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Saturday, 9 January 2016

I hate to say I told you so ...

So, it seems 'Sir' Bob Geldof and fellow slebs are full of crap. Back in September Bob said 
"I've a place in Kent and a flat in London – me and (wife) Jeanne would be prepared to take three families immediately in our place in Kent and a family in our flat in London, immediately, and put them up until such time as they can get going and get a purchase on their future."
So many migrants has Bob taken so far? None. Nil. Nada. Zilch. You see Bob, along with assorted wealthy slebs including Sting, Emma Thompson, Michael Palin, Vivienne Westwood, Steve Coogan and the whole up-their-own-arse bunch of soft left dribblers have begun to realise what rancid idiots they are. In exchange for five minutes of publicity, they very nearly exposed their teenage daughters to rape, abuse and sexual assault by assorted horny and amoral young Mohammeds. 

I'm not one to crow, but we told them so. Telling the easily foreseeable truth doesn't make us fascists, swivel-eyed loons or baby killers. We said months ago that the migrants were fit and lusty young men who had deserted the army, their homes and families, were wealthy enough or powerful enough or criminal enough or dominant enough to have secured passage money and who pursued nothing more noble than sheer hedonism - most just want a good apartment, a BMW and a ready supply of easy women to ficken without having to do a stroke of work for it.  

So when Europe's city streets are filled with such men - frustrated at the Christmas consumer glut of goods around them, envious and excluded from Europe's wealth, kept in barracks eating pasta - it's hardly surprising that they grab, grope, rape, steal, mug and thieve. Being at the bottom of the heap is a new experience for many - at home they were the takers, the bullies, the favoured ones. Here they are as nothing. Germany is just waking up to the problem. 

Bob can just be grateful he recovered his wits in time and doesn't have to deal with screams in the middle of the night coming from Peaches Quinoa Trixiebell's bedroom. Let's hope he keeps his gob shut now.


rapscallion said...

Actually Radders, I don't hate to tell them so, I've been saying to people all over the place what would happen with relish because it's so effin' obvious.
I mean what could possibly go wrong?

What is more - it's going to get worse. I just worry about the backlash.

Mr Ecks said...

Agree with your thesis Radders.

But Peaches Geldoff died from a drug overdose a while back.

Raedwald said...

Corrected, thx

Jeff Wood said...

Nothing will teach these people. They are compulsive virtue-signallers.

Of course, they will preach from a different pulpit, but preach they will

Sebastian Weetabix said...

With their wealth they are insulated from the consequences of their idiocy. As usual the white working class will bear the brunt.

Michael said...

"I've a place in Kent"

You leave Faversham out of this, it's the home of Shepherd Neame, the best brewery in the UK...

Thud said...

I have no idea where this will end but it will end badly.

Anonymous said...

The migrants should be rounded up and delivered en masse to the EU buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg and Merkel's front door.

Anonymous said...

"So when Europe's city streets are filled with such men - frustrated at the Christmas consumer glut of goods around them, envious and excluded from Europe's wealth, kept in barracks eating pasta - it's hardly surprising that they grab, grope, rape, steal, mug and thieve. Being at the bottom of the heap is a new experience for many - at home they were the takers, the bullies, the favoured ones. Here they are as nothing. Germany is just waking up to the problem."

"at home they were the takers, the bullies, the favoured ones"

Blimey, that is such a good point.

On blowhard Bob, he's just a pootling fuckwit publicity seeker and just like Emma et al: all the sanctimonious lying twats inhabiting Luvviedom.

Great post btw, that mountain air is doing you the world of good mate. If anything, your posts are even better and honestly that is paying due tribute to those which came before, perceptive brilliance. Along with fellow right minded polemicists and at the side of: Steyn, Hitchens and Liddle, is Radders with the best in the business, oh Dellers has his moments too.

More - pretty please!

DeeDee99 said...

Not a hope of the luvvies and lefties keeping their gobs shut.

Excuses for the disgusting behaviour of these migrants are already being made; women are being told to cover up and alter their behaviour and the police are being blamed for failing to control the attackers.

What we aren't hearing from the liberal appeasers is an acknowledgement that this kind of behaviour is rampant in Muslim societies and no amount of bleating that we must improve integration is going to change their sexist and aggressive attitude towards women.

Merkel has deliberately imported a million men who are going to make German women less safe. And in a few short years they will spread themselves around Europe, including the UK.

And not one of Western Europe's pathetic governments will do anything to stop the attacks and rapes of European women by these creatures..... although Eastern European leaders might.

Anonymous said...

"the liberal appeasers"

By that, I do presume you to mean and if not primarily but inclusive of, the FemiStasi; browbeaters and instigators of enforced equality across the nation, like the egregious Mad Hattie Emily Thornberry.... all of Bliar's now Jezza's babes. Plus, all those un-useful SWJs - student idiots who mainly congregate on concrete and glass university campuses - where TF are they? Why the big OMERTA?

The scum party and all its poisoned offshoots, not least in the administration ie Common Purpose have all turned to deaf, dumb and blind, heads in the sand Ostriches. WITH No opinion on FGM, wife beating, rape and molestation [in wedlock] and the ongoing calumny of serial grooming and rape when they are away from their womenfolk. Plus, not least something I witnessed in a 'white area' of my locale.
At a guess, a Sudanese wallah with his two or, half harem in tow walking behind him and his imperious African lope. Right like, ala "Lord of the bloody manor" and I thought to myself maybe in your flea blown shite hole mate but not in my town, we made eye contact and he disappeared into a taxpayer funded people carrier - their general mode of transport and no doubt, he has, will commence to breed 5 or 6 sprogs and more than that, probably - doncha just love 'MOTABILITY'.

Dan said...

What is quite likely to happen is that some bright spark will look at this horde of fighting-age young men and make the logical connection between them, and a certain problem we have in the Middle East.

The problem is this: the peoples of the Middle East are revolting. We could wait for them to sort themselves out, but they've been scrapping on and off for a thousand years so that is probably out. We could sort the problems out rapidly using nuclear weapons, but that would annoy lots of people.

The best idea is to conscript all of these fit young men into the European Colonial Infantry, deport them to somewhere in North Africa for basic training then deploy them as peacekeeping forces in places like Syria, Iraq, and so on together with some Western troops to give them some backbone and to keep order in their ranks. As most of this lot are going to be stupid, violent scum the order-keeping is likely to involve a fair amount of violence and the odd automated firing squad, but WTF, there's plenty of them.

We could even out-source this training and deployment to some new allies locally, in return for Most Favoured Trading Ally status; I'm thinking here of that nice Mr Putin and his exemplary Russian Army. As the influx of a huge supply of cannon fodder would suit Mr Putin right down to the ground, and as it would reduce the need for locally-conscripted soldiers this would be very popular with the Russian people, too.

Finally, word would rapidly spread amongst prospective migrants that going to Europe was a really, really bad idea unless they really did want to join the Russian Army and get re-deployed back to Syria under even nastier conditions than before (together with extremely nasty punishment for desertion).

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Here's a quote from today's Telegraph, referring to events at a pop festival in Sweden:

" Roger Ticoalu, who manages the event for Stockholm’s city government, said that the problem of sexual harassment had increased suddenly in 2014.

“There are groups of guys who intentionally target, surround and harass young girls," he said. "We were at first completely shocked by their approach. When we got the first hints as to what was happening, we didn’t think it could possibly be true.” "

Emphasis mine. He didn't think it could be true. A genuine resident on planet Guardian I suppose.

Well perhaps he believes it now; perhaps a few other people do, too.

Much too late, but maybe the penny is starting to drop?

Anonymous said...

For your cultural enrichment, there is a new game in town and it is called 'Taharrush Gamea'....being played out in Cologne and other European cities.