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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Islamist scum target Ipswich - now it's personal!

News in the Express that GCHQ have foiled an Islamist plot to destroy Ipswich with a suicide-aircraft, planned for the time of the Paris massacre, makes the fight against Islamist scum personal. I have made my links to this part of East Anglia quite exlicit in my blogger profile. Ipswich may not be everyone's idea of an attractive town, but I have many decades of memories embedded there, not to mention friends and family. 

I grew up rowing, sailing and swimming in the river, spending boozy nights by bonfires on the sandy strand at Nacton, and the very stones of the streets between the Woolpack and the Greyhound have been worn to grooves by my boots. I had my first flat in the town, and we could be seen on each Friday afternoon carrying a firkin of Tolly from the Dove back home, to settle, ready to drive the tap and spile on Saturday for the weekend. Yes, two or three of us would polish off a firkin in the dull hours of Saturday and Sunday afternoons when the pubs were closed. We may have inadvertently exceeded our permitted units under the new Health laws.

So I take exception to some primitive zealot who wipes his arse with his hand plotting to aim an A320 at the Butter Market. Now it's personal. 

Nacton foreshore


Demetrius said...

Are you sure they were not Norwich City supporters?

Anonymous said...

Re the arse wiping: they'll do it with their bare hands and then prepare your curry. They go on about using water, but FFS, where do they get that in the depth of the Saudi desert?

Anonymous said...

"they used the mayday channel 121 because they thought it wasn't being monitored"

Now, these are qualified pilots and they think 121 isn't monitored?

Am I wrong to think this is a little strange?

Raedwald said...

I guess they mean VHF frequency 121.5MHz - the air equivalent of our marine Channel 16 (156.8MHz) and I'm told this is indeed constantly monitored; perhaps they thought (a) by speaking arabic they wouldn't be understood or (b) if they transmitted on low power or (c) that they were just irredeemably stupid.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

DE article seems quite a lame claim imho

Dicking about on Marine Ch16 will land you in hot water usually (UK anyway) - ditto for 121.5 Guard channel.

Anybody discussing something as claimed in the article has to be weapons-grade stupid (umm... yeah... I know....) - if they were really that dumb - they shouldn't actually be flying a plane and I don't personally see *any* problem naming the airline concerned - the FACT that "sources" haven't makes me think this is b*ll*cks.

Given the height of an aircraft 200km (400km diameter circle) plus range isn't unusual on 121.5 - so broadcasting your conversation over half of western Europe seems really, really dumb.

If there any pilots who have proclaimed sympathy for IS - antics like this is tantamount to shouting fire in a crowded theater even if they were joshing... clip the feckers wings

Cuffleyburgers said...

I think a story with as many holes and inconsistencies as this is bound to be bollocks - the interesting question is what if anything is being covered up, by whom and why?

Is it simply that MI5 is simply making up press releases about foiled plots to keep us all on edge and to maintain the government's "we are at war" message?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Cuffers, your second para nails it.

This is most likely just another example of the old H L Mencken line:

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

G. Tingey said...

Butt & Oyster @ Pin Mill bring any fuzzy memories back?

WY & Cuffley
Also, it's in the DE, so almost certainly bollocks, anyway