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Friday, 11 December 2015

Cameron's Libyan screw-up the real issue

Biggles and his chums in their three or four working aircraft are now engaged in flying very fast over Syria and sometimes dropping munitions on disused buidings and olive groves, accompanied by hundreds of MoD press officers enjoying the Winter sun in Cyprus eager to feed journalists with footage and photos of Biggles, close-ups of his warplane, stunning aerial shots and anything in fact other than illustrations of the virtual insignificance of our Syrian contribution.

With much sound and light, Cameron has deftly deflected attention away from his most grievous screw-up - the mess in Libya. Libya, gateway to Europe for a tsunami of Mahgrebi and black Africans, rootless, without skills, eager for the wealth of the West. And Daesh-IS, now established in Libya and attracting support for a Caliphate from every dumb, poorly educated Islamist in Africa and a few dumb Islamist dicks in the UK, expensively but pointlessly educated. Perhaps Biggles can persuade Algie to take his very last aircraft to Malta (with a hundred or so MoD press officers) to fly sorties over the real enemy?

Libya will haunt Cameron in the final, sterile period of his office, with Blair, like some zombie ghoul in the background, a momento mori to a failed political life. 


anon 2 said...

... Except the idiot won't understand that he's failed. Indeed, he may even think he's been useful to a great cause, and to a worthy admirer like the equally useful idion Angie. And so long as he has a whole aeroplane to himself, so he can escape any unpleasantness that threatens to o'erleap the guard rails at Downing Street Palace....

Anonymous said...

Every day is tragicomic The boxer interviewed for a 'homophobic incident' when mad muslims present amongst us throw homosexuals off high buildings, and hurl stones at women buried in sand up to their necks, or casually hack off a head in a public square. Gadaffi had cancelled a good number of contracts signed with Sarlozy and this was used as an excuse to bomb Libya to dust and into isis hands is a Cameron war crime. But how to bring him to justice?

Anonymous said...

Somebody should do one of those clickbait articles that have been used to smear people who are against the war recently: "Who said it, David Cameron or ISIS?". There's probably plenty of material seeing as how he was on their side in Libya and until recently Syria.

Anonymous said...

I dunno which side we're on but I sure as hell know that, the fundos are winning - whether it be; Isis or, Boko Haram or, Cameron and the EUropean elites - the money men - why should they care so long as the shekkels/spondulicks keep pouring in and anyway when you are backing both ends against the middle - ref: the Rothschilds not least.

When though, is white Britain going to commence to care?

mikebravo said...

"When though, is white Britain going to commence to care?"

Good question.
Too late is the answer - When the barbarians are at the gates and the TV will not work.

Anonymous said...


The TV is working; Asian main newsreaders, local newsreaders, local weather forecasters, Asian woman sports reporters (good grief!), 'Bake Off', Islamic 'science' programmes and of course the almost daily reporting of the latest horror which is 'nothing to do with Islam' but nevertheless leaves the 2 billion Muslim 'minority' in daily fear of people avoiding eye-contact with them.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Cameron that messed up Libya. It was the Libyans, beginning with Ghaddafi and his mad totalitarian state.

Nobody made them behave badly. They chose to oppress and then fight each other.

There were similar problems in Romania after the fall of Ceaucescu.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Libya will haunt Cameron in the final, sterile period of his office, with Blair, like some zombie ghoul in the background, a momento mori to a failed political life.'

I do like that, almost poetic. Anyway.

Our 'big wing' over Syria (stop laughing at the back) comsists of a handful (no thumbs) of elderly Tornados, coughing and wheezing as they once more take their geriatric airframes for an evenings constitutional over the Med.

From Wiki:

The Tornado was developed and built by Panavia Aircraft GmbH, a tri-national consortium consisting of British Aerospace (previously British Aircraft Corporation), MBB of West Germany, and Aeritalia of Italy. It first flew on 14 August 1974 and was introduced into service in 1979–1980.

Meanwhile the Syrian government is but a few days away from closing its airspace. How you may ask is in a report written by the highly reputable Fort Russ: the S-300 missile system is about to go live all over someone's arse out there. The RAF had better have some pretty fantatic counter-measures for that particular missile cos it don't let go once its locked on.

That is all.

p.s. Fuck Blair and Cameron.


Arthur Foxake said...

I don't suppose its any comfort but we are not the only ones.

As I have always said, the US led coalition have no interest in defeating ISIS (The United States DoD Islamic Seditionist Infiltration Service?) they are solely concerned with overthrowing Assad so the Saudi's can get their pipeline to Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Libyans - fancy being oppressed by a lunatic dictator. Serves em right!

Similar problem arose at my 5th birthday party.

Can Dox