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Sunday, 22 November 2015

We're not stupid; please don't lie to us.

Dear David Cameron,

I have previously opposed your desire to engage militarily in Syria because it was geared as much at regime change - removing President Assad - as at degrading ISIS. Well, things have moved on; the UK has a fair wind from the UN on engaging ISIS in Syria, whilst any military action against Assad remains illegal under international law, allowing us to imprison you should you be tempted to do so. So my objections to the RAF's three operational aircraft in theatre flying sorties to Syria have been removed. 

However, in seeking the support of the British public you are being less than honest. You have been pretending that this will not increase the risks here at home, whilst knowing that it will. You know as well as I do the extent of Muslim support for a Caliphate in the UK, and it is not negligible. You know that the killers of Bataclan explicitly blamed France's bombing of ISIS for their action. And you know that the RAF bombing of targets in Syria will infuriate many UK Muslims to the extent that they will be willing to die to inflict random damage on the British people. We're not stupid - please don't lie to us. If we support action in Syria, we support it knowing that it carries a real risk to all of us here in the UK (except to the nobs such as you and your ministers and civil servants, obv). 

And if we have to pay the price yet again, as Paris has paid it, we also need you to be honest about the root of the problem in Salafist / Wahabbi Sunni Islam, funded and promoted worldwide by Saudi Arabia. You need to tell us that successive governments have allowed the KSA to pour millions into Islamist gangs in the UK, and that the Muslims who will kill us in revenge for Syria have been radicalised by Saudi money. And above all you need to bite the bullet and join the people of Britain in taking a hit - not to your life, as we will, but to your wallets and to the financial interests of you and your cabal that are so closely tied to the barbarians of KSA.


Mr Ecks said...

The only way his actions make sense--apart from doing what Obama tells him to (and if the Federal Tyranny told him to drop his pants on the HoC terrace he'd do it)--it is as if he is trying to provoke violence from islamics which he can then use as an excuse for a police state-style crackdown. Every possible wrong and stupid opinion fills the idiots head. Between that and the pernicious influence of his eco-freak wife--who knows what this pig-fucking cretin is up to.

Anonymous said...

Who can tell how much sway the theocrats of Medina have on their proxies within HMG? Certainly the Arabist running dogs in the FCO slavishly gyre to the Saudis horned mesmerism.
Then, the mad mullahs run academe, the British University campuses via the fabulous funding from the Satraps funnelled through Qatar, Kuwait and UAE. Money talks and petro dollars buys up big chunks of London, everyone can see that eyesore, a shard piercing the heart of London and stabbing the skyline drawing the eye away and indeed crushing the famous landmarks of Wren, Gibbs and others, it was so designed.
The great Mosque of London [of the Caliphate], is yet to be granted planning permission but how long it is stymied, if elected that creepy apologist tosser Sadique Khan would surely not stand it is way. London submerges under the aegis of the crescent and by the tens of thousands, still they are allowed to pour in, uninterrupted.
The Saudis pour money into concrete "community centres" euphemistically so named, and like mushrooms they spring up, blighting the Christian horizons and landscape of England.

We suck up to the Wahhabists, fawning and grateful for their shit stained bucks, who knows what is the plan [annexation?] but we know Cameron is no friend of Britain and what was formerly known as the British people.
On Syria, Camoron 'the damned' - he plays a game of which he knows nothing, has no clue as to its outcome and cares not either way, he is a dilettante running the show for and on the advice of others.


Anonymous said...

Apols R, meant to add this quote...........

But Cameron slavishly follows the policies and the strategies of his predecessor. He frequently seeks Blair’s personal advice, especially over foreign policy.

link again.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks said...........

"as if he is trying to provoke violence from islamics which he can then use as an excuse for a police state-style crackdown. Every possible wrong and stupid opinion fills the idiots head."

It is pretty well known, that, the French authorities were explicitly warned about an imminent 'Bombay styled' Paris attack - AND ONLY weeks ago. Now then, could the same be said of Hollande? A cynic might suggest, that, a state of emergency is a perfect outcome for his failing and weak government which is threatened with Le Pen [and by extension le grand projet itself].

Anonymous said...

A good read today on the John Redwood's Diary blog, concerning the Syrian problem.

john cheshire said...

As a PS. to your open letter : Mr Cameron, please stop using our armed forces to fight other people's wars; thus stay out of Syria. In addition, if you're half serious about protecting the indigenous population of our country, have the police visit every mosque and muslim community centre to search for weapons.

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
ALMOST correct.
BUT Da'esh need no "provocation" to attack us - they will anyway.
Tell'em to stick a pork sausage up Mahmud's rear ....

The "great mosque" has been finally refused planning permission - you are slightly out of date ( I'm very glad to say )

mikebravo said...

Mr Ecks,
The usual Que Bono applies. Certainly not the fanatical goat rapists.
It does look suspiciously like the usual Gladio - "just let it happen" plot.
Plenty of those in the past to prop up failing European governments.

Anonymous said...

"In France, an "S" (State Security) file for people suspected of being a threat to national security had been issued on Ismail Omar Mostefai, who would detonate his explosive vest inside Paris' Bataclan concert hall. Mostefai, a Frenchman of Algerian descent, was placed on the list in 2010, French police sources say.

Turkish police also considered him a terror suspect with links to Islamic State. Ankara wrote to Paris about him in December 2014 and in June this year, a senior Turkish government official said. The warning went unheeded. Paris answered last week, after the attacks. "

Hollande knew, Paris was sacrificed. Now then, why is Cameron so damn mad eyed keen to enter this war in Syria?

Parliament, the legislature must tell Cameron to fuck off and his idiot generals with his new dirty little war and to make sure to kick him hard - very, very hard. We need to give Syria a very wide berth, we have business with Daesh but we must choose our ground carefully.

Anonymous said...

Reuters link to above quote.

anon 2 said...

R - while I support the view your letter expresses, I think your terms are far too respectful for address to this despicable, slimy, traitor, who merely masquerades as anything British - and has the gall to do so as a Conservative Prime Minister of Her Majesty's (erstwhile) Government.

Again, though, while I appreciate the sentiments behind Anonymous 20:19's post - neither would I lower the rest of us to the language suggested there.

There are, after all, time-honoured ways of dealing with traitors and idiots who set themselves up to rule over us. Lamp-posts and rope feature somewhere in there; however, "petition" and "please" don't. We don't ask them for anything. We take over, and we give orders.

We have to find a way, though. It's worth reminding everyone once more about Yuri Bezmenov of the early '80s. This KGB defector fore-warned us of their strategy for destruction of the West. It was to be expedited by all good Commies in four stages: 1. Demoralisation (e.g. march through the institutions/media) 2. Destabilization (err, how about immigration) 3. Crisis (e.g. civil war, civic unrest, revolution). 4. Normalisation (military intervention, including removal of the 'useful idiots' who had implemented stages 1-3).

Considering the Paris/Brussells hoohah, potential police militias, and puppy-dog Dave's New Escape-Plane . . . If we're not gazing blindly at 3, moving into 4 ... I'm a Dutchman.

DeeDee99 said...

The British Establishment's latest lunacy is to allow 450 extremist jihadists who happen to have British nationality to come back to the UK from Syria and go about their dubious "business" completely unmonitored.

Their British nationality should have been revoked; their passports cancelled and if any made it back into the UK illegally they should have been charged and tried for treason against their former country.

But Cameron and the rest of The Establishment are too weak, cowardly, appeasing of the Muslim population and terrified of the possible consequences in the form of bombs and bullets to do it.

APL said...

Mr Eckles "-it is as if he is trying to provoke violence from islamics which he can then use as an excuse for a police state-style crackdown "

Is there any need to provoke the mohammedan? They are quite capable of spontaneous violence.

Ask the Armenians who until 1915 had been happily beavering away on behalf of the Ottomans.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Yup, Search the mosques and find arms. Use health and safety legislation to keep them closed while they struggle to find the finance to bring their buildings up to standard. Use the tax & revenue powers of investigation and confiscation, on mosques and on prominent muslo-labour emirs of local government. Prevent any more mosque funding from Saudi and the Gulf. No more intimidatory mass prayer sessions in the street. No niqabs in schools or public buildings

Start pushing back...

And, folk posting here as Anonymous, why not give yourself a name? It helps the conversation if we get a sense of the personalities speaking.