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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It all comes back to Bloody Blair and Iraq

Michael Flynn, ex-Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, concludes an interview with Der Spiegel saying "The historic lesson is that it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq. History will not be and should not be kind with that decision". From that failure, from Blair's lies and manipulations, came a string of subsequent errors via Libya to Syria each one of which has helped Islamic State to grow into the risk it now poses.

Flynn contrasts the style of Bin Laden with that of al-Baghdadi; Bin Laden was the Che figure, the warrior guru in his cave with an AK47. The first time we saw al-Baghdadi it was robed like the pope in a pulpit proclaiming the caliphate, which has a currency, a flag, an HR department and a slick PR outfit. Just like the EU, but with more supporters. Different ISIS murderers wear different pattern skirts, in uniform black, camo or other. They have a flat organisational structure with high levels of autonomy granted to dispersed killers; the traditional terrorist structures of cells sharing controllers in a pyramid trying to communicate secretly has been bypassed by motivated death cultists dispersed throughout Europe with a mission to kill, maim, frighten, disrupt in schemes of their own devising. Destroying the caliphate won't make us safer - the killers don't depend on it for instructions or consent.

So even if we destroyed the caliphate in its territory tomorrow the death cultists would remain, like cancer cells after the removal of a tumour. And the mutant gene that precipitated it all, Blair's 2003 war, must be judged harshly indeed. As must Blair himself.

Cameron's imaginary friends
It's likely that on Wednesday the Commons will agree to our three or four aircraft in theatre flying sorties into Syria, and probably using their munitions on one sortie in five. In other words, we'll make the square root of bugger-all difference. One of the papers had a huge graphic of how our brilliant UK missiles at £100k a pop delivered from a £10m aircraft costing £80k an hour to fly could hit a bloke on a motorcycle. I suspect using Ronnie Pickering would be cheaper and rather more entertaining.  

Cameron's 70,000 imaginary friends get a ragging from Fisky in the Indie "Telling the House of Commons about the 70,000 “moderate” fighters deployed in Syria was not just lying in the sense that Tony Blair lied – because Blair persuaded himself to believe in his own dishonesty – but something approaching burlesque. It was whimsy – ridiculous, comic, grotesque, ludicrous. It came close to a unique form of tragic pantomime."

Which pretty well sums up the whole ghastly mess.

Bring out more rope ..
In my condemnation of the barbarian head-choppers of the KSA I have neglected to mention the dedicated crane-hangers of Persia. This year they're set to hang over 1,000 people, about 70% of whom were sentenced for drug offences involving over 5kg of Class A. That's an awful lot of drugs. Either they've got a very serious domestic addiction problem or a lot of Iranians desperate to get rich quick. 

However, since we haven't tried to impose Cameron-democracy on them, the overall number of Iranians being killed prematurely is remarkably small compared to the national beneficiaries of western goodwill such as Libya. Which leaves plenty of Iranians to fight for Syria against ISIS as real, and not imaginary, ground troops.


mikebravo said...

Blair kicked it all off as Bush's bitch. Heir to Blair carries it on as bitch to the highest bidder and then invites all the resultant refugees to come over here and enrich the lives of the rest of us.
All aided and abetted by the plebs who will vote in the verminous tories at the next election.
No wonder them want to exterminate us!

Anonymous said...

On wider musings and not that any of it would enter Dave's pretty little noodle.

It should be noted, that, Hezbollah or the 'party of God' and the cult of death 'Daesh' on the Sunni side, both lots of nutters hate the west and those 'infidels' who live in it - much more than they do each other.

Thus, we arrive at Hobson's choice, which is actually no choice whatsoever - the devil or, the deep blue sea.

Therefore I posit that, all resources should be forthcoming, including help wherever and whenever it is needed to ferment and agitate; to making Iran and house of Saud's 'the Gulf's' local spat prosecuted to its fullest extent and to its most bloody end.

And yes, Iraq opened up this can of worms but the Iranians have been gunning for the Saudi/Gulf and statelets since the Iran/Iraqi war and even before that, it is with some justification that Tehran believes itself to be the real leaders and power in the region, trouble is - the west shoved all its eggs in the wrong basket.

Any real [British and any clued in western] diplomat would have been playing both ends against the middle.....
A long regional conflict for supremacy - going on since before Alexander settled some local hostilities - this 'war' {Persia versus the rest] predates the local difficulties of Islam, it goes way, way back - believe it.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - I would say the roots of all this hatred and bile go back further than Blair even though his contribution helped keep the pot boiling.

THe roots go back to the installation of the shah by the CIA which ensured that an islamic revolution in Iran became virtually inevitable, combined with the US (and to a lesser extent the UK) sucking up to the KSA and the other gulf states. The invasion of Afghanistan by the USSR led with a little help from the CIA to the taliban and hence to Al Qaeda.

Re the Saudis we could quite easily have bought their oil but deplored their politics, but it was easier and more lucrative for our despicable political class to lap up the money that was sloshing about, and the other own goals were entirely avoidable if the CIA could just keep its dick in its metaphorical trousers.

We are reaping what our own leaders have sown over 5 decades of cynicism, corruption and incompetence.

And now, remind me, just WTF is it to us who is president in Syria?

Anonymous said...

I have other more pressing questions. Just go back a couple of weeks to the slaughter in Paris. Now think about the 48 hours that followed it. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? France's security forces suddenly jumped into action and magically found scores of Islamic enemies within. How so? Were they really only found 48 hours after the event? Or could it possibly be that they were well known beforehand and left alone on the grounds of "national unity"; "social cohesion" and political correctness?

Now fast forward to the UK. Cut & paste Paris into the rotten Islamic slums (err, boroughs) of London and we have the home grown recipe for disaster. Why aren't we rounding up these known terrorists and making them disappear somewhere with the "knock after midnight". Our government and security forces know who they are. Why aren't they protecting us? Go on; keep asking that question!

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Coney Island & Cuffey

Ypu're both catching sight of the elephant in the room.

If our frolicks in the Middle East have been 5 decades of disaster leading up to now, what will be the long term effects of mass Muslim immigration into Europe?

Will there even be a Europe as such in 5 decades time?

And as you have also identified the willingness of our political leaders to sell us, our kids and grandkids, down the river is staggering. Just why do the elites hate white people so much that they push so hard for policies that are effectively going to lead to ethnic and cultural genocide?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Two deletions later...

I must say that it is refreshing to read something sensible about our times Raedwald...

The daily press in this country seems to be gagging for war for some reason. Apart from yourself and a few other rare blogsters... plus (of course) the UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell, there is just so much crapani.

I would just like to add:

Blair is a nasty fuck and he should be in gaol, and the "heir to Blair" should know better...

His behaviour is not big and it's not clever.

All I can think of when I see it on the contraption, is...

Shouldn't that arse have a nappy on it?

Anonymous said...


Good post and to all contributors, as per - thought provoking stuff.

And Radders, no arguments mate, for a 'builder' you're a most perceptive bugger. Sad to account, that, I just wish your posts were more widely available, especially read by those screaming wankers/ eejits who pretend to be our 'leaders', for know it, they've sold us down the river.

There will cometh a time during the reckoning when: we must reciprocate in kind.

Dave_G said...

Can't help but think ahead and wonder who's policy will prevail - the West and their desire to oust Assad or Russia and their desire to have him remain?

Assad need only sit back and watch the fireworks.

Big, bright (blindingly bright) fireworks.

proglodyte said...

Despite his vanity, Blair declined to be considered for the honours list. Probably because he realised he wouldn't be offered a seat in the HOL. There really cannot be any other rational explanation.

I think Bush gave him a gong though.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear: