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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

British Jihadis? Don't ask our lads to kill 'em unless you give them an '00' licence first.

The revolting hypocrisy of the governing class is exposed in its true hideous filth today. The papers and screens are full of the identity of another Brit Jihadi, filmed committing one murder live on TV, and the press and politicos are howling for drone strikes and SAS sniper teams to 'slot' this particular piece of scum. 

One page in, and the same politicos are praising the efforts of freelance plods, treasonous shitehawk lawyers and turncoat MOD clerks to stitch-up the lads over imagined 'crimes' during Blair's wars in Iraq. You couldn't make it up.

Apart from Bloody Blair himself remaining at large when he should by now be in a cell in the Hague, these dunderheads just don't see the problem in asking the lads to take out Daesh / ISIS death cult scum today and then face murder charges for doing so in six years time. 

There must be some very angry faces around the mess breakfast tables this morning.


Sebastian Weetabix said...

If the Chiefs of the Defence Staff resigned en-masse over the issue then some progress might be made on the matter.

Don't hold your breath.

G. Tingey said...


Agree wholeheartedly.
Especially since it appears that the latest traitorous scum-bag comes from not too far away from here .....

Anonymous said...

Nobody does hypocrisy quite like a politician - mendacious cunt that he is Blair's was off the scale.

Sitting round the campfire up in Wiltshire this solstice just gone we was joined by some youngish lads serving; good Englishman, who've flown the gold wyvern in Afghan, and other places. Oh the stories they told would whiten your hair, but at the same time make you proud that there are still English warriors who can be as rough as you like in close combat. And smile whilst about it. One lad had dispatched a Taliban with 9" seax he'd brought along with him from home - and I know who made him that particular blade.

"Wassail", we all says and down the mead goes as the horn passes round.

These Jihadis could never take England and that's all that matters to me. Same goes for the Brussels mafia. We're ready for both.


Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

Good to know Steve...

Anonymous said...

The political class hate their own flesh and blood [me and you].

Until such times as these, it is difficult to quantify the depth of contempt and loathing the establishment feels towards its own countrymen - we can now appreciate and feel it. Mixed up in all of this are the Cultural Marxists as the liberals who seem to rate the rights of foreigners who were our sworn enemies and mostly still are, to raise the rights and sensibilities of these known liars - above and in more credibility that those of our own.

For the average Joe and apolitical Brit, who look upon all of this kangaroo court inquiry and are simply agog, it can only lead to one conclusion that the SJW and the virtue signalling politicians run amok and if that is so - for ordinary Brits...... We have ALL been sold out and betrayed.

I watched a brief interview, with one of these ambulance chasing scum sucking bottom feeders only a day ago. Full of righteous indignation she was too but on whose behalf I thought to myself - for damn sure it ain't the British Army.

The MOD succumbs to now form part of the 'long march' and the Common Purpose Marxists, a bunch of cunts who can't find NORTH - they mete 'justice' to our brave lads.

While, the generals sit on their hands fiddling pocket billiards and all we hear is silence.

You bet, they'll only come for junior officers, and the ranks.

What a dead end shithole - when the establishment hates the boys who'll defend them.

Bliar and his cronies, Dave and his quisling administration, the legal parade, the left wing shroud wavers and their little helpers of the scum party - all of you, are a curse on the nation.

Ed P said...

Treasonous shitehawk lawyers - so just lawyers then

Budgie said...

Betrayal by your own government (I suspect civil servants mainly rather than just politicians) is not new, unfortunately.

Wiki: "Four directors of the British machine tools manufacturer, Matrix Churchill, were put on trial for supplying equipment and knowledge to Iraq, but in 1992 the trial collapsed, when it was revealed that the company had been advised by the government on how to sell arms to Iraq (my italics). Several of the directors were eventually paid compensation." Supported by evidence in several books.

Budgie said...

I will put this link on here and on here and on your Con Coughlin post, if I may, Radwaeld?

"The new Shadow Defence Secretary [Emily Thornberry] is going to have difficulty explaining why she accepted thousands of pounds in donations from a law firm which was condemned over false legal claims made against British soldiers. In December 2014, Thornberry took £14,500 from Leigh Day & Co."