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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

test ... testing ....OUTRAGE

Ha! Well, I'm here and it's all bloody funny foreign weather; -2deg until 11am when a scorching Alpine Sun fries your eyeballs at a blistering 14deg (oh alright it's not much, but a climb of 16deg in five minutes is a bit new for me...). Internet here is easy - you just plug in a cube to the power socket and that's it, your own WiFi that works all the way over the barn. Still all very temporary in the house, but I managed to tell a joke in the local pub yesterday and they all laughed, so there's a major hurdle in the language skill thing I think, though when they gabble in the local dialect it's still just a noise. Anyway, enough domestic trivia; thank you all for your kind words, and yes I'll be starting a parallel blog with all the tales and pictures of the extensive renovation for those interested. And having lived half my life in a site office, the temporary blogstation (below) is better than some I've had.

Limited time still for news sources but I was outraged by reports of Cameron's tactics in defeat; that having gained only minor and trivial concessions from our European partners he's now switching to the money and propaganda battles to win the 'in' vote; there's a law that may condemn him to failure not on grounds of the principal argument but on grounds of crookedness and spivity. A fair fight is still valued above rubies in Britain.  


Dave_G said...

Despite your last 'housekeeping' post I still find myself checking in daily to see if there are any updates..... and lo....

My first impression was that your internet desk was carved out of snow/ice! but I'm still somewhat envious of your move.

Have a great holiday season Radders. All the best to you and yours.

Sackerson said...

Looks like Le Corbusier's work station.

Anonymous said...

Re the photo it all looks a bit L'Homme au Masque de Fer but without the bars, or the whitewash, or the chair and table. Looks ok really.


Raedwald said:

'A fair fight is still valued above rubies in Britain'

Indeed, and Enoch's maxim that "all political careers end in failure" is still going strong. So it'll be goodbye Dave: you didn't fool all of the people all of the time.


Mike Spilligan said...

Well done - and only 9 days since your "I'm off" posting. I'm glad I left you near the top of my "favourites" book-mark.
Site offices? There have been the contrary ones; almost luxurious and one has to be reminded that it's bolted to scaffolding, two floors up.

Anonymous said...

frohe Weihnachten und ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr

Anonymous said...

Hmm, them's some walls you've got there mate, built to last? :^o)#!

Happy Crimble, don't get too pissed.

What's the local Slivovitz like?


anon 2 said...

Thanks for the news, Raedwald!

Merry Christmas.

Bob G said...

Great to hear from you Raedwald - I've also been looking in on a daily basis and, today - lo and behold. Your photo gives a sense of your meaning when you wrote that the place was "defensible"

Thud said...

Another blog would be great,renovating period buildings is what I do and I know Scrobs too would be into reading about anything building merry Christmas and get writing.

Michael said...

Absolutely, Thud!

Since I retired a year ago, I've rebuilt half a bathroom, half a kitchen, painted almost everywhere, grown so many veg, we may need a new freezer, joined all sorts of village gatherings, and Raedwald has all this to look forward to!

Raeders, let us know how the craft beer industry proceeds please. Beer is so easy to make, but it also needs passion, and as you are (were) a builder, you'll understand that...

Best wishes for Christmas!

(Scrobs as Michael).

Cuffleyburgers said...

Happy Christmas to you Radders and all your readers (including Greg although he may not believe in it!)

On on in 2016, fight the good fight against the forces of lunacy, leftism cultural marxism and fascism.

I presume you're not a million miles also from Italy although a bit further from my part, but when you like you'll be more than welcome to drop in.

Anonymous said...

Harry says;
Merry Christmas to you and yours, keep up the good work. Time for a snifter or two. Chin chin.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back becaue this has been one of my favourite blogroll sites.

But it is well past high time that your Profile page was updated to remove the two blogtitles that are never used and to make more sense of the provided details.