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Friday, 19 February 2016

Austria defiant on migrant quotas

It was last month that the Austrian political establishment realised that they they were close to losing the trust of the key Austrian middle class over migration. The Austrian middle class are a funny lot; they see themselves as liberal, sophisticated and metropolitan, but in a deeply conservative way. They laugh-off the country's obsession with titles but become deeply offended if you omit to acknowledge a Mag. or an Ing. in correspondence - never mind Doktor Doktor Doktor Knödel. Migrants are fine, in small, easily managed numbers, well-dispersed, closely watched and widely exposed to church bells, roadside crucifixes and greeted many times a day with 'Grüß Gott' - the God being of course the true Christian one, incorporating the persons of Christ and the Holy Ghost. 

So when Vienna's politicians realised that they were in danger of losing the critical middle class over migration, they acted. Austria would have a new annual quota - 37,500 - and this would include  the spouses and dependents of those already here. No more than 80 migrants a day. And after Germany started turning back the 'pass-throughs', a limit and restrictions on the number admitted who are heading for Germany. 

'Illegal!' screamed the EU. Not so, said Austria, quoting the Dublin agreement. They have a right only to claim asylum in the first safe country, not to pick and choose where they are going to go. Once they have left Greece or Italy they forfeit the automatic right of asylum in any of the 'inner' countries. The EU may choose to pick a fight with Viennese lawyers, but I wouldn't recommend it. 


DeeDee99 said...

They'll scrap the Dublin agreement. Merkel's already effectively done that.
There will be no dissent from the EU's determination to create (to paraphrase Labour) "A truly multicultural EU; to rub the Right's nose in diversity."

The EU knows that socially cohesive nations will be harder to corral into their Oligarchy; free movement was intended to destroy the individual character of member nations and as that isn't working quickly or effectively enough, they'll continue to import and disperse millions of 3rd worlders.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

+1 for DeeDee99

Anonymous said...

Yes, what DeeDee99 wrote...

They will scrap the "Dublin Agreement"...

Only for the sake of "harmonisation" don't you know...

Ain't that the truth, we are all after a bit of harmony.

Anonymous said...

Good for Austria. Why can't we be like this, too many bloody leftie slebs virtual signaling. All immigrants should be housed with them.

TrT said...

80 a day is still 20 nuclear families
That's a street
Per day

Anonymous said...

It's really very simple:

"If you can't get the change you want, change the people."

Multiculturalism could only happen with mass immigration, as a political ideology it works below the surface to displace and replace European white people. It's no coincidence that the same process is happening in every white country at the same time, and for the same reason. It's mystifying why most people still do not recognise it for what it is. Whole cities are changing in a matter of decades with a resultant loss of place identity and the founding culture deracinated. A quarter of London has no people with links to England, and London is the English capital.

So what will we be left with when this process has run its course? For a start there will be zero diversity as most countries in Europe will be virtually the same. Whoever rules this Continent of Indeterminate Origins, with its religious turf wars and constant ethnic positioning, will have to build walls to protect themselves.

Their change is our demise.


Anonymous said...

Steve... unfortunately you're spot on.

G. Tingey said...

I am horribly afraid DD99 is correct.
I want to know why "Dublin" has been effectively ignored in the meantime ...
All those years.
So, what are all those people doing, camped at Calais, huh?

I fear anon is incorrect re London - more like 10% actually, but it's getting close to "full" though

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 18:48

'Steve... unfortunately you're spot on.'

The speed of change in these cities astonishing:

Half of Schoolchildren in Vienna Speak Foreign Language as Mother Tongue

I worked closely with an ethnographer for English Witness Mr Tingey, she was a scientist inspired by her mother who worked for Mass Observation throughout the 1940's. My figures for London are her figures.


Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 and Steve.

Your posts are so dead eye accurate that, my head hurts with the truth of it.

We are being washed away and it is deliberately done.

It is going on now, as Mandelson admitted "we were sending out search parties".............But don't make the mistake, assuming that by some dint of Dave being in power, the council search parties is has somehow stopped. We heard of, though I cannot access the links, about Rotherham council (as if they didn't have enough fucking social problems) - council bods going off and advertising in Slovakia for Roma dids to come over to live a life on (the taxpayer) benefits in South Yorkshire - this will not be the only EUropean minority being dragged over here.
Furthermore, most definitely it will not be the only council to be doing such social engineering and how much is directed by and through the politico-social transport and under the Aegis of Brussels? Since Major's time but worse in ~ 15 short years and we have been swamped - it's the only accurate description - SWAMPED!

Can you believe it? Have a look outside, you'd better had.

A social engineering on a vast scale, we need to get off this fucking boat.

Anonymous said...

"A social engineering on a vast scale, we need to get off this fucking boat."

But go where? As Steve notes, its not a coincidence its happening to every white western country simultaneously..