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Thursday, 24 December 2015

The power of Christmas

The Sultan of Brunei has ordained that any Muslims caught celebrating Christmas will be jailed; in Somalia, the government have also banned any hint of Christ's nativity, in KSA it will earn you a thousand lashes and in the lands of Daesh-ISIS they will crucify any practising Christians. Boko Haram will chop with machetes anyone celebrating Christmas, and in any of a dozen primitive statelets reliant upon Sharia law, the festival of Our Saviour's birth is a cause of victimisation, torture and death. 

The power of Christmas. Or at least the power of Christmas as unleashed by the USA, the Disney Corporation, Prince Albert, Dickens and Hollywood; shmaltz, emotion and paganism. A northern European midwinter feast with alcohol, evergreen boughs, slaughtered pigs all overlain with the moral impetus of Victor Orban's Fidesz - 'Family, Work, Order, Health' - as a quasi-religious duty. And it's everywhere. There's not a Muslim nation on earth that can avoid the attraction of a holiday with presents, particularly as the entire world travel system shuts down and Santa is a non-denominational Small God.

Which would you rather have, a three-hour lecture on toilet hygiene with whipping and head-chopping from a bored Imam or pigging-out on the joy of Christian love (with presents and alcohol)? It's not hard to see why the Friday people are concerned. Our message is so much more attractive than their primitive bigotry. 

So please don't knock the horrid commercial mash that Christmas has become; it's doing the job of Christian missionaries in a way that established church clerics have long abandoned. And there can't be a Muslim on earth that doesn't feel joy at the anniversary of Christ's nativity. God really does work in mysterious ways ...

Have a wonderful Christmas all.

My Christmas tree plantation in today's sweltering Sun ..


Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

The Sultan of Brunei should be expelled from the Commonwealth...

Mike Spilligan said...

Many thanks for this wonderful, positive philosophy which almost everyone of western faiths or non-faith western thinking can ascribe to.
On the matter of Christian preaching I've long thought that the various sects, their dogmas and those that espouse them have spent too much time and effort since Enlightenment in trying to suppress rivalling opinions, rather than in finding opportunities to widen the scope of what is meant by Christianity.
Happy, happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

The Friday credo preaches death and is a pestilential wart on the arse of all mankind.

Imams, the Theocrats are, were always unceasingly avaricious as they are jealous and keep their slaves under 'lock and key', they hate us, we must love them - help them to understand; joy, hope, love, the Universe and in Christ the Redeemer of souls.

Peace be on them and their house at this time.

Happy Christmas - anyone can join in - the Buddhists love it!

john gibson said...

Thank You.
John Gibson

Thud said...

I love it all,from Church to mince pies...Merry Christmas all.

James Higham said...

You too, Radders.

anon 2 said...

Merry Christmas Raedwald: to you and all your supporters.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Happy Yuletide to all, except ISIS. As an atheist, I have no truck with religion, regardless of deity. Islam is a hateful death cult and ISIS is its ideological warriors. May their bodies be stacked ten deep and their livers feasted on by the crows.

G. Tingey said...

What happens if you celebrate the err "pagan" festival of Yule I wonder - or claim that since it's close to Midwinters' day, it's a proper time for a piss-up.
Fucking religious believers.
You should all remember that the only time we had REAL christians in charge in Britain they banned christmas as well, oops.