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Thursday, 10 December 2015

"Isn't that bloody man in prison yet?"

A silent TV news screen high on the wall in a crowded and noisy Christmas pub prompted the barked question "Isn't that bloody man in prison yet?". No, it wasn't Anjem Choudary but Bloody Blair, trying for yet another comeback and desperate for media attention. And the questioner was a normally calm and emollient QS, which means my own dislike of the greasy toad has now gone mainstream. Excellent. 

Blair is back in the UK this week for an appearance before the Commons' Foreign Affairs Select Committee tomorrow - with indications that MP members are unlikely to be kind to the bloody butcher over his links, financial and otherwise, to the previous Libyan regime. Parliament TV will give us every second of his grilling for those wanting something entertaining to watch over the weekend ...

..and one already serving life

A civil claim by Lee Rigby killer Adebolajo for having all his front teeth knocked out in prison must surely be doomed to failure - if not on primary grounds then on the basis that young men without front teeth enjoy an enhanced earnings capacity in the internal economies of our prisons, and Adebolajo has a lifetime of service before him.


DeeDee99 said...

Blair will never be hauled up before a Court. There are too many members of the Establishment he'd drag down with him. They always protect their own.

His punishment will probably have to be knowing that he is reviled like no previous Prime Minister and the disaster that is the Middle East is largely his doing.

joe winner said...

Blair was faced with a nightmare decision to make after 9/11. Should we support our #1 ally? Saddam was belligerent and 'threatening' the west. It became a disaster but could he have known how it would turn out? IMHO what he did in Bosnia certainly was appalling.

mikebravo said...

What the hell did 9/11 have to do with Saddam Hussein? How could Iraq threaten the West? Send his regiments of Russian Army surplus tanks over or fire a couple of short range missiles into the eastern Med.
Get a grip!

Mr Ecks said...

I don't like the jail story.

The Rigby killer should have hanged and been done with. No one should be subject to that sort of abuse regardless of the crime esp when those who are paid to keep the inmates must clearly have looked the other way while it happened. Probably by scum who are every bit as bad as this jihadi dross.

Let our enemies pay with their lives cleanly. Why? Because we should aspire to be men--not squealing, torturing, tormenting nancy boys. Leave that to the scum of ISIS.

G. Tingey said...

Blair knows where far too many bodies are buried, unfortunately.
As for the murderer, I'm against the death penalty, because - what do you do WHEN you get it wrong?
But I might make an exception in this case, & yet also agree with Mr Ecks - he should not have been in that position, whatever happened.

Anonymous said...

"How could Iraq threaten the West?"

By supporting Al Qaeda.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 said @ 07:43

'Blair will never be hauled up before a Court'

Correct, they won't allow a former prime minster of the United Kingdom to be hauled before a court because they know he's guilty.


mikebbravo said...

""How could Iraq threaten the West?"
By supporting Al Qaeda. "

Why would Saddam Hussein support an Islamic jihadist group that was being trained and armed by his enemies?