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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Daesh? They're Islamist Scum.

Rod Liddle in the Speccie is vehement about not using the term 'Daesh' in place of IS or ISIS or ISIL when referring to Islamic State;
The term is now used exclusively by those who wish to kid themselves that the Islamic State is a rogue singularity, entirely outside the normal Islamic mindset, whatever that might be. And so they have made up a word to support this patently flawed thesis. When the facts don’t fit, make it up. Twist reality.
I agree. These sick bastards and their death cult are every bit as Islamic as the vast majority of peaceful Muslims here and around the world. That a single book can be used with equal validity by peace-loving, responsible Islamic citizens who support the UK over the Caliphate, who are tolerant of gay people, who think there is no place for Sharia law in the UK and who think the West trumps the primitive dark-age savagery of the Islamic world, and equally by the evil, twisted enemies in our midst who support the death cult, is a dichotomy. But there it is. 

But we cannot deny Islamist Scum their foundation in the Koran and worship of Mohamed. However, if the term Daesh offends arabic-speaking Islamist Scum then I am happy to include it in future as well as Islamist Scum, Islamist Shits, Islamist Swine and Islamist Shills. Or IS.


DeeDee99 said...

Cameron and pals have to change the name of ISIS to appease Muslims in the UK, because the moron can't continue to spout the bollocks about "this has nothing to do with Islam" without the whole (real British) population of the country laughing with derision.

I shall continue calling a spade a spade: they are MUSLIM extremists and it is done in the name of Allah and Islam.

Anonymous said...

Islam is conquest, the have no God but extremism.

Dave_G said...

I'm intriqued Radders. Have you actually met a Muslim that openly (not just in private) accepts the concept of gay lifestyle, dismisses the idea of a Caliphate, ridicules Sharia and/or promotes the 'Western way'?

I've never seen or heard one speak out as such - ever. Perhaps the example you suggest exists could make themsleves known to the BBC as they seem all too keen to show them off.

Billy Marlene said...

Erm, Radders, I think you need an irony smilie.

Anonymous said...

Are you losing the fucking plot Radders ? Every single one of these people despise us and wish to eradicate us. THE END.

Elby the Beserk said...


Ed P said...

Please, call them swine, not scum. Although quite offensive, scum is not as bad as any reference to pigs to these barbaric ignorant media-evil-ists.

Budgie said...

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community's motto is: "Love For All Hatred For None" ( Apparently it exists in 195 countries and has 160 million followers, advocating loyalty to their country and promoting peace. Perhaps they are the enlightenment of Islam. They certainly seem to be polar opposites of ISIS.

G. Tingey said...

Christianity is also bloody conquest (Try looking up 30 years war & said christianty is also as diverse as the Quakers, the Inquisition & the murderous bastard Calvin.)
It's RELIGION idiot, they are all like that!

See also Budgie's comment ( Thank-you, by the way )
Please note that if Da'esh get hold of Ahmadiya muslims, they murder them, quite horribly, as they are regarded as "apostates" & therefore even "worse" than atheists or christians.
R P Feynman's friend & fellow-Nobel prizewinner, Abdus Salam, was an Ahmadiya, & his gravestone has been desecrated by extremists, by removing the word "muslim" from it ... nice.

G. Tingey said...

Errr ... I think the word "interesting" is the correct one here!