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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Round-up: Tory boys & What would Burke have said

The revelation that some Tory boys are utter shits is hardly surprising. More amusing is Iain Dale's weird wriggling to give an impression that this is complete news to him. I do like Iain, but sometimes his loyalty to a party that doesn't discourage such nasty little turds is somewhat strained. The YCs, before they were abolished, were the only youth party in the nation that thought bottles of Rohypnol were appropriate Christmas presents. 

The current debate is about how many in the party knew that the youth wing were led by bullying nasty Toryboy shitehawks; the honest answer must be just about every Tory over 30, but the 'official' enquiry will no doubt decide that, like the Germans and the extermination camps, 97% of Tories knew nothing. Hey ho.  

What would Edmund Burke have said?

What would Burke have said to Donald Trump's suggested ban on Muslim immigration to the US? Disappointingly, he may have been in favour - but only on grounds of risk to the nation, not on grounds of religious discrimination. Burke fought hard for Catholic emancipation in England but was one of the chief proponents of the 1793 Aliens Act that restricted and regulated French immigration on the grounds that regicides and revolutionaries may sneak in with the refugees. Not an easy one to call, though.

But on Marine Le Pen and the FN I think the answer is unequivocal; he would have hated her and everything she stands for. Le Pen's National Socialist party, the heir to Laval's and Darlan's Vichy regime, with its central State control, socialist command economy and ruthless fascist authoritarianism is the utter antithesis of everything that Burke and England stood for; he wrote ""Individuality is left out of their scheme of government. The State is all in all. Everything is referred to the production of force; afterwards, everything is trusted to the use of it. It is military in its principle, in its maxims, in its spirit, and in all its movements. The State has dominion and conquest for its sole objects—dominion over minds by proselytism, over bodies by arms".

Mind you, he would have hated our post-war governments, too ...


Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - I think the point about Le Pen's party is that yes it is socialistic, nationalistic centralising and authoritarian - but so is every party in France. They don't do libertarianism, free markets are widely distrusted, and it has been that way since Colbert.

All the other parties in France are pro-EU whereas Le Pen's party wants to leave. That in itself is revolutionary enough.

Of course it is also true that without the EU there'll be nobody to pay for their expensive economy, especially farming subsidies: and when push comes to shove the irresistible force of anti-EU contraryness will probably not overcome the immovable object of a large and vocal minority complaining about the rape of la belle France by neo-cons; and so that could be interesting...

Outcomes aside, it has thrown a cat among the pigeons and that nowadays is as much as we can hope for.

Anonymous said...

"But only on grounds of risk to the nation" are there any more serious grounds ? Is anything more grave than importing an ideology which is at odds with all that we hold dear and have fought for over a thousand years ? I'll give you a quote; "We must be literally mad".

Islam is not merely a religion to it's adherents, it is everything to them, it permeates and shapes the whole of the being. To be opposed to it isn't religious discrimination it is self preservation.

TrT said...

I'm in my early thirties
I was a member of the Conservative party from about 25 to about 29
I had almost no contact with "Conservative Youth", beyond mockingly calling them "The Cameron Youth"

To be bullied by this group, you must have made a pretty massive effort to involve yourself with it.
This isnt school bullying, a place large portions of the populace are legally obligated to attend.
This isnt workplace bullying, a place where large portions of the populace are legally obligated to attend.

The Cameron youth were a bunch of self appointed tossers that anyone with half a brain avoided.

Poisonedchalice said...

I think Trump has a point; and so does Le Pen. On the one hand, Trump is a blunt instrument and he sees no point in refining himself and on the other hand Le Pen sees every point in refining the FN party in order to shape itself away from "loony minority" to an electable party that could govern a nation if called upon to do so. But the real point is not about them is it? It's about the meteoric rise in the number of their respective followers; that's the fact that is scaring the mainstream politicians. There was a poll carried out in the UK last year and Muslims were asked if they embraced the UK way of life and 68% said they did. The BBC went into ecstasies about this, proclaiming that 68% was fantastic. No mention at all of the 32% that do not like our virtues and values and in our country alone, that makes 800,000 of them; approximately 10 times the size of the UK army. There can be no doubt that we - and quite possibly the Americans - are having Islamism shoved down our throats and think about this; why is Trump now being accused of being a "hate preacher" which could get him banned from the UK, while our very own home-grown hate preachers regularly spit out their anti-west bile whilst taking our benefits? Why is that? I would support the censure of Trump when; and only when; we apply the same rules to all the Islamic hate preachers that currently get away with it.

And as to any other reasoning or commentary, well, its all down to freedom of choice as to which candidates people choose to support and why they support them.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Islam isn't just about religion, similarly nationalism isn't just about state control. The reason the Left so readily defends Islam is it sees in it the threads of a new socialist order that, despite many attempts, it failed to establish. How else would one explain why those on the left defend Muslim paedophiles in places like Rotherham, where for over a decade hundreds of little English girls were drugged and tortured in order to be buggered and raped?

I'm an ethno-nationalist, which means I'm apolitical. I do look for what works but like my fellows we see nothing that works for our folk, so a parting of the ways is inevitable. The next logical step would be to withdraw from whatever it is that is authoring our demise. The abuse must end, or we won't survive:

(On current figures of approx five million migrants per decade the English will be a minority in their own homeland by 2052 - that's fourteen years earlier than the last prediction, in 2009).


Anonymous said...


Not if we grow a pair before it's too late.

Ed P said...

Burke's statement about Vichy describes Stalinist Russia and almost every other National Socialist outfit. Stripping away the left/right labelling (which is a deliberate obfuscation), the real nature of all these socialist control freaks becomes apparent.

anon 2 said...

And so to "Animal Farm" ---

G. Tingey said...

Eleswhere, I made a comment about COME OF "the left" regarding protest against islmicisation & their disgraceful bullying of people who really know what religious control means:

I'm a member of the National Secular Society, which is where I got the Maryam Namazie links from.
Sorry, but there is some really unpleasant shit being put about by some people who are "supposed" to be on the equally-supposedly liberal left in rubbishing a woman who dares to stand against religious misogyny, & it is utterly disgusting.
Same goes for Ayaan Hirsan Ali, too & the names she gets called.
Yeah, rights for everyone EXCEPT brown women who must get back into their religious ghettoes, because "we" can then shout out about how horrible the "western imperialists" are.
Either we have Universal Human Rights, or we don't - you don't get to pick & choose.