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Sunday, 13 December 2015

That climate change deal in full

" ...No, no, Prime Minister. That's the beauty of it. We don't actually have to do anything; well, nothing during your term in office, nor for the Parliament following. Nothing at all until 2020, when whoever is in government will need to have a cunning plan to cut emissions."

"No, not a penny. Not for years and years. Yes, of course we can make sure Squiffy and Bunty get big contracts for their windmills - we're doing that already. And remember the bird-choppers only have an economic life of five years at sea, so it's pretty much a dosh-for-life deal ..."

"Well I suggest we sign up our future unknown successors to the max deal we can come up with; after all, we'll get all the kudos and they'll get nothing but a kicking if they don't meet the target"

"Thank you Prime Minister, that would be most welcome".


G. Tingey said...

Very funny
Also total cobblers, unfortunately.
It is finally beginning to penetrate that real money & not corrupt subsidies & backhanders can be made out of "carbon-free" power generation, to everyone's benefit.
What is sad is that crooks like the Barclay Bros, even bigger fascist crooks like the Kochs & their paid liars like C Booker & "lord" Monckton have so much traction & belief.

We really do need to do something about GW, but, as I've said before there is a scam operating here, just not the one that Booker etc go on about.
It's the one Raedwald mentions, about monies for "our chums" rather than doing something sensible, like nuclear power ... and the improvements in both solar & energy-storage efficiencies which are still getting better - very fortunately.

Anonymous said...

I don't reckon G Tingey actually exists Raedwald...

I bet he is an "establishment commenter", in the same way that "Banksy" is almost certainly an "establishment artist".

Of course the real irony is that some of the more perceptive of us victims are beginning to see the light, and we are beginning to wonder what jape the most authoritarian administration of the era, is going to pull next.

COP21 AGENDA21... all the same...

All shite!

Mike Spilligan said...

G.Tingey: Please let us know exactly how the Koch bros money gets to Booker, et al - presuming you've investigated that in detail.
I may be repeating myself, but I think you're a conspiracy theorist, as loved by Hero Warmist Lewandowsky.

Anonymous said...

G.Tingey: "Real money & not corrupt subsidies & backhanders can be made out of "carbon-free" power generation, to everyone's benefit."

How exactly? What technology revolution are you talking about? As far as I can see its the same as always - funneling huge amounts of taxpayers cash in Al Gore et al's pockets.

"the improvements in... energy-storage inefficiencies" - absolute wishful fucking thinking there son...

Anonymous said...

I remember watching 'Meet the Fockers' and laughing when 'Greg' (Focker) turns out to be 'Gaylord'. Did somebody say that Tingey's 'G' initial stands for 'Greg'?

Statistically it's impossible for all nutters to be wrong all the time, and the one piece of sense in his comment is: "rather than doing something sensible, like nuclear power". An odd remark for a homocyclist like him, don't you think?

Mr Ecks said...

There is no global warming. It is lying leftist garbage to propagate socialist tyranny under the bogus guise of saving the Earth. Since the system we have is corporate socialism there are always legions of hangers on looking to cash in on the state's stolen and counterfeit cash. The Camoron family being amongst them.

Anonymous said...

Steady on old chum - although I agree with your general sentiments, there may well be some warming somewhere. There bloody well ought to have been, as we came out of the Little Ice Age. As to whether it is anthropogenic, or whether it is the result of CO2 in the atmosphere (from whatever source) or whether it is actually harmful ... that's where the objects of Ecksian venom (and deservedly so) have added 2 and 2, and got billions.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

If anybody wonders about CO2 + Global Warming - just go look at the satellite temperature record and the observations from the much hyped but now almost non existent OCO-2 CO2 mapping satellite.

The earth has warmed and cooled - exactly why and what the mechanism is is NOT something I'll take lessons from from the likes of Caroline Lucas, George Monbiot, The Guardian, The BBC, The Independent etc. - and the bunch of utterly corrupt and deluded notionally anti-capitalist twerps who are rinsing the taxpayers of the developed nations - justifying their banditry with flights of fantasy that simply beggar belief.

COP21 might as well have been the global meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses - it made about as much sense....

Dave_G said...

There has been a total warming of around 0.8C since 1850.

Most of this is agreed to be 'natural' and uncontrollable by us. The rest is disputably man-made.

But if anyone (GT?) can tell me what percentage is down to mankind I'd be real grateful......

I'd 'guess' (and admit that it's just a guess) that 0.1C MAY be down to us - but over a period of 50+ years this is insignificant now and will be insignificant in the future.

The claim that 'man' is responsible for potential catastrophic warming is just so much cr@p that it's beyond parody. Even by Greg.

Anonymous said...

What is Climate?

Climate in a narrow sense is usually defined as the “average weather,” or more rigorously, as the statistical description in terms of the mean and variability of relevant quantities over a period of time ranging from months to thousands or millions of years. The classical period is 30 years, as defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). These quantities are most often surface variables such as temperature, precipitation, and wind. Climate in a wider sense is the state, including a statistical description, of the climate system.
- says the World Meteorological Organization


“Average weather” is a wonderful definition of climate. We know that weather is chaotic and that weather is always changing and has always changed...and will continue to change in the future. Therefore, climate is always changing and has always changed...and will continue to change in the future.

By blaming all changes in weather on mankind, reports like the US National Climate Assessment Report imply that extreme weather can be minimized by eliminating our emissions of man-made greenhouse-gases providing a false hope to na├»ve persons of a future without hurricanes and tropical cyclones, without tornados, without blizzards, without droughts, without floods. They further suggest to those trusting souls that all we have to do to make weather nonthreatening on our planet is drive efficient cars, install solar panels on our roofs and install wind farms everywhere. That suggestion is not only misleading, it’s foolish. Weather has always changed, and it will continue to change in the future. Because climate is average weather, climate has always and will always change.

That is all.


Budgie said...

It's nice to see G Tingey agreeing with his two favourite people - the Pope and Margaret Thatcher - about AGW. I worked out from his other comments that G Tingey is actually supporting "AGW", the current theories about anthropogenic global warming, though he attempts to confuse by calling it GW. Such imprecision demonstrates a lack of both rigour and knowledge.

I quote Professor Ian Plimer, from his recent book, as extracted on Bishop Hill:
"Nature and humans add traces of a trace gas (CO2) to the atmosphere. It has yet to be shown that CO2 drives global warming and all models of future climate based on CO2 have failed. Despite hysterical predictions based on models, planet Earth has not deteriorated due to an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere.

The planet has not warmed for more than 18 years, yet climate models predicted a steady temperature increase over this time and a predicted hot spot over the equator does not exist. The models are not in accord with measured reality and are rejected. The science on climate change is far from settled, there is no consensus and there is no overwhelming evidence of human-induced global warming [AGW]."

Warming is good. Cold is bad. Ice is worse. The only climate catastrophe worth worrying about is the next (natural) ice-age, either Little or Glacial. And we are due one.

John Miller said...

I have respect for the late Richard Feynman and the venerable Freeman Dyson.

Neither view climate change "scientists" as being worthy of the name and the "science" of climate change as being woefully naive.

John Miller said...

The bit I liked on the Beeb news was that, unfortunately, some bits of the agreement are voluntary.

Unlike the bits that are compulsory, where the UN sends in the tanks if a country doesn't comply?

Get real, please.

I hope they all were wearing their Hunters. 196 wankers in one room must get really messy.

John Miller said...

And finally...

Dave, please explain to me in plain English why you think this is a good deal and at the same time it's a good time for us to buy you your own private jet.

And no, an explanation that includes the words "politician, Eton, toff, pleb and facepalm" is not a good idea unless you want a kick in the balls if I can find them.

Anonymous said...

It, she, doesn't believe in the great "Sky Fairy" but it, she believes vehemently, religiously in: the great global warming scam!

FFS, women, they're a paradox of confused emotions fixated, suffering from Oestrogen logic/ HRT menopausal lunacy. Totally incapable of cold, sober reason and diving dispassionate logic and the cold clear mathematics of pure science.

Man made warming is fashioned of political myth, all it is are lies, synonymous of corporate and governmental corruption and media propaganda.

Keep 'em worried, keep 'em cowed, keep taxing the bejabbers out of the bastards and all you need is a myth and promises of salvation...............manana!

And tomorrow and tomorrow, are empty promises and manana never, never arrives. Tricked and tricked again by a claque of nation destroying social engineers, an Internationalist political and corporate elite whose contempt for its fellow man, their peoples is egregiously drawn, boundless as it is iniquitous.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, democracy gets it up the rear in France where polls appear to show the FN has gone down against a coalition of the French Socialists and Sarkozy's lot.

Over here, we have the Electoral Commission, if there is a more bent organization in this septic Isle then, I'v yet to hear about it and no that doesn't include 7slamic entryism and Baradari voting enforcement by the Wahhabist mad Mullahs.

New political parties have no chance, Brussels is the unseen steel fist in the glove of 'democratic elections' - what a fucking joke it is.

G. Tingey said...


I had the "do I exist" question elsewhere, & the blog owner owned up that I was real, he'd met me, & the icon appearing against my name in postings was my hand grasping a pint of Beer, so there.
Also an "established commenter " wouldn't trash religion the way I do, since the politicos all crawl to the BigSkyFairy promoters.

As for climate change deniers, the who shreik is based on the premise of a "Big Conspiracy" by ALL OF THE SCIENTISTS .. EVENTY!! COMMIE SCUM!! ....
Sorry, but seriously, how likely is this?
Compare with the exposes of (sorry to mention it) the creep Corbyn's deeply unpleasant friends & associates emerging all over the landscape?
Grow up, just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't real.

Dave G
almost correct - I would go for 1 deg C & say that it is almost certain that almost all of it is man-made, but at least we have some measure of alarm & suspicion as to problems - which ARE solvable, actually.
See the link I posted.
And remember that costs for PV & even energy storage (the real problem) are going down, all of which is good news.

Anonymous said...

Do I detect a rather elegant handbag being brandished?

Dadad said...

So called global warming is the biggest scientific fraud in history.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I hesitate to feed the troll, but really: " almost certain that almost all of it is man-made", wtf?

How then to account for the fact that CO2 has increased quite a lot in the last twenty years but temperature has risen either a negligible amount or not at all?

Time to channel the great Feynman yet again: "It doesn't matter how important you are, or how beautiful your theory is; if it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong".

And this one is wrong. We've proved it.