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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Turkey's Erdogan hit by Russian destruction of oil convoys

The extent of close involvement of Turkey's corrupt leadership with ISIS has become clear today when an enraged Erdogan ordered retaliation against Russian jets operating over Syria. Erdogan's son Bilal is the man behind the export of ISIS oil to Turkey in huge convoys - convoys that Russia has attacked over the past week, destroying 1,000 tankers in the last 5 days.

Previously, these tankers have been 'off limits' for US and French air attacks. Both countries and the UK were fully aware of the massive extent of ISIS' oil exports to Turkey, but given Erdogan's close family involvement in the business didn't want to provoke him. The Russians, fighting seriously against ISIS, have no such restraints. The Americans have even agreed, given Turkey's support for ISIS, not to launch any anti-ISIS attacks from the US Incirlik airbase

One can imagine the furious and enraged phone calls from Bilal to daddy Erdogan as millions upon millions in corrupt family profits went up in black smoke - and Erdogan eventually ordered Turkish forces to strike against any Russian targets within range. 

Make no mistake - Turkey under Erdogan is Europe's real enemy; an ally to ISIS, this corrupt Islamist is playing a dangerous game.


Anonymous said...

I wonder too, why EUrope plays up [cocks sucks] to Erdogan and yet vilifies Vladimir Putin as if he is some sort of modern Ivan the Terrible/Genghis Khan figure? How stupid are we here in the west?

All the time Turkey is facilitating and profiteering from the work of the Daesh those Wahhabist theocrat loonies who are based in Medina-Riyadh.

Whose side are Dave's tory boy scouts 'our' government on? Even a mild mannered non political type would surely have to conclude that, it [DAVE's HMG] seems not to be acting on behalf and for the people of Britain...................going on back to 1913 - did they ever?

G. Tingey said...

What worries me is that Turkey is in NATO & could call for help, which we won't want to give ....
Um, errr .....

Meanwhile sense has broken out elsewhere, the French are being offered the use of Akrotiri base & heavy-lift + re-fuelling capabilities by us.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

"Democracy is like a tramcar - it's useful to get from one place to another"

is a Recep Tayyip Erdoğan quote I heard on a BBC report in the wee hours last week - but obviously a bit too Austrian house painterish to make the 6 o'clock news...

I saw photos of hundreds of trucks on the border over one year ago = and wondered how far the banditry had spread ....

Russian's next step will be to use the proposed SouthStream gas pipeline extension (diverted from Greece / Italy last year over EU Kiev meddling)as a bargaining chip.

I doubt the generals will sit on the fence forever....

Budgie said...

Raedwald, very instructive, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Like the Klingon Warbird of Star Trek fame the Turk has to drop shields when attacking. Anyway, Fars News has reported that Russian infantry were involved in a successful operation in North-west Syria on Sunday. A new type of artillery was used.


Anonymous said...

I know it is not fashionable to express imperial views but I do think the world was a much nicer place when we were running it.

Anonymous said...

"Make no mistake - Turkey under Erdogan is Europe's real enemy"

Well, what a surprise. Turkey a moslem country channelling the 5th column islamist insurgents into the heart of Europe.

That ain't a coincidence.

Don't forget it was only a hundred years ago this year, that the Turkish moslems purged the Christian Albanians, leaving several hundred thousand dead.

They'd quite happily do it again in the blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that the idiot Hollande has made a pact with the devil.
It is clearly in Putin's interest to interdict oil exports, more money for him.
After that, it depends if he thinks he's there for the long haul.
Attacking soldiers with boots on the ground won't play well at home, Russian troops being nearly as useless as Arabs.
In the immediate, attacking hospitals seems useful propaganda against ISIS soldiers.
After that, attacking schools, preferably at collection time, is justified by cutting off the hydra headed snake of future jihadists.
The result is a mass exodus to Europe (not Russia) where instead of 0.1% terrorists we get 10% terrorists.
Is this the kind of ally we want to get in bed with?

Katabasis said...

Some of you may be interested in what the U.S. Cables leaked by Wikileaks had to say on Turkey:

Suffice to say, when I wrote that five years ago I got it completely wrong about sense suddenly breaking out in our (UK) policy towards Turkey after this information made it into the public domain via Wikileaks.

The fact is that Cameron MUST know all of this, and still he persists in pushing hard for Turkey's accession. WHY?

Anonymous said...

If you want to see just a little of what sort of a game Erdoğan is playing take a look back at US intel assessment out of their embassy covered in this 2010 post from Katabasis

Really ... well worth a read

Anonymous said...

<<< bump>>>


Fantana said...

I listened to Charles Lister giving talk the other day on Syrian 'conflict' to the Henry Jackson Society.

Not as simple as half the pundits say and I only pray that the Government and their advisors have somewhere near his understanding of the various players and their history before committing to action.

If anyone wants to try to understand the true complexity of the subject I recommend his book highly (reviews here :-

Top Tip you can get it for £12 with free p+p if you try this link

Anonymous said...

"purged the Christian Albanians, leaving"

Doh! Armenians.