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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Cameron: A weak and insecure party leader

Cameron's doubts and fears over Brexit say more about his own weakness and lack of self-confidence than it does about the UK's ability to thrive outside of the shackles of Europe. It's as if Churchill had declared in 1940 that he wasn't sure about the resisting thing and maybe we'd be better off surrendering to the Germans after all. Cameron's insecurity and pusillanimity have no place in guiding the future of our nation. 

There are moments in the life of a nation when the best course is not the one that superficially presents the least risk. In actual fact, I believe that staying in the EU is the greatest risk that Britain faces; Brussels has learned nothing and cannot be changed. I love Europe and have always appreciated our Island's place in the glorious melange of European culture. Before 1600, little divided us in terms of advancement from the arabs, the asiatics and the chinese, but our skill, enterprise, inventiveness and two enlightenments catapulted Europe ahead of the entire world by the 20th century. England's bloody-minded determination to grow and thrive was one of the major drivers for Europe's development then - and can be so again. We just need to show the Federasts that they're wrong and bad for the people of Europe.

And for that we need courage and self-confidence in our undoubted ability to show Europe the way. What we don't need is some weak and foolish Cassandra in Number 10 crying woe and dribbling piss down his expensively tailored leg. 

We can do it - VOTE OUT!


Anonymous said...

Agreed with all of this. And I shall especially cherish your final paragraph!

lilith said...

Right on!

mikebravo said...

Absolutely. Camerons lies may well do enough to ruin any credibility that he has left (not much around here already).
Hopefully R Norths contributions will kick in soon.

As an aside. I know that I am not saying anything that we do not already know but:
If we can avoid even reading stinkey's posts and definitely not biting and replying it will go away and stop filling the blog up with nonsense and bile.
It will have it's Rumplestiltskin moment and disappear to annoy less worthy commenters.

I shall not even bother to read the ordure that will inevitably be heaped on my head for writing this.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

".......pusillanimity......." ?

You can use the big words with me, they don't frighten me. Except maybe big, foreign words, I think. You know, coming over here, filling up our sentences and keeping our good, honest indigenous words under-employed.....
filthy lexical bastards!


I'm totally nicking that one. Scathingly(1) near-homophonic to pederast!

As for your use of the Greek Cassandra myth, I think it rather malapropos. Firstly, she was not weak nor foolish. Misunderstood, even insane maybe, but not weak or foolish. Secondly, Cassandra's prognostications came true - her curse was that she would never be believed. Do you mean that the dire predictions of The Right Honourable David Cameron MP will come true and that those who deny these predictions and support the "Leave" campaign are synonymous with the folks who disbelieved Cassandra - and will be proved wrong?
Perhaps you mean that the predictions of joyous and generalized beneficence of remaining in the EU of The Right Honourable David Cameron MP will come true and his curse is the "Leave" campaign won't believe it?

".......dribbling piss down his expensively tailored leg....."

That is potentially rather callous of you. What if one, or more, of your readers had/has a relative(2) who was incontinent? There are many causes for this, not the least of which could be Traumatic Gynecologic Fistula caused by a violent gang-rape by a brace or two of Pakistani men behind a chipper in Newham?
Wouldn't you fee bad?
I inadvertently upset one of your dear readers a few days ago when I made light of TB. It behooves us to be careful about what we say. We don't want to upset anybody. Innit?

(1) Got that word from watching an old 1960s movie with Hayley Mills = The Trouble With Angels or some such.

(2) Perhaps the older sister of a reader's grand-mother about 100 years ago?

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Dearest mikebravo @ 28 February 2016 at 12:47

"......It will have it's Rumplestiltskin(sic) moment and disappear to annoy less worthy commenters......."

I know you are not reading this ordure, but I knew you had it in you!
The Rumpelstiltskin allegory is very apropos for yours truly!
I spin the pedestrian straw of much of the content I find here in this Handy Comments Facility into aureus! Granted, for many this "Aureus" is of the Staphylococcal persuasion. Nyuck!

Anonymous said...

This thing has got victimhood written all over it. In the mother language we call it æþryt.

Good piece by the way, Raedwald.


Anonymous said...

Dave, is a mouthpiece nothing more.

Camoron, he was chosen because he is a bloke whose skill in communication is not matched by having an agile mind able provide real substance. Cameron is just, a manikin very much in the model of Bliar.
He is worried, Dave is vexed because his minders are spitting fury over the imminent plebiscite on our EU membership.

For the remainers, the EUrophiliacs....all is not going well.

True enough it is that, the leave campaigns are riddled with embedded ringers, agitators who are trouble makers. The leavers thus, are rent asunder, divided, riven from head to toe, there is no semblance of unity nor, is there any likelihood of any meaningful united message coming out of the multiple leave camps.

Leave the EU of whatever hue, cannot agree on aught and it has to be said - this is no real surprise. From Boris to Galloway, Farage to Carswell, Hoey, Redwood and Cummings - it's like herding cats.

Notwithstanding all of that, the federasts - Cameron's bumbling amateurish campaign of shouty peddling fear and uncertainty being spread wide across the media wall to wall.

Despite all of that - ordinary Brits can and clearly see what is going on over the channel.

Brit's can see that, le grand projet is on its last legs. Brussels, its laboured rhetoric and vacant promises is coming to dust. Brussels federalism is, a nothingness designed all through Socialist nhilist vision. Brits can see that, EU open borders, endless immigration is causing untold damage and even the mighty Germany bit off more than it could chew!!

The EU, it's rotten cancerous core is eating away at its institutions, particularly the ECB - where runs rampant insane economic policies and which tears EUrope north from south.

Britons can sense it, feel it, know it - Cameron's desperate pleading veils a deep panic in the establishment because even though everything is being done...........

It's just not enough.

OUT, OUT, OUT - we're going to VOTE OUT!

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Æþryt !!!!!

I know and love that word!

Æþryt Queynte

Anonymous said...

Well put Raedwald...

But we must, I think be very careful of this "Vote Leave" outfit, I am not sure that it is not much more than the other cheek of the BSE arse.

I do hope I am wrong.

Budgie said...

Right_writes, I hope so too, because I am distributing some of VoteLeave's leaflets. So far I haven't seen anything I don't like in them, but I am still slightly wary. Their website seems robust enough. I can't say the same about "Boris" or Michael Howard, see:

Anonymous said...

Budgie, Grassroots Out (GO) and both do what they say on the tin...

Unambiguous, a vote to leave means we leave the EU.


Nothing is quite so straightforward about the Tory lot... It would seem that set up is much more about saving the Tory Party from ignominy, and a leadership election...

They refuse to rule out a double referendum...

So if you really want to leave, no ifs no buts, you need to start leafleting for either of the other two...

Anonymous said...

Cameroon to me has tried to take up the mantle of that snake oil salesman that went afore him - T BLair. Unfortunately he hasn't the cojones to carry it off.

Osborne is the fecker to watch out for, another Strawman there in the making.

Hopefully with the way Cameroon is starting to loose it he maybe the best advertizement for "Out" we have!

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Mr. Rædwald

"........Before 1600, little divided us in terms of advancement from the arabs, the asiatics and the chinese,....."

This is simply not true.

In the 13th century, Islam, India and China were developing mathematics with place-value notation, determining the Precession of the Equinoxes and writing exquisite poetry while the Europeans were still swinging in the trees - metaphorically.

I agree that after the European Enlightenment of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Judeo-christian West left the rest of the world behind, but prior to 1600, the European Caucasoid was an ignorant buffoon. The Catholic Church kept The West under its jackboot of ignorance for 1,000 years. The Reconquista in Iberia, the Silk Road and interaction with the Ottomans re-introduced to Europe the learning from Ancient Greece, Rome and Asia. This kick-started and fueled the Renaissance. Oh, and maybe some Irish monks helped too.

Malcolm Stevas said...

Raedwald, your libertarian tolerance is admirable but the "Sterculian" twit is making too much noise - like listening to the World Service on shortwave way back when, too much distraction. He/she/it is clearly very young, very pretentious, very prolix, and only does it to annoy. In lieu of arranging for its bottom to be smacked until it bleeds, please get rid of it. I would hate my longstanding enjoyment of your posts, and the commenters (most of them) to drive me away if this vermin is not controlled (i.e. extinguished) summarily. I suspect I wouldn't be the only one to depart...

Ed P said...

Well said Malcolm, I second that - his/her effluent has pissed me off too.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Dearest Malcolm Stevas @ 28 February 2016 at 21:54,

Such vehemence
Such hatred.
Such intolerance.
Are you part of ISIS by chance?
You certainly have their mindset when it comes to inclusion and acceptance.

Please to enlighten me as to the 'noise' I am being accused of exuding today?
I respond to other commenters ONLY when attacked by them.
I do not 'start' a conversation with anyone except Rædwald.
Today I questioned the appropriateness of Mr. Rædwald's use of the Cassandra myth and his grasp of the level of Intellectual development in Medi-evil Europe. These queries were certainly en pointe vis-à-vis his missive above. And I argue, quite acceptable and legitimate comments.

In your eyes, what would I have to do to be an acceptable commenter(1). Must I become a lobotomized toadying sycophant with a cute diminutive which I use to address Mr. Rædwald to blend in? "Raedmiester" or "Raedikins" perhaps?

Do you often threaten Blog Administrators with departure when you don't get your way? What was that you said about being young? Those threats are like a toddler: "I want, what I want, when I want it!"
Also, I reckon you have a rather inflated sense of your importance 'round here if you think your threat might change behaviours. No one is important 'round here - except Rædwald. If I was Rædwald, I would not in the least appreciate being threatened.

I am as Queen Lear, a girl more sinned against than sinning.

(1) Yeah yeah. Leave. Right?

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Mr. Rædwald?

I will abide your wishes.

Let me know of them here, in this your most excellent Handy Comments Facility.

I invite all my admirers to contact me here:
Through that private medium, y'all can tell me what you really think of me: unencumbered by legal restraints and societal norms.

Cascadian said...

How wonderful would it be if yUK voted to stay in the EU-then it flew apart?

Is the great experiment doomed? The gimmigrants may just decide for you.

The camoron has been on the wrong side of every major decision, but still he controls the purse strings of the great propoganda machine that could stampede the electorate to another wrong decision, very much like the last general election.

Staring dreamily into the past is all very well, but what has yUK to offer the world today? A financial sector that relies on inside information to rook the gullible, several poorly-financed(if not insolvent) banks, a depleted infrastructure, a demoralized working class, deplorable political and management class- not very promising.

Mr Ecks said...

"Staring dreamily into the past is all very well, but what has yUK to offer the world today? A financial sector that relies on inside information to rook the gullible, several poorly-financed(if not insolvent) banks, a depleted infrastructure, a demoralized working class, deplorable political and management class- not very promising."

It will never have the chance to be anything better so long as we remains trapped in the EU.

Once free of the EU we will have to smash our own political class. The opening shot in that war is us voting out of the EU.

Mr Pig-Fuck knows it also. That is another reason he is sweating.

Anonymous said...

Worth Voting OUT just to get rid of Camoron and Osbourne/pension destroyer. Though I will be voting out anyway, it's just a big added bonus.

Thud said...

Still havnt decided but learning quite a bit here to mull over, as for banning SR not my blog but I'm not keen on bans of any type.

Cascadian said...

I don't think the EU can be blamed for any of those conditions Mr Ecks, though wasteful membership spending to the EU might be beneficially diverted to improve some.

Had I a vote, (I don't) I too would vote out.

However the wave of gimmigrants will comfortably remove any savings of membership and were any savings left georgie would waste it.

I fear you missed your chance to smash the politician class, last election.

Edward B said...

Is there any correlation between career politicians supporting remain and those with a degree of independence (as a result of a prior career, outside earnings, or family money) supporting leave?

G. Tingey said...

We COULD do it.
I will vote OUT, for reasons previously explained - but I think the majority will believe Camoron / Liberal / Corbyn scare tactics & vote: "remain"