon, in Baghdad, all on the same day -- I think they've misunderestimated the French. This is never a sensible thing to do militarily; 1940 was a howling exception (the result of about 20% of France's male population having been injured or killed a generation earlier), and as far as their non-involvement in the 2003 Iraq invasion goes, history seems to have proven Chirac right. But attacking what was Europe's pre-eminent military power for the best part of six centuries is a really bad idea: I suspect the reaction may be as drastic as the British reaction to the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands.
Which is what the bastards want, of course: Da'esh is all about breaking up the relatively tranquil relationship between the multicultural west and the 99.98% of the Islamic world who aren't apocalypse-obsessed murderers.

Ed P said...

An HM Revenue & Customs annual tax summary just received shows the following breakdown of where my state-stolen money goes:

Defence 5.4%
Health (including at least three unnecessary layers of bureaucracy) 20%
Welfare 25% (no comment necessary)
State pensions (including the Civil Services' self-awarded excesses) 12.8%

From the above, it's obvious that there's huge waste and with only a small adjustment, Defence budget could easily be increased to cover your suggested increase in numbers and equipment.

Anonymous said...

What could happen but I won't say "should", the Syrian conundrum is complex, as it is bloody savagery but not so unusual for this region at that, malignant, destructive and problematic. I don't want British boots [even special forces] to set foot in this nightmare warzone.

I don't think that the soft cheese munching surrender monkey's have the materiel nor, are they in possession of the wherewithal to go head to head with Daesh.
However, what the French should do and right away is to bash some heads together in the so called 'western alliance'.

For a start, to lay down the law and inform the Turks in no uncertain terms to decide which side they are fighting on - Daesh or the west. FFS and for far too long, we've granted Erdogan the Sunni weasel opportunity to play assistant and conduit to the Daesh and bombing the Kurds [our allies in Syria] whilst pretending to support the Yanks and Brits.
French 'connections' in Syria are politically speaking intricate and for a long period but are typically insincere and as per all prevarication. So, the French need to insist on EU/US support for Bashar al Assad - evidently he is the only leader who could cobble some sort of peace leading to the formation of albeit a canton-isation of Syria and with autonomous government.
Indeed, the French can be the catalyst to bolster the Syrian army and even with Iranian/Lebanese irregulars and to facilitate the formation of a grand alliance to help pacify and to assuage the Lebanon.
Then, to deal with the Syrian region developing a strategy to obliterate the scourge of the Daesh [and those friendly to al qaeda]. France, alongside; Russia, the USA, [probably not the British], indirectly Israeli advising and France boosted with German [not EU!] money should help prosecute action in Syria to force Daesh out and continue thence into Northern Iraq and do the same there.

Syria, needs to be a success, politically, economically and as a moderate state given to pluralistic governance and to be set an example for others to imitate in that blasted region.

Some hope, some dream.

Anonymous said...

Some figures for the hard of learning:

Non-Muslims killed by Muslims between 622AD and 1948AD

120 million Africans

60 million Christians

400 million Hindus
(conservative estimate)

= 590 million

Figures for Jews are in the thousands, not millions. Also the figures for Persians (Zoroastrians) are classed as 'missing data' and not included - could be millions considering the size of the Persian Empire.

So, over half a billion humans killed in the name of Islam.


p.s. So-called 'British' Muslims were celebrating the Paris Massacre in Tooting Broadway on Friday - reporting D noticed by the Home Office (social cohesion, blah blah).


Anonymous said...

@anon 14.39 - just tried to view that video, it's been removed by the user, a comment on the page suggests that it was fake and shows Pakistanis celebrating after a cricket match.

James Higham said...

We should all be nice to ISIS, offer them tea and scones or something.

Thud said...

James, they would soon be into that jam before cream argument and heads would roll in no time.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Muslim Thud...

But it is cream before jam...

The cream is a substitute for butter!

If you want a fight...

I'll see you outside later.

Thud said...

Rw...I'm scouse so no scones jam butties all the way.

Cascadian said...

"And we must have absolute control of our borders."......did not that nice Mr camoron say he would stop British jihadists from returning from Syria? Why yes he did, here:

but that was back in November 2014, perhaps he forgot because today we hear that 450 jihadists have indeed returned.

I will choose to think he forgot, rather than he is a liar or more probably incompetent. Once again he confirms he is good with rhetoric but pitiful with implementation. Mr PR camoron.

They walk among you, and they have proved that in Europe despite rigid gun laws that they are able to obtain guns and explosives. You meanwhile are law abiding and defenceless, why have you not yet applied for your shotgun licence?

Showey jets and missiles are all very well, but they are eff all use in the insurgency war that is about to engulf you.

Raedwald said...

.... and Canada is running away from the fight. Such a disappointment from such an old ally, but I fear Canada has become a nation of whining pussies recently. Just as well the US says that the Canuck contribution in Syria actually made no difference anyway ...

Cascadian said...

Raedwald, Canada has always fulfilled it's obligations to NATO, and I don't expect that to change even though the electorate drank the KoolAid in the last election and elected a neo-phyte who will make camoron look like a genius. We are now represented by a PM whose only accomplishment is being a substitute drama teacher for a couple of years. Time for you to have your fun, and I will gladly join in.

Our contribution in Syria was minimal, though I have no doubt it matched the UK effort, and with much less boastfulness and jingoism. The major difference being, you pretend to be a major power, despite being unable to evacuate Sharm el sheikh in anything like a reasonable timeframe, or being able to protect Akrotiri.

Your disappointment in Canada is not borne out by any failure, whereas my disappointment in yUK is well documented by facts.

Cascadian said...

For the moment we are in the fight, lets see how turdeau can embarass himself.

Anonymous said...

Buy a shotgun by all means , if you are prepared to jump through all the hoops.
Just don't expect to be able to use it to defend yourself.
You could have a sword-wielding jihadi mob at your front door but if
you attempt to defend yourself it is YOU who will end up in jail.

Anonymous said...

The paper published in The Lancet claiming 600,000 deaths in Iraq was thoroughly discredited soon after it appeared. From my recollection, it was based on a very sloppily organised survey without adequate correction for statistical bias. The main aim of the paper was to influence opinion.

Bear in mind that The Lancet is a news magazine for doctors, not a learned journal. It was The Lancet that published Wakefield's fraudulent paper on the MMR vaccine.

Don Cox

Elby the Beserk said...

G. Tingey said...
Islam is no more loonie & deranged in its beliefs than christianity.

ffs; Love and forgiveness, do to thy neighbour as you would have done to yourself are LOONIE beliefs. God help us.

Add to that, that even id these ARE loonie beliefs (I suspect you are in a crowd of one on that) they don't lead people to slaughter innocents do they?

Shame on you.

Ed P said...

Tiny Egg has his own belief system - NOT a religion of course - membership 1

G. Tingey said...

DROP your wanking gun fantasies?
You are wrong.
250 000 US citizens wasted by each other since 11/9/2001.
And their home-grown atrocity killings show that everyone having a gun is - actually - useless.
And Trudeau is a vast improvement on the previous tosser.
I think the ridiculous blurbing about the French might be off-balance, too.
!940 was an aberration.

HOWEVER on a better note.
THIS is a bit out-of-date
But was a fair summary of what Da'esh are about.
Well worth a read.

I suggest you actually read some history of the blood-soaked history of christianity?
As recently as 1998, christians within these islands were killing each other, for being the wrong sort of christian - or had we forgotten that inconvenient fact?

EdP - what am I supposed to have membership of, please?
( Other than Campaign for Real Ale, of which I am a life member, that is ... )