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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Bretton-Gordon and David Blair; another pair of silly arses.

My oh my. The defence industry really is getting desperate; after throwing RUSI boss Michael Clarke into a frontal assault on the Grauniad, where he suffered a real monstering, they followed up with a flank attack in the Telegraph by Bretton-Gordon. This was such a rancid piece of sabre-rattling idiocy that to date almost 1,300 comments have torn B-G to shreds. The subs have actually moved his piece out of the line of fire, so absurd it was. Like Clarke, B-G is urging us all to invade Syria for peace. Which, it has been said, is a bit like fucking for chastity. After B-G's destruction, the subs put David Blair into combat - but wisely disabled comments. Blair's nonsense would attract even greater opprobrium from  the Telegraph's readers - most of whom have a far better grasp of reality than those who compose such ordure for the paper. 

All that's missing is Con Coughlin recommending something even more insane and outlandish, but Fleet Street's finest seems to have gone AWOL. Maybe in the morning he'll lay one of his finely crafted turds on the opinion page. Something to look forward to, I suppose. 

They really are getting desperate, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that, amazingly, it still works. The polls last year showed a majority for British military engagement in Syria, at a time when I can't remember seeing such unanimity of opinion on anything as there was online against military engagement.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'They really are getting desperate, aren't they?'

Indeed they are - CBRN training could be useful right now.

World War 3 Could Start This Month: 350,000 Soldiers In Saudi Arabia Stand Ready To Invade Syria


Sebastian Weetabix said...

The Saudi Armed forces are a comedy effort. The Syrians, Russians & Iranians will wipe them out if they are stupid enough to invade. The end of the house of Saud would not be far behind.

Anonymous said...

Saudi forces? going to Syria, are the Turks really running the show?

It matters not how many but really, how good they are.
Fighting abroad, in a foreign theatre and with not much battle experience with a bunch of generals not worth spit - against some pretty shrewd Russians, some very hard troops both Iranian and Syria -how long would they last?

The house of Saud, is corrupt beyond imagining, the only real power that keeps them in the luxury that they're accustomed to is, their large but ramshackle bunch of overarmed thugs that some (certainly not me) call an 'army'.
I hear that the Pakistani soldiers and other mercenary's bolster the Saudi ranks, to defend the 'holy shrines' and all Wahhabis together.
The internal power struggle in the extended Saudi family will be soon coming to a head, there will be some sort of coup in the near future. Furthermore, prosecuting their invasion in the Yemen has been a disaster and a drain on their resources both financially and in terms of materiel, damn it they have overextended themselves already and oil at $30/barrel is not helping much either.
Throughout the peninsula the Saudis are not popular, there is fomenting an great undercurrent of hate against the ruling family not least among the considerable Shia minority living in the Kingdom and in Riyadh.
This KSA unrest has been exacerbated through the running of affairs by that young hot head, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and we all know, history proves it the greatest mistakes are perpetrated by despots, when you're in trouble domestically, a little foreign adventure takes the pressure off.....Oh dear GOD we all should scream!

Bin Salman is running the show over the head of his father whose title it actually is, one Salman bin Abdulaziz, who actually ascended to the throne but who is rumoured to be suffering early stage dementia. bin Salman is no great shakes at whatever he does, certainly most of what he has already done has proven the case.
Winding up Iran? Bin Salman is no great strategist but then one could possibly conclude that, as a total whack job...... he does actually wish a greater conflict with Saudi Arabia greatest foe?

Sending troops to Syria?

Turkey wants it but it will backfire big style not least when Saudi troops are given a good hiding, like in the Yemen.

In conclusion, I don't care really if these two Moslem empires (Saudi Arabia v Iran) slug it out and forever in Syria and across the ME. What concentrates the mind is, what does Turkey want? It's no secret is it? To force Bashar al Assad out of power and a puppet blood crazed Sunni regime installed in Damascus - aye just what Israel, Russia and the west don't want......

But also what does and greatly worries me is. the shitehawk neocon tosserati analysts, strategizing/discombobulation going on behind closed doors in NATO Headquarters, Washington, London, Paris and Berlin......FFS the consequences of far greater western involvement in (true enough in a war of their own facilitation, should I say meddling) Syria and of the idiot western leaders making more stupid decisions (if that were possible) - interfering with Russian involvement in Syria.

The UK needs to step out of, if we had a leader with two brain cells to rub together - we would. It puts the lie to the oft' uttered "we need to stay in EU because British security is better guaranteed" - er no! actually the very opposite is the reality.

Finally, the question no one seems to ask. What of Israel and what do they think of the Syrian clusterfuck - in Tel Aviv?

mikebravo said...

Is Con Coughlin real? I thought he was a computer generated Max Headroom type of comedy sketch.
Nobody human could spout the type of drivel that he comes up with routinely.