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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Coe squirms, Brammall gurns

There is a certain joy in watching Coe squirm as he attempts to persuade us that he either didn't notice a $25m bung from Putin to the IAAF, or if he did notice it he didn't connect it to the discontinuance of an investigation into drug use by Russian athletes, that he knows nothing of any wrongdoing and anyway he's an ex-athlete so he must be innocent, yeah? To be frank, it's a bit like watching a younger Sepp Blatter doing the same press routine. Exactly the same faux-outrage. They could have been schooled by the same press training firm; Armstrong Media, perhaps. 


There is also joy at the news that FM Ld Brammall has been cleared of the nasty smear against him by a disturbed individual. Field Marshals never retire, so Lord Brammell remains a serving soldier into his 90s. His best moment, though, was as a young whipstring of 82 when he decked the loathsome and odious Greville Janner in the Lords during a row over Palestine. The nation would have rejoiced more fiercely, I feel, had his lordship followed up the punch with a kick to the goolies as Janner lay on the floor. Incidentally, the Corbyn-dag and Labour's noncefinder-general, Watson, signally failed to support measures for Janner's prosecution. Child abuse is OK for the Comrades, apparently. 


Night time temperatures here are regularly -5, and next week will be down to -17 to -20. Folk just take it in their stride. It's odd to see the 'Britain freezes in -1C misery' headlines and I'm astonished that Network Rail has continued operating in such Siberian conditions. I can raise a laugh over here by explaining that in the UK all soil and waste pipes are run on the outside of the houses, and in the event of a mild frost the entire nation can't use their toilets. 

Mixed news about my meadows, uncut and ungrazed for several years. Very steep and now too tough for the balkenmäher, they pronounce. Even the village ace on these ancient Allan-scythes, whose loss of a leg in a hay-related machine accident reputedly gave him the opportunity of a new prosthetic limb 150mm longer than his surviving leg, allowing him to walk upright whilst mowing slopes, shakes his head. Goats, they pronounce, or better still, sheep. So off to eBay to find half a dozen Swaledales ...


Cuffleyburgers said...

Morning Radders

goats are good in that they are will eat all the thorny stuff as it grows, but for a good finish ti the grass you can't beat sheep.

I bought three three years ago to keep the grass down under my olive plants. Now I have 6 and one in the freezer, with some more lambs due in spring. We acquired a couple of orphan goats as well which we raised on the bottle.

Well worth while but certainly here in Italy complying with the stupidly enforced eu regulations is a pain, and it might be worse where you are. So get some advice.

I presume the whole area is already fenced?

Jeremy Poynton said...

Soay, Radders

Cull the Badgers said...

I think the weather presenters here in the UK, especially the BBC ones have been sent on acting courses, some tend to point to the poor viewer and move about rather too much while emphasising key words with a kind of 'wow' 'amazing' 'shock' tone when it comes to the cold, (which it isn't). Trying to scare us of course.

There was also a so-called reporter down here in the south of England a couple of days ago standing in front of a gritting lorry which was getting ready to go out to grit the roads, saying that he was 'absolutely freezing', which of course he wasn't, the temp was about 2/3 degrees above. He wasn't wearing a hat so it can't have been too bad. We've had slight frosts since - 2/3max overnight in the village where I live, and that north of a hill. What will they say when it gets down to -10 or -20? They won't dare go out, poor things and we will be urged to stay indoors too no doubt.

We are being turned into a nation of frightened weaklings.

Cuffleyburgers said...

@ Cull t B - your last sentence is spot on.

Anonymous said...

South of London it rarely snows and although frosts are common, roads are rarely frozen. Therefore, vehicles aren't fitted with studded tyres and most people don't own snow chains. Urban and semi urban areas have lots of parked vehicles, and once one idiot is stuck with the traffic volumes we have the road system quickly becomes snarled up. There is a reason, you know Radders.

Plus, what with global warming and all, we'll never see snow again, will we?

APL said...

"Child abuse is OK for the Comrades, apparently. "

Watching the BBC news report of Greville Janner' death, and his multitude of 'sexexpoits' in state run 'children's homes', you would have been able to watch the entire bulletin with out once being informed that Janner was a Labour peer.

It's now rather like an sexual assault, beating or theft, you know that by not identifying the obvious pertinent characteristics, the perpetrator was variously a moslem, black an immigrant, etc, etc.

By the end of the 'news' bulletin the question in screaming in my mind to be asked, "what political party did Jenner belong to', hadn't been answered by the BBC.

John Bradshaw said...

It's Bramall, btw, not Brammal.

Raedwald said...

Cuffley - good tips! The land needs fencing for another reason - unfenced land here is counted as free access to the hunting-collectives (only *very* large landowners have their own hunting rights - small landowners unfenced land is 'pooled' by law)not that I'm against hunting - but you can only carry firearms on your own fenced land. Not on unfenced.

CtB - There's a lovely old couple 1km up the road; in their 80s, they do a 3km walk each day (including a 60m climb) unless the snow is too deep or the surface too icy - if cars are out, so are they. And they're bloody healthy on it!

JB - I'm a clot! Tx, corrected

Anonymous said...

Dear thing, I would worry about Swaledales, for sure they wouldn't understand the local lingo. I think you need to think outside the box, true they're not natural to Europe but tough as old boots are Llamas/Alpacas and so friendly but you have to fence 'em in.

It only rarely gets low enough to be what I'd call "cold" in England - long ago we had some cool temps in 62-63 I can clearly remember the ice slide on the school playground - it stretched for 60'! ah yes rows of young boys with their shiny shoesoles polishing the new slide after fresh snowfall - what a winter it was and we loved it. Back then, there were - no health and safety police and safety googles and helmets either, indeed: it was a real test of nerve. Plus, I remember 255.5ºK way back in the late 70's, Scotland over the snow fields - maybe.

Crying wolf, over a few centimeters of lying snow, the wet Office claiming "very low temperatures and early warnings issued" - defies explanation really..... unless you factor in the green religion cult and syndrome.
Post modern Britain promotes the green cult.

Weather cold/hot/wet/dry - where all 'EXTREMES' are MONUMENTALLY exaggerated in order for the new normal meme to be promulgated ie 'man made climate change is real'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND - and that we're all to fucking blame.... BUT redemption can be YOURS - IF.... Dave and the Gods in Brussels will look after you, if.... you just keep BELIEVING!
Yup, it's a religion really and it is paradoxically very funny when the likes of Philip Collins and David Aaronovitch and the left wing media in toto are announcing (thankfully) the end of religion in Britain (down to < 1 mil'). All the while the media are promoting the religion of PC. Plus - in the same moment Dawkins reports that "we might have been a bit hasty in getting rid of Christianity because the alternative is far worse..................."heaven rejoices when one sinner repenteth" and all that.

But cold weather nah, think I'll join your Alpacas mate, have you got a spare room?


James Higham said...

as a young whipstring of 82 when he decked the loathsome and odious Greville Janner in the Lords


Cull the Badgers said...

I was amused and dismayed - depressed even - by a report the other day about a train operator which had cancelled a service because of intrusive sunshine. The sun either shone in the eyes of the driver, or reflected off a screen in his cab which made it difficult for him to read. Can't remember exactly.

Now, since the sun has an unvarying routine, and must have shone in this place and on this day last year at the same angle, and every other year before for ever, what has changed? Has this train never before passed the particular point at this time?

Might it be another example of our being turned into a nation of frightened weaklings? The endless march of Health and Safety jobsworths anyone?

Dean Ditchbank said...

Great to have some meadows. You could let neighbours put (a small number of) sheep on for minimal rent. You want an electric fence to start off perhaps. Four steel corner posts, umpteen plastic ones, electrifier and battery. Any kind of wire will do - the stuff they sell for the purpose tangles. See

This is all great for you, Raedwald. My only though is - what a loss to the UK!

Anonymous said...

Good recollection re Bramall Raedwald - and your comment on the Watson creature.

I was once chased over Pen Y Fan by a 90 year-old. I was 26 at the time and admittedly a rather large green (SAS type) bergen rucksac was slowing me somewhat but the dear lady who passed me looked a seasoned alpinist with her walking pole all covered in badges. She declared "I'm ninety today you know" as we turned towards the last climb to the top. I must have smiled for at least the next 10k.


Imfrae Briton said...

Good call on the Soay and Alpacas. There are some nice big goats the size of large dogs if you want to carry moderate pack loads. A word on importing said choice of sheep. Given where they come from, you might want to source them before the peoples Democratic Republic of Alba and North Britain is declared an independent state.

I'm sure that Wee Eck looks more Spanish than Scottish, possibly descended from the survivor of a Spanish warship on it's desperate escape from English ships after the Armada had been sent packing. This begs the question why he feels the need to enforce the use of (what are essentially) Irish spellings on every signpost, where few folk could write and where Irish was seldom spoken, save for the Highlands and Islands.

Creative history making eh? I expect he picked that tip from the SNP founder's favoured party in 1930's Germany...

Anonymous said...

Dean Ditchbank: "This is all great for you, Raedwald. My only though is - what a loss to the UK! "

Poor old Radders, he left to get some peace and quiet, and finds himself an immigrant in a country where immigrants are becoming increasingly unwelcome.

Good luck, he's going to need it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"in the event of a mild frost the entire nation can't use their toilets"

That would raise a laugh here, too, seeing as it's a complete fabrication.

G. Tingey said...

Coe is a vile little fascist crawler, but what do you expect?
He's a "sports" personality & I know only too well, that team games & jolly sports are fascist through & through in their attitudes ( I won't use the word "mental" as that would imply functioning brains)

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