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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Austria to deport 50,000 economic migrants by 2019

As the second of the EU's inner ring to break away from a Brussels-coordinated approach to Europe's migrant crisis, Die Krone has run a story that the government has agreed to ensure the removal of at least 12,500 economic migrants a year. Illegals from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Georgia, Mongolia and Gambia will be disposed of with a '10 day quick' method; migrants leaving voluntarily before being deported on military aircraft will get €500 handshake, and the Information ministry will reach economic migrants in their own and third countries through social media with the simple message 'Don't waste your time - we'll send you back'. The military is being mobilised to undertake forced repatriation flights. 

Austria's move follows Sweden breaking ranks with the announcement that she will deport 80,000 economic migrants. Both actions make both Merkel and Juncker look ridiculous, and the decision places additional pressure on Germany's government to make a similar announcement. 

Throughout the crisis Herr Juncker, Europe's most senior unelected official, has failed to demonstrate any leadership, any coherent plan or to inspire any confidence in the EU's core nations. Many now view his role as leading the EU into terminal decline - including Janet Daley in the Telegraph

Meanwhile, three km down the road in the village, the slight thaw has brought three or four Flüchtlinge out of their disused hotel, for the first time since they arrived in December, and it's a been a bit like 'Springwatch' as the locals comment on their every move; in plastic sandals and chinese trainers they pick their way to the 'Spar' - where one is delegated to enter, watched so closely by every single member of staff and every customer that any thoughts of shoplifting are thwarted. They don't have any money that will buy anything here. Like badgers they decide the outdoors is a bit much for them, and pick their way back to their hotel, every step closely watched. I've been told the story twice so far, by two eyewitnesses. All it lacked was a commentary by Bill Oddie, and a video on Youtube. I have a feeling that the poor buggers will soon tire of Austrian community scrutiny and either head for Germany or take their €500 and go home.


Malcolm Stevas said...

How I hope Kronen Zeitung's report is accurate! Anything resembling decisive, substantive, effectual, patriotic action on mass immigration, byt absolutely any EU country, would help to restore one's faith in reason & rationality.

Anonymous said...

"I have a feeling that the poor buggers will soon tire of Austrian community scrutiny and either head for Germany or take their €500 and go home."

500 urines is a princely sum to many of those economic migrants, refugees are in camps in Syria, so it might act as an encouragement for more to come.

All the time that the EU fails to uphold its agreement with the (almost) former nation states, the stream of hopefuls will continue.

I think that this "get tough" concept might be more of a ruse to keep the project rolling....

...A sort of drunken "double or quits" slapstick routine dreamt up by the corporate political class, led by the chief pisshead Juncker.

Anonymous said...

Austria, is making the correct move and in doing so are emitting a clear signal of intent.

David Aaronovitch, in the Times concluded in his Wednesday piece, "sink a few boats to stop them coming". Now it is open to interpretation, whether he was drawing caustic fiction or, making a literal suggestion and a course of action - however, in the end, whatever else are they going to do? Someone, somehow has to call a halt, call Turkey's bluff.

Stop sending the wrong signals would be a start...................

Mad Mutti Merkel, stands in isolation from, the Osterreich and drifts apart from the nations of MittelEuropa. Indeed not only is Europe split north to south, it is now sundered east and west, only the Kommissars of Brussels see it Merkel's "Wilkommen alle" way, oh and - the politically doomed French dough boy.

EVEN - The Scandis are not playing ball. Plus, the Dutch are having an April referendum concerning Brussels awarding Ukraine associate membership but said plebiscite will metamorphose into a pro/anti EU ballot and the Dutch are pretty well pissed off by the EU.

Schengen, is shut! and Europe is in crisis!!! As you allude to R, Britain must not be allowed to slip away. Forthcoming, it will be such a fight when the referendum is set to a date - I seriously believe that, all the corporates/big wigs/tosserati/slebs/luvvies/media/lawyers/university lecturers/German institute of bending hte rules-car manufacturers - they shall be the facilitators and architects of their own downfall by making such a bollox of browbeating the British public, that, an (BR) exit will be impossible to say no to!

All the time, behind closed doors the dipsomaniac Luxembourger surely is regularly staining himself, as are all the establishment gravy train troughers on this side of the channel.

Sovereignty, it's non negotiable - so, it's out.

OUT, OUT, OUT, OUT - imagine, in folk memory try to recall, the sounds, the glint of steel as swords are drawn, men roaring at death - of the shield wall and the hilts of axes and swords thumping in time on the shields, OUT, OUT, OUT!!!

DeeDee99 said...

So a few continental governments are belatedly waking up to the disaster they allowed to take place in their countries. But do you really think they are going to be able to deport these parasites? I doubt it: most of them simply haven't got the balls.

But let's give the Austrian Government the benefit of the doubt (they are, of course, very close to Hungary which seems to have the only sensible Leader on the continent). How will they get rid of the gimmigrants via a "10 day quick method?" And if they can implement a 10 day quick method, why can't our own pathetic Home Office?

Cuffleyburgers said...

What deedee said.

Anonymous said...

At last, a couple of leaders showing balls, showing up the pathetic Juncker and Merkel as so incompetent they couldn't tie their own shoelaces. To get the message across to the invading hordes action must be taken immediately to stop them. Boats coming across must be turned back and then destroyed. People in the sea picked up and taken to the nearest country in north Africa or Turkey and NOT brought to the EU. If we keep acting like a ferry service they won't be discouraged.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 said @ 08:51

'So a few continental governments are belatedly waking up to the disaster they allowed to take place in their countries. But do you really think they are going to be able to deport these parasites?'

The question is why now are they deciding to deport said parasites?

The answer is more are on their way, then more will follow those. I'd say its more to do with a short-term self-preservation reflex than worries about dooming their own populations. We're long past the time when politicians actually gave a damn about the people they were elected by - especially Europe's native peoples, whom they appear to hate anyway. Mandelson was accurate when he said we live in a post-democratic age, and Blair, when he was being mentored by the sociologist Anthony Giddens, was made fully aware of how you go about it:

If you can't get the change you want, change the people

It's really rather simple. Oh, and we're fucked, or rather we've been fucked over.


Dave_G said...

The idea that this mass immigration was a 'mistake' is a mistake in itself.

It would appear that this is a designed 'crisis', said design being the deliberate - albeit temporary - destabilisation of the countries of Europe.

With the obvious manifestation of vigilante groups (Sweden now, who knows where next, if they aren't here already but D-noticed out of existence) the various Governments have the excuse they need to implement emergency measures to combat the problem.

Emergency measures that, naturally, impact on the general publics freedoms more than anything, can postpone referendums (natch) and allow the authorities to complete their 'plan' without interference or criticism (D-notices again).

Combine the building issues the West is trying to cope with: failing economies, falling currencies, EU breakup (potentially), irreconcilable debt, energy crises, global exansionism, impending conflict, US Dollar collapse etc etc and you can't help thinking that Governments in Europe are placing themselves to restrict movement of people AND money in order to progress a campaign that they consider will re-establish control over ALL the issues they currently have LOST control of.

wiggiatlarge said...

Many now view his role as leading the EU into terminal decline , but still the whole stinking mass limps on, still they want closer union and still our "Dave" promises what he cannot ever get.

Will the referendum save us, doubtful as the huge number who have never known this country without being in the EU and have no idea how we arrived in this situation and least of all care will I fear vote for the status quo.

I look at Europe and find it incredible that the majority accept Merckel as its de facto leader, no questioning of her role as that leader of the EU and that again includes our Dave.

mikebravo said...

The Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize is not awarded by mistake.
The scum at the heart of "The Project" know what they are doing and how they plan to achieve it.
We are all to be replaced with an easily controlable bastard race.

Coudenhove-Kalergi clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.

The scum have a plan and are working towards it.

James Higham said...

How about by next Monday?

Poisonedchalice said...

So WTF is going on with Britain then? Core members of the EU are deporting and we are told we can't. What's going on??

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