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Friday, 4 December 2015

Oldham vote - the public needs official assurances

There is a growing swell of discontent and rumour in relation to the probity of the election in Oldham. Farage was on Radio 4 this morning quoting 99% of vote-blocks being Labour, and elsewhere suggestions have been made about fraud and personation - the validity of many thousands of postal votes. 

Sadly, the authorities do not enjoy even a half-decent record of maintaining electoral probity, particularly in areas with high Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations. The Met Police and the Electoral Commission failed utterly in Tower Hamlets and it took four ordinary electors to reverse the corruption. 

I have no idea whether the vote in Oldham was corrupt or not. There is no evidence. All we have are opinions. However, this is a poisonous boil that must be lanced; the poll must be fully investigated, preferably by an external police force, and with specialist independent lawyers assisting the Electoral Commission. If the result was sound and valid, we should be assured. If it was not, appropriate corrective measures must be taken.

But one choice the authorities don't have is to leave the rumour and accusations to fester unchallenged; the robustness of our democracy depends not only on the probity of the process but in our confidence that the system is not corrupt.   


Dr Evil said...

A postal vote should be allowed only in exceptional circumstances. They should be as rare as hens teeth.

Anonymous said...

And as usual Immigration Cheerleaders such as Dan Hodges of the Telegraph when commenting on this go "nothing to see here, UKIP are racists"

When people say "this is nothing to do with Islam" in one sense they're right. Its really to do with the fucking poisonous, self loathing left trying to import a new voter base...

Cuffleyburgers said...

Anon 13.53 "the fucking poisonous, self loathing left " you're wrong. They are not self loathing.

They are poisonous self-loving narcissic cunts; it's us they loathe - those of us who stand up for right and liberty and our rights as individuals to plough our own furrow.

Radders is right - this is a boil that needs to be lanced before it festers any longer. However I am quite sure all we'll get is weasel words and lies.

And the rot will deepen...

Anonymous said...

Dave's new model Tories are quite happy with the result: UKIP didn't get a second MP. Besides, they have zero interest in former mill towns undergoing population replacement. Oldham is just one of 27 towns in that area which will be majority Muslim two decades from now.

When theocracy replaces democracy in areas such as the West Midlands it'll be too late and war will follow.


meltemian said...

The only way to solve this is to stop all postal votes, unfortunate for the genuine cases but necessary.

anon 2 said...

Sigh. Dear Oldham, and all our Celtic-Anglo-Saxon-Viking heritage in the North. I've occasionally seen those arrogant aliens, clad in lurid, flowing, silks, striding furiously but unaware over our moors -- and it's quite fascinating: it's as if the very landscape rejects them. Why present-day indigenes are so accommodating is a conundrum.

Several decades ago, while in the usa, I tried to get a postal vote. The embassy personnel were less than amenable. They wouldn't even let me talk to a British person about it; I couldn't get past phone handlers with french and spanish accents, who informed me that they had a policy of "equal opportunity" -- for anyone but an English indigene abroad, it seemed. I never fought my way through to get the vote.

We British have a problem or two.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Anon 2 - I don't have a problem with people wearing coloured silk garments even when walking in the dales (makes a change from brightly colour spandex) or with them eating curry or indeed sauerkraut or frogs legs.

I have a major problem with:
* people murdering people
* people corrupting our voting system
* people cancelling christmas festivities because it is offensive to non-christians (which it is isn't)

for a start

anon 2 said...

Cuffleyburgers - neither do I care what they wear or eat. My point is that this is not their country or their culture: I continue to resist their invasion and takover. We have been here since shortly after the Younger Dryas; we are an inherent part of the place; our rights and culture have been hard won and hard built over thousands of years.

Beats me why we must now turn it all over to people who won't do the same in their own lands - - or who want us subjugated because they can't understand, or put up with, the competition.

I note, also, that when some of the same people made it clear we didn't belong in their (much bigger and more aggressive) lands -- we left and came Home. Indeed, I'd argue that a similar principle underlay our settlement of Britain in the first place: we understood the value of independence.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that the postal voting system is as bent as bent can be...

However, in the case of Oldham, even if it were straight, it is unlikely that UKIP could have won there... The previous incumbent, the late Michael Meacher, was about as far from being an empathetic representative of the inhabitants of that town...

... But he wore a red rosette, and even though he was an ex-Etonian with a number of stately homes and other property dotted around the country... he could have been an orang-utang and as long as he wore the red rosette, he would have won.

Things might be starting to change, as the Scots demonstrated when they wiped the reds out, but this is till early days, but Jezza is certainly and aide to defeat in some areas.

As a UKIP supporter, I would be much more worried about the result in Thanet, with the "lost" boxes, the destroyed postal votes, despite the legal requirement that they be retained for a year, the oddly delayed result, and the fact that a simultaneously held local council election returned a UKIP majority, Nigel, who had been miles ahead, is suddenly a loser, on the morning after the vote.

mikebbravo said...

"..the robustness of our democracy depends not only on the probity of the process but in our confidence that the system is not corrupt."

Too late my son!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember on which thread I read it but I thought about it and it was a truer reflection of how things have gone since even the Eighties.
Walking in Riyadh, most women wore westernized attire in the 60s and 70s.

Well, the sand monkeys can do what they like in camel sex land, but the change over here in Blighty takes some swallowing, but if one understands the motive: wearing street pyjamas is done deliberately to differentiate the followers of the cult of death from the 'infidel'.

Mass immigration, a stunning birth rate of something like 3-4 sprogs per female and a bloke can have four wives. Plus, paid for by you and me, is bad enough.
But what is worse, 'we' [Westminster and the PTB] changed our rules [discrimination laws, then the enacted the HRA] to allow it to come to pass, they, the death cultists are the masters in Britain now and they flaunt it.

Block voting via postal ballot, soon, it will be the very least of our problems. In a few years hence, street gangs of young southern Asian youf, they'll be beating you up if don't attend Mosque, or don't kiss their feet in the street.

DeeDee99 said...

Muslim Asians are instructed how to vote by their Imams and community "elders." They do as they are told. Hence Labour effectively has a Muslim Block Vote in any area where they are a significant presence.

The system is made easier for them with the expansion of postal voting. Women who rarely leave the house unaccompanied; who probably don't speak English and are completely isolated from British society have a vote but it will be exercised on their behalf.

Postal voting has to be massively restricted: to those who are physically incapable of getting to the Polling Station because of disability, extreme age (80+) or absence overseas.

Labour has no incentive to do this; they are the beneficiaries of the corruption (and it's why Blair/Brown imported a new voter-base). But the Conservatives do. Sooner or later, with the growth of the Muslim population, a former safe Conservative Constituency will start to get a significant Muslim minority; white flight will begin and in a very short time the Muslim minority will swing the seat Labour - forever.

If the Tories don't act quickly to stop the corruption, in the not too distant future, they are going to pay the price.

Mr Ecks said...

Amongst a whole raft of anti-islam measures, removing the vote from islamists should be a top priority. Along with no benefits for more than 2 kids and an end of the four wives --or women in tow whatever--caper. 1 relationship and no money for other females or their offspring.

Budgie said...

Tramping round Oldham, Chadderton and Royton delivering leaflets for UKIP did not give me much opportunity to meet the people who live there. I was not not knocking on doors canvassing, so this is just a snapshot of my reception.

Of about a couple of dozen people I did interact with, about half saw my UKIP rosette and eagerly took the leaflets, some just took the leaflets, one man refused a leaflet but said he would vote UKIP anyway, a couple leapt out of their house and argued, one guy told me to stuff my leaflets; they were all white English. An Asian man got in his car waved, smiled and gave me a thumb's up, and another Asian commiserated with me about the hard work and the bad weather.

I expected UKIP to lose (and said so before the poll) but, from my reception, not anything like as badly as we did. Whether the postal vote was bent or not I don't know, but the very low turnout of 40% must have itself distorted the result. I suspect we did not do enough proper canvassing either.

G. Tingey said...

Dr Evil & R_W
Postal Voting is something that should be HARD to do & for exceptional circumstances.
Even if there is nothing wrong in Oldham, it doesn't smell right & should be looked in to - properly