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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Shock - Denmark grants migrants same rights as Danes

In a move that shocked the world yesterday, the Danish parliament determined that migrants should be granted exactly the same right as Danish citizens. Danes who have assets of less than 10,000 krone (~£1,000) can claim welfare benefit. Many migrants coming to Denmark, even after having paid people traffickers for their journey, have substantial sums in gold, coin and notes. And an estimated 40% of migrants are genuine refugees, according to Denmark's neighbour Germany. Now all must demonstrate, exactly as Danes have to do, that they are genuinely without resources before they can dip in the Danish taxpayer provided trough. 

Many migrants were either wealthy and privileged in their own countries, or former soldiers possibly wanted for atrocities by new regimes, or criminals and thugs who extorted, robbed or defrauded their wealth and passage fees. Few are genuinely destitute Syrian refugees, millions of whom linger in refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey. Dentists, chemists and university lecturers migrating to Denmark alongside racketeers and thugs will now have to surrender their wealth or spend it providing their own accommodation and feeding and caring for themselves. 

The Guardian is stunned that economic migrants are not being granted preferential treatment. This is the newspaper that rejects austerity and encourages the government to maintain spending at levels far higher than tax income, but which yesterday agreed to make 100 staff redundant and cut running costs by 20% to match falling income. CE David Pemsel told a meeting yesterday that "Growing the cost base more than revenue is simply not sustainable" but it's not known whether he added "Unless we're talking about the national finances, of course".


DeeDee99 said...

I like the Danes. They're not afraid to stand up for themselves and their current Government (now Kinnock's Missus has been kicked out) understand that their duty is to their own people - not the flotsam and jetsam of the world.

Shame we can't get our own Government to understand that.

Anonymous said...

I think that, the Danes look at Britain and its demographic metamorphosis into North Pakistan, Sweden turning into Afghani-al Shabab on sea and think to themselves fjuck all of that - it's nie happening to us.

Why can't the cnuts in Westminster reverse the tide, actually: why are they encouraging the onrush? Is it ethnic cleansing - oh yes it fucking well is and "fucked" appositely is the correct verb for what is being occasioned by our 'political elite' and the Fascists of its PC administration - the UK chapter.

+ + + + + + + + + + +

If, if by very happy circumstance, the graun went down the shit hole pan, what a glorious day that would be!

Yippee! I'd shout hip, hip hoo-rah!! off the building tops from Drig' to Cullingworth, Gomersal and Cleckheaton over to Heckmondwike, across to Halalifax and Todmorden on to Burnley, Colne, Ramsbottom and Urmston to Warrington town and most places in between and next to.

Tom Oliva said...

At the present rate of £burn£ GMG has another 15-20 years left to go - this is far, far too long....

How many Guardian contribuors have taken in a migrant family? ZERO +/- ZERO

Jeff Wood said...

Re: the Guardian cuts:

I think it was the late James Cameron who advised "Never work for a Liberal paper. They will sack you just before Christmas."

Time has moved on. Now they wait until just after Christmas.

Not that I care, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Danes welcome our Hugo Boss clad chums from Germanistan with Danish lasses waving flags, and Jews already on the cattle trucks? Where have they grown bollocks from after all this time while we seem to have lost ours? Perhaps it is all the windmill noise - they may have benefits after all, above and beyond subsidy farming!

Anonymous said...

It gets better;
A Danish city has ordered pork to be mandatory on municipal menus.

Ed P said...

We must try to get the "n" back into "Guardian cuts"

Dave_G said...

The Guardian don't do irony.

They probably can't spell it either.

Malcolm Stevas said...

I don't understand these eulogies of those plucky little Danes standing up for European values. Such things as the issue of Mohammed cartoons only arose because they've actually admitted rather a large number of Muslims. I believe nearly 10% of their population are immigrants - a bit behind UK but not much.
If they're starting to see the light, about time too. Left it a bit late, like other European countries...