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Saturday, 20 February 2016

A humiliatiating demonstration

My feeling following the humiliating charade in Brussels is anger. Anger that already we're so deeply committed to the corrupt, sclerotic, arrogant Behemoth of the EU that silly little people from silly little countries can presume to dictate to the United Kingdom where and when we should pay welfare, how we regulate our financial sector and who we let in. How dare they assume such power over our sovereign kingdom!

If anything, the blanket news coverage will have achieved just this amongst the undecideds - the nation's slavery has been laid bare, our subjugation beneath the heel of an unelected bureaucracy led by Senior Official JC Juncker exposed without mercy.

And from Cameron's humiliation we must draw our resolve to battle for our freedom, our democracy and our right to stand tall. 


DeeDee99 said...

Well said, Raedwald. I'm angry as well.

Cameron's humiliated himself but more importantly he's humiliated the whole nation. He's worse than Chamberlain.

On the plus side a friend who doesn't usually involve herself in politics texted me last night to say she couldn't wait to vote to leave. If that's being replicated across the country we stand a good chance of getting out.

Anonymous said...

The offer details has already been decided by the EU. Cameron is participating in a charade to con the UK people that he has won something worthwhile due to his tireless devotion, doing right by the UK.

The quisling makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Harry says;

My WW2 veteran Grandfathers would be ashamed. This is Treason.

Ravenscar said...

The point has been made elsewhere. That, while Cameron and his gay posse of merry men have been founding another confectionery in Bruxelles with the ever helpful corporate Mafia and Richard Baronlike tells us "we can never leave!"................... here in Britain the country just bobs along.

Well OK, as I type George is single handed, fixed on bankrupting the nation and the Marxist long march continues now reached a halt because there is nowhere else to march long to.
Mass immigration, societal destruction, endless credit bestowed on worse than useless gimmegrants who can't speak a word of English and can't write most of them, bad teeth and all - what's that gonna cost?

Schools teaching Marxist crap and now the studi are attacking each other Hope not Hate being battered by the Muslim student Wahhabis association/NUS and the country goes down into Beelzebubs dunghill.

Who'd ever notice that Dave hasn't been back for yonks and what with the executive in semi retirement.

We really do have to take note of just who is running the country and I beg the question. Yes OK the administration are doing their level best at running it down - but whose running them? It certainly ain't us and it certainly ain't Parliament-Westminster town council. Now it is?

No responsibility, no accoutability, no representation?

Therefore...what we need to do is tell 'em that, there will be NO effin taxation until we are properly represented by members of a sovereign legislature and thus we are freed: to govern ourselves!

G. Tingey said...

Agree with everyone except Ravenscar ( & even there only partially disagree )

I shall vote "NO" but, assuming BoJo sides with Camoron, I fear we are going to lose.
What really sickened me this morning was Hilary Benn ADVERTISING the European Arrest Warrant as a "good thing" .....

Bill Quango MP said...

I find myself now almost a total Kipper.
I'm no Ukip fan. I don't think much of Farage.
But this ridiculous charade has almost guaranteed my out vote.

Cameron traveling around Europe, displaying his utter impotence, was just a humiliating reminder of how insignificant the UK's power is within the EU.

Meanwhile,since Dave set off on his EU tour,last year, the German chancellor, single handedly, has increased European immigration by a factor of ten.

Appeasement has got us nowhere. It never does.
If Cameron really wants to safeguard the city of London, he could just say any changes to EU financial regs will result in the UK's own 'automatic ejector seat' that will instantly trigger a referendum on the UK's membership.


Just leave now.

Anonymous said...

I am going to vote to Leave, and made my mind up long before there was a hint of a referendum. Guys, don't get worked up, this 'charade' is working to the benefit of the leave campaign.

We may not like UKIP, but remember the votes it got in the Parliamentary elections where most Conservatives of an ordinary kind voted Tory so as not to get Labour. There's no risk of that in a Referendum. Also consider the votes in the European Elections for UKIP, where knowing that it didn't let in Labour, many more conservatives voted for UKIP. Let's not forget the bogus parties standing then including the one placed first on the ballot paper!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Joy of joys

Galloway is for out!

Why am I deeply + profoundly suspicious?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

stolen from comments at Guido

Like dog waste in a trifle, even a little Galloway pollutes the whole. Soon enough he'll blame the 'Zios'/Israelis for the EU, whereupon the Remain campaign - clearly representing 'THEM' as opposed to 'US' up to now - will have a field day.
The Churchill/Stalin analogies are wrong. Stalin had an army already at war with our joint foe. Galloway is merely a man with expert knowledge of what Saddam's bottom tasted like.

If Galloway stays - we're staying in the EU - endof.....

Anonymous said...

Ponder this.

How many of those who have taken the time to listen to Cameron would honestly say that he sounded like a bloke who could take us out of the EU? The answer is no one with more than half a brain. The reason is you don't start your negotiations from a position of strength only to give ground because a deal is more important than what it actually delivers: he knew what he wanted and it had nothing to do with us or the land that we love.

An example:

Inward migration is running north of 5 million per decade on Dave's watch; a million more than New Labour. His 'deal' won't even put a dent in those numbers. Mr Cameron does not work for us because that's not what he's there for - and be in no doubt overpopulation will impoverish millions. Who the fuck is pulling his strings?


PoppaBear said...

If the EU really wanted Britain as a member then they would have given Dim Dave something 'reasonable' that he could try and sell to the electorate. The fact they didnt tells me that they dont want us in the EU.

Anonymous said...

I trust that Mr. R and his commenters have seen this?

It was stuff like this that encouraged me to vote "no" in 1975, my first vote...

Naturally I will in the "Leave" camp on 23rd June...

This is almost as serious as WW2 now...

And much more serious if we let the bastards away with it again.

As Mr. Churchill put it (not)... Jaw-Jaw is better than War-war.

The above URL shows the usual suspects, the heroic Farage, along with Davies, Bone, Cash, Hoey, a couple of ordinary folk, a union man, and Gorgeous George united on at least one cause...

Out Out Out.

Dave_G said...

We are facing a media onslaught that aims to build on the obfuscations already prevailing - surveys claiming the in/out votes are 'too close to call', biased discussion articles on the BBC etc - so have no illusions about the result being fair. The result WILL be rigged.

All we can hope for is the almost-guaranteed collapse of the EU by natural causes, not least the immigration issue but the impending financial catastrophe about to befall us all.

The EU can't avoid self-destruction. What they DON'T want is for a Britain to survive it, independent, strong and gloating. The EU will 'take us with them' rather than see that happen.

Anonymous said...

Dave_G said @ 21:15

'We are facing a media onslaught that aims to build on the obfuscations already prevailing - surveys claiming the in/out votes are 'too close to call', biased discussion articles on the BBC etc - so have no illusions about the result being fair. The result WILL be rigged.'

Absolutely, and they will do their damnedest to isolate 'leave' advocates by profiling them as individuals, weakening their arguments with single line questioning. It was successfully used on Nigel Farage in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

Do to the media as they do unto you:

The Media are Misleading the Public on Syria


Sestina said...

One of the biggest 'problems' with the EU is of our own making. Our Civil Servants and associated politicians gold plating everything that eminates from Brussels. All so they can increase their fiefdon/influence/salary/jobs for their mates etc.

Travel in Europe and you will see how things are ignored. I doubt this point of view will go down well with the little englanders who frequent these pages.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

As we all knew from the beginning - Cameron asked for almost nothing, was given nothing at all, and is presenting it as a triumph.

He is a typical PR man - which is what he was before.

Unfortunately some apparently-intelligent people seem to think he has actually achieved something.

This is on a knife-edge, but if enough people see through his lies and realise this emperor has no clothes at all, we might get pull it off.

It's our last chance.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...



You definitelydo not have to go as far as Brussels or Strasbourg to find the enemy bureaucrats / bandits.

Anonymous said...


We know well to what you refer, out of the Empire all that will be put a stop to, we have a very broad sheet of reforms to implement and dismantling the British-Brussels administration is high on the list of "to do".

As to your petty slight, the disdain drips acid, "little Englanders" - personally speaking I am so very proud to be a "little Englander" and nothing makes more more proud than - to be shout it from the rooftops!

"I am English".

England roots,
England made,
English fashioned out of England's soil,
England's bones are my bones,
England born,
English brawn,
English brain,
English thinking,
English logician,
English versifier,
English elan,
English artifice,
English dexterity,
English equanimity,
England advertiser,
born into, steeped of, the English language, aye 'tis true a bastard language made up of others but and because, the tongue of transcendence and beauty, of elegance and symmetry formed words,
the all English way.

I was born in Yorkshire too and can also say that I am British - a treble bonus.

And wherever you hail from Sestina - I don't need six lines and six verses to inform you that; if you don't approve of "little Englanders" - why don't you mosey off back to wherever you were dropped.
Alack! if you don't like us, you should know no one would ever desire to keep you here and holding your nose, as you plainly do.

Anon 2 said...

To Anonymous @ 13:42.

Aye. Tha's put up a reight good list: me own sentiments through and through.

Otherwise ... The business about rigged polls: I too am quite sure that'll happen. Perhaps there was less of it in our older England, but the euros have always been more than suspect. Problem is, how do we stop it? Or must we acccept that "it'll not change now while t'sun changes"?

Anonymous said...

"Aye. Tha's put up a reight good list: me own sentiments through and through."

'appen our kid.

As to the other bit:

"Otherwise ... The business about rigged polls: I too am quite sure that'll happen. Perhaps there was less of it in our older England, but the euros have always been more than suspect. Problem is, how do we stop it? Or must we acccept that "it'll not change now while t'sun changes"? /quote.

I am sure that, I don't know the answer to that, it deeply troubles me though - rigged polls - we have installed (well Bliar actually) a system which is so open to fraud, it there isn't widespread gerrymandering - you are wont to ask, why not?