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Monday, 7 December 2015

Germany accuses Saudi butchers

(H/T Greg) 
In an extraordinary move, Merkel's deputy Sigmar Gabriel has told Saudi Arabia that its covert support of Islamist terrorism in Europe must stop, reports the Telegraph. The paper repeats statements made to Bild am Sonntag by Gabriel:
We have to make clear to the Saudis that the time of looking away is over. Wahhabi mosques all over the world are financed by Saudi Arabia. Many Islamists who are a threat to public safety come from these communities in Germany.
Saudi Arabia is amongst very few regional nations not taking any Syrian refugees (Israel is another) yet has sought to build an extra 200 mosques in Germany to extend the country's bloody ideology of Wahhabism. It is suspected that filthy Saudi money is behind many of the radical mosques in the UK that have produced Islamist terrorists, self-exploders and Daesh Islamist Scum volunteers. 

Heart of Darkness
In January of this year I termed the barbarian KSA the new Heart of Darkness, exporting its evil ideology throughout the world. The graphic above understates the influence of the primitive savages of the goat-kingdom; a yachting correspondent with experience of cruising Turkey's northern coast reported a new Wahhabist mosque funded by KSA at every town of size. 

Europe has a far greater prospect of peace and economic health without Saudi Arabia; if Cameron's crooked chums have to forgo their butcher's geld, so be it. 


DeeDee99 said...

I see no difference between the barbarians of ISIS and the barbaric Saudi Arabian regime with its extremist Wahabbist sect.

We should prevent the Saudi's from funding any Imam, mosque or school in the UK. Any Saudi-sponsored Imam should be deported (if possible).

We should stop the Saudi's from buying up real estate in London and partying here.

They are no friend of the UK.

Prawn Sandwich said...

The situation re Saudi Arabia is complex because they are a major creditor of US apart from keeping the UK/US arms industries afloat. They know this, we know this and they know we know. The ruling family did a deal with Wahabi around 200 years ago. Today they still have a deal. Ruling family live debauched lives and simply hand over billions, as a form of penance, to the Wahhabis who control the practice of Islam in KSA and many other parts of the world notably Pakistan. The Whabis will in due course arrange for the family to be beheaded in a mass killing in about twenty years when the kingdom falls.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I've been there too; it's not just every town of size, it's every single town, and village, even tiny ones.

Ed P said...

The shady and disgusting arms deals, with suitable bribes, will prevent Cameron from freeing the UK from links to the KSA. There are approx 240 MOD staff permanently attached to "servicing" the demands of the KSA, plus of course thousands of "defence" jobs at stake. Syrian conditions will need to become much worse before there's any prospect of escape from the KSA's corrupt influence with their vile terrorist links.

Anonymous said...

"if Cameron's crooked chums have to forgo their butcher's geld"


And do not ever fail to assert that: Bliar fills his boot with Qatari spondulics, for services low can he go?

This egregious quid pro quo, cannot be allowed to go on, such a calamity if brewing, lets call it the UK cultural suicide pact with House of Saud it must be sundered....therein and the ambiguities of British connivance with this regime which peddles such ideological iniquity, lavished legitimacy by the corporate blob who suck at the petro$ udders - they must wrenched from the KSA teats.
The Saudis and their allies the Wahhabist fundos, are beginning to dominate British college campuses. Universities where funding pour in, to building flash new faculties dedicated to indoctrinating students from all over the world.
Indeed, the prestige of UK based faculties and fawning UK academia, grants these mendacious zealots the facade of approved legitimacy that they thirst.
UK Student unions, are besotted by equality, those Frankfurt School precepts embedded in yuman rites guff and then coerced subliminally through the Muslim societies which use the HRA to push their Wahhabist agendas.....a big fucking irony there, in which the skweaming mewling sisters of equality cannot fucking perceive [the thick ctnus]....And where, actually they [UK Muslim societies] are granted carte blanch to permeate and shape the modern UK student's views and outlook.

WTF is going on?

Where an Arab, utterly alien foreign regime chock full of ideological nutters purveying their filth, can have that much sway over a supposedly western Christian country?

Some would say we lost the plot, some would say - much of it is due to the rise in power and influence not only of the Brussels social engineers but also of the powerful corporate influence too - of which mass immigration suits them all so admirably but suits Britain NOT AT ALL.

Brussels, the Tory party and the Westminster claque period, the corporate blob and with the bankers are the Saudis friends - know it.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Saudi Arabia is amongst very few regional nations not taking any Syrian refugees (Israel is another) yet has sought to build an extra 200 mosques in Germany to extend the country's bloody ideology of Wahhabism.'

That ummah won't build itself, ask Prince Charles, he's a big fan - he opened a new £25 million Wahhabi financed 'cultural centre' in Oxford a couple of years ago.

The wider picture incorporating uncontrolled mass immigration.

I'll spell it out: what we are, our history and heritage, is finished according to the political class - may as well add that as far as I can see that goes for every other white nation, which means there's an unexplained racial element attached to this.

Minoritization is the first step and that will happen because the politicians are making it happen - and politicians are the only ones who can make it happen. You could lay bets on which nation goes minority first, but note ethnic Swedes have dropped to four-fifths of Sweden's population in just 25 years.

What this means is all the historic relationships we've had with our near neighbours will change, or cease before the end of this century - as noted by the Russians only recently. The outcome will be totally unpredictable as one after the other each historic nation goes minority. This has never happened before and though no one knows what the effects will be they're going to do it anyway, because the EU/UN says they must.

It is ethnocide: the destruction of global diversity for political ends.


Anonymous said...

The Arabian Wahhabists are not the only missionaries. The Muslim Brotherhood is perhaps even more influential here.

The Indians probably felt much the same about Christian missionaries as we do about Muslim missionaries.

It would be good to be rid of all the Middle Eastern religions.

Don Cox

anon 2 said...

Anonymous @ 13:08 -

"Brussels, the Tory party and the Westminster claque period, the corporate blob and with the bankers are the Saudis friends - know it" : so right.

I also like Raedwald's parallel with "Heart of Darkness" (1902) - it is surely arguable that, even at the turn of the 20th century, Conrad's deepest HOD lay in B-B-Brussells. Marx and Engels had lived there from 1845-48, so that root was already established - and Kurtz and the 'man of rags and patches' could only return deeply corrupt 'civilised' evil to Nature. I wish Conrad were still around to depict the relationship between KSA and the "sepulchral city." We could use the insight ...

Thud said...

The world is awash with oil at present and America has the know how to expand its fracking industry if needed (Canada too).The old story we are told of needing the KSA oil to keep the lights on is nonsense and besides who would not save the future of our children even at the cost of higher prices...I would.Alea iacta est!

Prawn Sandwich said...

If you wish to understand more of the Muslim/Islam mind and the effect of this religion on the development of the Muslim world, I suggest you read VS Naipaul. Also Christopher Hitchens in his book "Arguably"