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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Crush Islamism and Moslems will be integrated

It's really only on aircraft these days that I encounter the Daft Jews - smelling of mothballs, with greasy twisted hair, black clothes, shirts worn buttoned with no tie, big hats and thick Jewish overcoats. Common sense tells me they're probably quite clean and harmless, but I always avoid the slightest physical contact with them. God forbid that I should speak to one. They're weird, alien, apart - creature of curiosity. And if there's another unexplained plague or the nation's dairy herds go dry, I bet they'll be the first ones chased into the burning barn with brands and pitchforks.  You see, there's always a danger from not integrating - that of becoming a victim. 

Trevor Phillips is a daft bugger as well. He said:
Continuously pretending that a group is somehow eventually going to become like the rest of us is perhaps the deepest form of disrespect. Because what you are essentially saying is the fact that they behave in a different way, some of which we may not like, is because they haven’t yet seen the light. It may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us.
To be frank, I can't imagine anything that would cause quite as much harm to Moslems as Phillip's twisted and perverted apologia. He's one of the multikulti idiots who invented the apartheid of cultural relativism in the first place - in his mind a rainbow world where African women give birth in mud huts in the gardens of NHS hospitals, the streets are filled with dark people in funny pajamas and head-choppers and incestuous wife beaters have the right to be 'different'. 

At least the Daft Jews know they must either respect our laws and customs or lock themselves away from them; no-one ever banned pork in schools for the Jews, or changed exam dates, or allowed them to appear in court with their head in a sack. And painful as it is to admit it, most Jews in the UK are now invisible because in the past conspicuous differences were discriminated against. We were rude to them, laughed at them, knocked their silly hats off, charged them more, gave them less and never employed them. So they integrated. 

The greatest danger to any immigrant group is being over-protected by people like Phillips. There will always be a very few Daft Moslems who, like the Daft Jews, won't integrate, but enough pressure for long enough on the rest of them will absorb the vast majority as almost invisible Brits. But first we must crush the cancer of Islamism in our society - and no one is pretending that will be easy.


DeeDee99 said...


If a group demands to be treated differently and deliberately sets out to demonstrate that they ARE different, they really shouldn't complain when the vast majority of the population DO treat them differently - and in a manner they might not particularly like.

I do feel sorry for Muslims who do want to live a western lifestyle and integrate, but until they drop their religious obsession they'll find it very difficult.

Anonymous said...

Phillips, a product of an UK education system clearly not fit for purpose, having said that even the greatest, Simeon would demur at trying to playing God, yet Phillips is far too obtuse to realize it.

Yes, Phillips is a dullard clown, left to mentally incontinent wandering, gabbing on and in a trance like haze.

Trev' is a bloke who personifies post modern idiocy, where he tries to equivocate on the impossible, a paradoxical creed of Political Correctness where everyone is equal but then, everyone is entitled to impose his or her 'rights', religion, creed on everyone else.

Then, witness the vanguard harridans of Feminazism of the NUS telling the world that Islamist death cultist preachers of hate, are allowed to spiel their poisons (free speech heaven forfend it if you are a UKIP speaker or of a Libertarian persuasion...) but only to "segregated audiences" between men sitting on one side and women on the other and - in the Mosque where females aren't even allowed in the main body of the building - have to sit behind screens - upstairs in the attic.............BUT ITS OK - consider all of that, for one moment.

All bletheration is Phillips, one of a claque - the multiculturalist wankerati and Champagne Socialists; given to psycho-babbling on and on ad nauseum seeking to join two perfectly parallel worlds where, mathematically and metaphorically, there can be no intersection.

Islam, primarily is conquest and is a political creed, it demands unquestioning obedience where there is no and never will be, a middle way.
Churchill skated on the edges, but Enoch Powell spelled it out, for he knew this fact well - that, Islam and Christianity are at total variance, he foresaw its introduction into the west as a clash of civilizations, and where, there can only be one victor.

In this moment, Phillips plays for the other team, it will be remembered.

Anonymous said...

The first thing to note is that Mohammedanism is blasphemy to Christians just as Christianity is blasphemy to Jews and so on - the whole bloody religion thing is bonkers to the sane. Tolerance is not a one way street ...

Your daft (ie Orthodox) Jews shelter behind their mainstream co-religionists in Israel by not having to do army service, and they shelter behind their Jewishness here. I once had a teenage boy in the gear knock my four year old off a slide in a kiddy park, but when I remonstrated with him (actually told him I'd knock his fucking teeth out if he did it again) I was accused of anti-semitism by his western-clad sister. I've been anti daft Jew ever since.

As you say, the great thing is that those fuckers will be in the cattle trucks' first class apartments sooner than you can say 'Oi Vay' if the bearded buggering child-abusers get their way. Hang on, isn't the acronym of that bbc?

Anonymous said...

" We were rude to them, laughed at them, knocked their silly hats off, charged them more, gave them less and never employed them. So they integrated."

As the 'liberal elite' in the media and political world said about the indigenous white working man who believed in family, marriage, honest work, national pride and natural sex.

Dave_G said...

The Jews 'accepted' criticism of their faith safe in the knowledge that nothing that could be said would sway them from their beliefs.

Contrariwise the Islamists abhor even the THOUGHT of criticism, let alone any reasoned argument, in the full expectation that it would decimate their ranks of believers and loosen the grip of their leadership. Evidentially it is their use of threats and actual acts of violence that keeps many Islamists within the faith.

Some parts of the media have tried (Charlie Hebdo) to loosen the grip of Islamic propaganda and suffered consequences because the mainstream media refused to follow their example - and we also have laws that similarly prevent open discussion or criticism - hence the threat of Islam is made all the more 'powerful' by the refusal to stand up to it.

The ridiculous 'racist' tag that is used to shut down debate is waning - it will take time for the equally ridiculous 'islamophobic' tag to move in the same direction. Until both those words can be treated with the disdain they deserve then Islam will continue to hold the upper hand in media propaganda.

If we were allowed full and free permission (how bad is it that we actually have to discuss requiring 'permission'???) to offer forthright opinions and openly criticise the tenets of Islam the it would HAVE to adapt (to our ways) or withdraw to where it can keep its faith to itself.

Either way we would get what we require of it - integration or isolation.

Their choice.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately I think you're being a bit optimistic on this.

You don't have to be an Islamist muslim to want separation and supremacy; you just have to be muslim.

Anonymous said...

Harry says;

Good luck with that Radders, I echo Anon above, Islam is not compatible with democracy and never will be. I am currently surrounded by Rolls Royce brains who (to generalise) think that Islam is roughly the same as western democracy but with added folklore. I despair.

Budgie said...

Multiculturism is apartheid by another name. Until multiculturism ceases to be the knee-jerk response of the politically correct, social marxists, differences between immigrants and natives will be preserved by it.

Slightly separately .... when the Indians of the British Raj (modern India + Pakistan + Bangladesh) wanted to rule themselves according to their own ways they chucked out the British, and were (and still are) widely applauded by the social marxists here for doing so.

Yet those same social marxists (eg Corbyn) think that the Mail-reading plebs who don't like having their country changed merely to suit foreign immigrants are to be ignored apart from sneering at them as waycists. I do realise that consistency or honesty are not traits to be found in social marxists.

Rajwant Singh said...

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James Higham said...

Will Daftism be the new crime after PCism?

Anonymous said...

Harry says;
Oooh the irony. Come on then who's going to be first to comment on Mr Singh's offer ?

Budgie said...

I visited India over Christmas a few years back, and was impressed by their vibrant country. Christmas decorations abounded in the Delhi streets. India is rigidly secular which is not surprising given that the Muslims and Hindus would be (more) at each others throats otherwise. I did not see any burkas, the majority of women wearing hijab.

India has faults of course like all countries. It was interesting hearing working Indians complain about their politicians: I could have been in England. You need small denomination notes to give to the beggars. Giving only a coin to a large turbaned beggar I received in return a bow of the utmost contempt.

Indian men do love jobs where uniforms are worn, and the numerous officials are quick to pounce. You could hire an illiterate labourer for £1 a day. However the domestic purchasing power of the rupee is far greater than the exchange rate implies. India gets immigrants from other countries (Nepal, Bangladesh etc) attracted by the better pay. I think the caste system tends to hold India back, compared with China.

India is a huge market and British products have considerable cachet. I tried to interest a British soap manufacturer in exporting there but he was suspicious and negative. I couldn't help thinking that his forebears would have been more adventurous.

Anonymous said...

Cue G.Tingey

Cascadian said...

Rolls Royce must assume you do not reside in yUK.

Singapore or Korea? They frequently best the illiterate nonsense espoused by the best university-educated Brits, yanks or even Canucks.

Ed P said...

The dairy equipment is interesting, if only because it would give European Safety Elfs apoplexy. No guards! Pulleys & belts waiting to rip off fingers! No emergency stop buttons!

Anonymous said...

Maybe not so daft those Orthodox; the ones that integrate disappear within a generation or two. You have to work hard to maintain the difference. Claiming to be the chosen people is good internal propaganda but never sits well with the outsiders.

G. Tingey said...

CORRECT, especially since islam & christianity are so similar, historically.
"Seriously, Judaism, Islam and Christianity have such barkingly bonkers scriptures that the smarter theologians tend to reject the literalist interpretations, view them as metaphors, and start generalising -- at which point you get Kabbalism, Sufism, and Transhumanism as the reified belief kernels of those faiths."

Now do you get it?

Dan said...

Radders, it may surprise you to know that the orthodox yids are generally hated and despised by the general Jewish community. In normal, polite Jewish society much store is set by making money, having a good, respectable job and generally being a personable likeable sort of person who doesn't sponge off the state or indeed anyone else.

The orthodox lot don't work like that. Bloody enormous chips on their shoulders and they think they're better than all the rest of the Jewish lot because they're more religious. The lazy buggers also breed like rabbits, and continually have their hands out for money.

Over in Israel their religious exemption is about to be lifted, so their children have to serve their time in the army just like everyone else's kids. I'd wager that a spell in the army will knock a great deal of sense into most of them, especially as the hat and overcoat nonsense will absolutely not be tolerated by the Israeli army.