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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Kier Starmer is confused and mistaken

I never rated Starmer when he was supposed to be a politically neutral DPP; perhaps it was clear even then that he was little more than a Labour apparatchik of mediocre talent and little ability who was just marking time before launching his political career. Now safely established as a Labour MP, he's written a piece of scary trash for the Observer warning that leaving the EU will put national security and the fight against terrorism at risk. He doesn't of course explain quite how this would happen.

What utter piddle. What self-serving mendacious twaddle. What bilge. What disingenuous crooked piffle. And he can't explain how it it will happen because there are no explanations.

The EU's institutions have shown themselves on every occasion and at every opportunity to be ineffective, incapable and grossly inferior to both national agencies and established international police, security and intelligence sharing and co-operative bodies. Withdrawing membership from such leaky, insecure, dead-wood, obstructive and sclerotic EU bodies will actually have the effect of enhancing overall efficiency in the fight against international terrorism. NATO, Interpol, International intelligence sharing (with the US, Australia and Commonwealth nations) will all still be there. What will be missing are the spurious play-bodies set up by the EU with the sole purpose of accreting power. And we're better off without them. 

Starmer has irrevocably blown whatever little cred he earned as a placeman DPP. 


Elby the Beserk said...

Starmer is a classic Leftie apparatchik. Pay him no heed.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year mate!

Aye and blast it, you're quite right about Kier. Though, with a handle like that unless he was a Canal in Sauerkraut land, where else could you find it - except in the champagne Cultural Marxism guardian readers membership only, namely, the scum party.

Mind you, thinking about the days of Kier. What made him famous, should I say ridiculous was mainly one thing. Starmer was noted for, hanging back and try with all his might [which admittedly was not much] to defer, cancel, annul and push into the long grass the Chris Huhne perjury case. God witnesses it, how the new aristocracy, ie the liberal wankerati try to move heaven and earth to protect one of their own - albeit, Huhne was a member of the yellow filth brigade but then, there's no difference these days between any of em, inclusive of Dave's social democrats.

THAT, the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE IS A JOKE was proven beyond reasonable doubt when Starmer was bestowed the title of DPP, indeed but when, they elevated that loony Alison Saunders, we all knew they were taking the piss and shoving our heads of 'we the people' down the toilet bowl.

Throwing in the towel and gavel.

Oh my God, the Department of Justice, along with Defra, the two most incompetent set of time servers on the planet. The drift was set by Bliar and you have the prefect receptacle [DoJ] for bringing about the end of British Jurisprudence; precedence and statute dating back nigh 600 years. As night follows day, it will be done, facilitation through the installation of the endlessly inferior Roman Tort of the ECJ-ECHR or, guilty as you like until we [the legal and political establishment] deign to pronounce you innocent.

Really, when all said and done, the legal establishment and its government committee [DoJ] - now a perpetual revolving door..... have fallen so hard for all things EU, they surrendered years ago, its just that the great British public haven't yet realized it.

Alison Saunders - good grief and good night Brussels: it is for us all.

Anonymous said...


"that loony Alison Saunders" should have read, that feminist loony Alison Saunders.

DeeDee99 said...

Happy New Year, Raedwald.

I clicked onto my favour blog, expecting to just see your farewell message and was delighted to see you are back, giving us the benefit of your wit and wisdom.

Starmer's column is a load of horseshit, which was being comprehensively trashed by the commentators, so The Observer closed them down.

A similar piece of bilge by someone called Ulrich Speck, senior fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington (so I expect a Bilderberger/Committee on Foreign Relations stooge) has been similarly trashed.

And the Sunday Times informs us that if Cameron loses the Referendum, he'll have to resign.

So all in all, things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Raedwald.

Apropos Kier Starmer he doesn't need to explain because explaining brings with it the possibility that some learning is to be had and they do not want that to happen.

Since 2004 (Lisbon > Open borders) over one hundred English women have been beaten and raped by east Europeans - mostly Lituanians and Poles. Over fifty English men and women have been killed by east European drunk drivers. Over thirty English men and women have been murdered by east Europeans, more than half of them had served long sentences for violent crimes elsewhere.

I can go on. Criminal activity organised and perpertrated by eastern European gangs include: the wholesale theft of metals from the built environment; public artwork; wildfowl stock; fishstock; agricultural plant and stock; counterfeit alcohol and money.

More: Drug distribution, sex slavery, extortion and racketeering.

We've never been more insecure outside of war. All thanks to a political class who decided, in private, to blow our sovereignty away - something that was never in their gift to do and which spits on the memory of all those folk who died fighting to keep this Island in our hands. It makes me weep.


Anonymous said...

Favourite blog, hell yes it is/was!

And tho', I do recognize that, from blogging duties you are semi, three quarters retired. I am gonna risk being not your favourite commenter and beg, entreat, plead.... what would be also be of real interest. Is, a general report on how things are there in your new neck of the woods; with regards to politics, the EU and how much the EU impinges on life up in them thar hills.

And, I had to snigger, the man leaving for a quieter life, didst tuck himself away. Alack but just where did he choose to move away to?

The fucking Balkans - that's where! ;^)))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!

Budgie said...

Some very good comments here but .....

Starmer's article (as reported) is just one of many that has the same theme - the generation of a feeling of apprehension, even dread, at leaving the safe, warm, "rich" arms of mother EU. Each article does not have to be true, that is not the point, it only has to promote unease.

We need an answer to this tactic. Slogans like "Keep calm, and carry on" have their place. So too would a respected figure who could figuratively put his arm around our shoulders and whisper "Courage, lad".

Yet I do despair a little that we as a people have lost that sturdy independence we were once renowned for, and become too emotional, too fearful, and too susceptible to slick propaganda.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Budgie is right. As a nation we have lost that ornery sense of independence and stoicism that up to 1945 carried us through bad times and enabled us with the yankees to create the freeest and richest societies in history.

Unless somehow we can regain that there is no hope, and where do go to regain it? I don't know and since the cultural marxists have completed their long march through the institutions the next generations are hopelessly indoctrinated with social democracy from the cradle.

Outlooks grim.