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Thursday, 26 November 2015

US, France forced to follow Russia's lead; Ashdown challenges Saudi terror funding

Deeply embarrassed by Russian releases of news of sorties last week that destroyed 1,000 ISIS oil trucks in just five days, the US / French coalition has been forced into action against the same targets - claiming a further 283 oil trucks killed in the past few days. The coalition had previously ignored these trucks as targets, presumably to avoid offending Turkey's President Erdogan, whose son Bilal controls the illegal ISIS oil sales in Turkey. 

Which just goes to prove that whatever the respective motivations, when all the allies (including Iran and Russia) act together, the resultant degradation of ISIL's abiity is substantially enhanced.

And Paddy Ashdown, a privy counsellor and former Special Boat Service marine, went public on R4 'today' linking KSA and ISIS, saying "The failure to put pressure on the Gulf States - and especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar - first of all to stop funding the Salafists and Wahabists, and secondly to play a larger part in this campaign... leads me to worry about the closeness between the Conservative Party and rich Arab, Gulf individuals”. Full 2:21 podcast HERE.  

Erdogan in Turkey is leaning how backing ISIS is getting his fingers burned - when will the Saudis be taught the same lesson? 


G. Tingey said...

One or two people, who have been crawling to the Saudis & Quataris are going to get hung out to dry - but the really guilty men ( Camoron, Blair etc) will probably get away - again.
I suppose it's a start

Anonymous said...

You make a mistake believing much of what any Lib Dem spokesperson of the ilk of Paddy Pantsdown says in a public political pronouncement, but notwithstanding that occasionally the laws of statistics mean that a barking imbecile like him will be right ...

Anonymous said...

"You make a mistake believing much of what any Lib Dem spokesperson of the ilk of Paddy Pantsdown says in a public political pronouncement, but notwithstanding that occasionally the laws of statistics mean that a barking imbecile like him will be right ..."

You make the mistake of only singling out the Lib Dems, the whole of the UK political class are imbeciles and barking, and up the wrong trees, that's the fucking idea.
Meanwhile, and very imperiously the five decker corporate UK state ship sails on and the Saudis and Qataris can do no wrong, and fund and persuade who they will - including the Tory grandees and 'Turkey in the EU supporters' - the Daesh are a construct of, probably the Internationalist elite.

FFS. what the British people don't realize, is the real enemy is much closer to home, in fact from the unelected but very intricate and powerful micromanagement in the local council to, the Brussels autocrats - none of them find, nor work in the British interest.

We need rid of the whole lot of them, we need in effect a revolution, bloodless would be preferable.

Anonymous said...

What's the betting the price petrol is going to skyrocket at the pump...?

This was probably what has been keeping that price low, and coincidentally embarrassing Putin in his own country.

Putin, by shaming them into action, is serendipitously getting a better price for his own oil into the bargain.


Cuffleyburgers said...

Anon 14.48 - quite right preferably bloodless. Trouble is it'll never happen. 99% of people couldn't really give a shit, they believe what the bbc tells them because it suits them.

They're not bad, just lazy.

When the shit really hits the fan as it very well could do at some point most of them will step up, but it does make changing anything peacefully while it is still possible, very difficult.

There is an entranched caste running these things for its own convenience.

James Higham said...

No political will.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:48, there is truth in your rant (it's a rant, but a fair one!) But don't forget that Paddy has a grievance against the Conservatives, and will jump on any bandwagon, but Corbyn is a public backer of the raghead ideology and if he's not in their pocket, who is?

That's not to say that Tories aren't a combo of useless and mendacious, but Paddy is not model of virtue either.

G. Tingey said...

Not even wrong, when it comes to Ashdown, given his military record.
Please try switching brain to "ON"?

There is an entrenched caste running these things for its own convenience.
And this is new, or surprising in what way, exactly?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Paddy Pantsdown. I spoke to a colour sergeant once who'd served with him back in the day and he said he could "bore the chrome off a car bumper". If the Lib Dems didn't exist you'd have to invent them just to make Ashdown feel wanted.


DeeDee99 said...

We found out after the destruction of the World Trade Centre just how closely linked the American Governing class are with the Saudis. Despite the fact that almost all the bombers were Saudi citizens, it was Afghanistan and then Iraq which were punished.

The British Establishment will never do anything to upset the Saudis, all the time they remain "allies" of America.

We should start by deporting every Saudi sponsored Imam who is preaching in British mosques. And then banning the Saudi's from sponsoring the building of any more mosques.

G. Tingey said...

Not too far off the mark, there .....