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Friday, 22 January 2016

Europe's police are starting to lose control

In a concern that European governments are desperate to keep secret, evidence is growing that Europe's existing police forces are unable to cope with the consequences of the tsunami of migrants and Islamist threats. Vests, armour and equipment is geared at protection against 9mm pistol rounds, not heavy 7.62 or high velocity 5.45 from military assault weapons. It's one of the reasons that soldiers are so quickly deployed, as we saw recently in France and Belgium; the police are outgunned. And police effectiveness depends on the public respecting their office; as Spiegel reports
In Germany, a 66-year-old democracy, the police have positioned themselves as "friends and helpers," but it is a promise that young men from North Africa don't immediately understand. It is the clash of two cultures: A constitutional state that emphasises de-escalation, integration and the empathetic re-socialization of young offenders; and immigrants from authoritarian societies who misunderstand the approach and take advantage of the fact that they, even if they break the law, are neither deported nor toughly punished.The consequence is that, in some places, law and order is restricted, or doesn't exist at all.
Not only falling police numbers across Europe as finance ministries seek to cut budgets, but overstretch as existing police forces are being asked to take on the duties of long-forgotten border police units in controlling and monitoring the movement of  hundreds of thousands of migrants; police overtime has reached its limit, and governments across Europe are hiding the lack of police cover to their own people as they are increasingly focused on either containing migrant criminality or seeking to find Isalamist killers.  

The greatest low-level risk is from North Africans - Moroccans, Tunisians, Algerians, almost impossible to deport as their own countries don't want them back, and Kosovans, Serbians and Albanians. Roma and Sinti gypsies have already spread across Europe and have established a base layer of street crime from which the new arrivals learn rapidly. And they all hold the police and law in contempt. Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis form the Islamist terrorist threat, killers hiding amongst economic migrants and a lower number of genuine refugees.

Swedes are currently outraged at an incident in Stockholm in which a young mum was savagely beaten by a street robber as she thwarted his attempt to steal an elderly woman's purse; everyone is avoiding calling the perpetrator a migrant, but everyone is thinking it.  

UK politicians have previously scorned the notion of establishing a militia - properly armed and commanded - in England. Perhaps it will only take one more Islamist massacre, a few score more lives cut short needlessly, before they rethink. 



Weekend Yachtsman said...

"It is the worst thing I have ever seen during my years as a police officer"

Stick around, son, you'll soon see much worse.

'I will get him, if it's the last thing I do.'

Better would have been not to let him into the country in the first place, but it's a bit late for that now...

We are reaping the whirlwind.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - your idea of a militia in England is a good one but I am sure you are aware that the government will never agree to it. They are obsessed with keeping weapons out of the hands of the law abiding - only criminals and the police.

Anonymous said...

The social services or girls in blue as they are know known are totally useless and would be out classed, out bottled and out gunned in a Paris/Bombay/Westgate shopping mall styled assault.

I've thought for a long time, the UK is in dire need of a fully equipped, properly manned (200k?), professionally trained, grossly tooled up 'National Guard'.

But how to stop Pakis joining it? and anyway UK yuman rites and Hope not hate/the scum party/Dave's EUphiliac tory boys - wouldn't allow it.

Then again, we need a bigger Army.

Barnacle Bill said...

Your ideas about a UK militia are spot on Radders but as Cuffeyburgers points out there is a great aversion (even hatred) to our political elite letting us have the means to defend our famillies or be "good shepherds" for our local communities.

I've recently written to my local MP (a NuLabor toyboy of a twat - you can guess who!) saying that the government should seriously consider relaxing our current firearms legislation in view of the serious of the threat from a terrorist attack.

No reply from the twat yet but I'm glad I'm "prepared".

Malcolm Stevas said...

Comments so far re the improbability of anything resembling a militia are spot on. Let's remember that we were disarmed radically by the original Firearms Act of 1920 through Establishment fears of anarchists, Bolsheviks - and our own people returning from the trenches equipped with a knowledge of modern weaponry. It wasn't because of armed crime - which was very scarce. But firearms ownership by ordinary citizens was far more widespread than now, and our masters wanted to reduce it.
You might just get away with a citizens' militia armed with rolled-up copies of The Independent, or pitchforks (with blunted tines) but nothing more - and under strict rules of engagement that allowed violent aggressors first pop, of course. I mean, we can't have the peasantry actually looking after themselves, no-one knows what might follow...

John Miller said...

A friend of mine on a visit to Sweden, long, long ago, was driving a Swede to lunch. As they got out of the car my friend, in a reflex action, locked it. His Swedish companion laughed and said, "We don't do that in this country.".

Wonder what it's like now?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

@John Miller

I remember that. The "progressive" lefties in Sweden are still driving that country towards the rocks. They simply don't know when to stop since they stifle all criticism + suppress all possible evidence of their mis-deeds - the media make The Guardian look sane and balanced.

The UK is playing catch up.

Demetrius said...

Gt, Gt, Gt, Grandad, same name, was drawn for the Militia and packed off to defend the south coast. He was then put into the 43rd Light Infantry. But he only had Napoleon to worry about, this lot is far worse and far more dangerous.

Dave_G said...

Once the people of this country have the ability to defend themselves the hold of the state over them (in the form of constant creation of 'terror') is lost.

Far from being allowed to defend ourselves we will have the opposite - our freedoms will be curtailed even more.

Elby the Beserk said...

Talking to a local police office last year, he said that the cuts now meant that were another Hungerford to happen, it would take up to four hours to get armed police there.

Not good.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Malcolm Stevas said...

@Elby: it took Thames Valley Police firearms section about that in 1987, by which time Michael Ryan had (fortunately)shot himself. The plods with guns were away on a training session, and the police helicopter was down... Just a couple of the reasons why TVP were among those resisting strongly the sort of public enquiry which subsequently followed Dunblane.
In any case, even with an armed policeman on every street corner (horrific scenario) does anyone believe this would keep everyone 100% safe? Hardly.
If you are faced with violence, you're on your own. It's not something that worries our political masters as much as the possibility of ordinary joes being able to defend themselves.

Thud said...

Nothing to stop most people who comment here obtaining semi auto shotguns,with heavy magnum loads, they will suffice in a pinch.

Malcolm Stevas said...

@Thud: I have a 5-round 12ga pump. It's nice. Difficult to carry attached to one's belt, though - quite apart from the draconian penalties attaching to the carrying of what they call an "offensive weapon". Indoors, a handgun is handier.

Anonymous said...

There is already a militia in the South West of England - only they call it a fyrd, which was the name for the English militia before 1066. Many are ex-forces and they teach English youngters about Fighting in a Built-Up Area (FIBUA). They use new build building sites at night, before the first fixers come in. They've got all the kit.

It'll come.


Cascadian said...

Ummm, the camoron is forming a "rapid response" something-or-other, due to arrive 2025 if I remember correctly. You know you can rely on him to keep his word-don't you?

"Rapid response" will be of the order of the military arriving to the Somerset floods. In other words if metropolitan looting and fighting breaks out, your car and home will likely be torched, if your family escapes with their lives it will be due to good planning, neighbourhood co-operation and proper "equipment".

In other words, be very afraid, at the first sign of trouble plod will vacate the streets just as they did in Tottenham. You are on your own, govern yourselves accordingly. Raedwald has.

anon 2 said...

Let's not forget about the bloke who was calling for a euro army the other day. I reckon that's what the pols are waiting for ... as Bezmenov indicated. That is to say: we're past Demoralisation and Destabilisation and moving into Crisis. Next thing they do is subjugate us entirely (if not kill us off) - that's their view of Normalisation.

Oh "Brave New World." And we can't say Huxley and Orwell didn't try to warn us!

James Higham said...

Who needs guns? Bricks fly fast.

DeeDee99 said...

Ignore for a moment that these people are migrants. In any society, it tends to be young men who commit the most crimes. In western society, young men have been civilised and to a large extent, feminised. Crime rates have been falling as the proportion of young men in society has fallen.

So they have imported precisely the right profile - young men - to naturally increase the level of crime. And when you factor in their different culture; different attitude to the law; different attitude to women and different attitude towards authority it's inevitable that the levels of crime will increase.

There's a reason why punishment for theft is severe under Sharia Law. Cautions from the police will be ignored. So will a prosecution and a warning from a judge. A few weeks in our luxury jails will be treated as a holiday.

The British Government will never create a militia. The Germans and Austrians might. If the migrants get into Eastern Europe, it's a dead cert that the likes of Orban will.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee9: "There's a reason why punishment for theft is severe under Sharia Law. "

Then there is more than one reason. Viz, Sharia is a brutal martial doctrine masquerading as religious law.

DeeDee9: ignore the immigrant question, .. young men are the root of all evil ..

More feminist claptrap.

DeeDee9: "and to a large extent, feminised."

And there is another reason we've imported loads of young aggressive guys. But it doesn't any less mean that the men of the host society won't have to 'find a pair' and drive the immigrants back out.

mikebravo said...

They have certainly lost control in Calais.
I wonder when the Calaisians will decide to do something about it. It serves the kermits right for their usual duplicity. Allowing thousands of illegals to roam their country and hoping they will make it over here to leech from us in perpetuity. Our friends in Europe indeed!

Cascadian said...

Given that the only time one sees mass police enforcement is when PEGIDA, AfD, BNP or similar minded groups assemble, why would anybody want another paramilitary double-plus-good government controlled group to enforce correct thinking?

I admired the French response to the recent murderous outrage when they demonstrated that they could put armed bodies on the street quickly, yUK cannot (and will never) emulate that response. Camorons "rapid-response" farce will as always be too-little, too-late, and under-resourced.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Baroness Caroline Cox has introduced a private member bill in the House Of Lords aimed to control Sharia Courts in the UK. Nothing frightens that woman. Sharia Courts are preventing Muslim women getting access to UK law. You can find details of her Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) bill at Family Law Week

And there is a petition against Sharia in the UK. If it reaches 100,000 signatures Parliament will have to debate Sharia - and this would be the first time any parliament in Europe has done so. Well worth the effort of circulating this -

And on this topic 'Gates of Vienna' is a great source of news

Budgie said...

We have been taught most assiduously not to be nationalistic, or even patriotic. So successful has been this conditioning that we are amazed when Jonny Foreigner is. Our conditioned lack of self belief is now helping to destroy our civilisation. Yet the BBC, the precious Tories and the middle class marxist Corbynasties still grasp desperately to their ideological dummy for comfort and whine "waycist" at anyone failing to spout their politically correct mantras.

DeeDee99 said...


Pathetic response.

1. I'm not a feminist - certainly not in the current sense
2. I have two young adult sons. Of course I don't believe young men are the root of all evil
3. The stats show that young men are more likely to commit crimes that other groups.

Do try and grow up.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99: "I'm not a feminist "

Maybe you are, maybe you're not, but (1)the feminist cancer is so embedded in Western society, that you apparently unconsciously parroted one of its primary tenets. Everything bad is men's and especially young men's fault.

DeeDee99: "- certainly not in the current sense "

Well isn’t that convenient? Women have pushed for egalitarianism multiculturalism and internationalism and feminists have pushed for men to be more feminine, get in touch with their feminine side, cry, all aspects of masculinity are derided, but now the chickens are well and truly home and roosting, suddenly, those western white men turn out to be useful to have around after all.

G. Tingey said...

Let's not go there, shall we?
Last time it was tried, the "Black & Tans" were a serious mistake.

Stop attacking feminism ... the glass ceiling is alive & well in the City ... what a waste of talent.

As for "Law & Order" - it is going to be very very difficult, make no mistake - contrary to what many of you might think, I fully sympathise with many of the emotions, expressed above.
But - hard cases make bad law & demonising everyone for the minority of criminal scum really is not a good idea.