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Monday, 8 February 2016

Cameron wrong on Libya, wrong on Syria, wrong on Europe

Dave's imaginary friends: Cameron invents 50,000 imaginary migrants in Dover to join his 70,000 imaginary moderate Syrian rebels; truly, there are whole imaginary armies marching through the Cameron brain .. 

You'd think his disaster in Libya, which with Cameron's assistance is Daesh / ISIS' new stronghold, would teach him some sense, but no. He's continued to prolong the civil war in Syria, continued to assist the death, maiming and destruction of innocent civilian populations, continued to feed the stream of desperate army deserters, rebel supporters and innocent refugees now heading for Turkey. As Simon Jenkins writes:
The Russians and the Iranians are supporting Assad. This support has no moral virtue but is at least more likely to end the war in his favour than the west is likely to bring victory to his opponents. Assad’s allies give him weapons, bases and boots on the ground. Western aid to his enemies, including from Britain, consists only of dropping bombs on an already devastated country. This merely creates more refugees. Britain is helping to prolong the war, the opposite of what the refugees want.

All wars end, but civil wars usually end when one side admits defeat. Britain’s aid to the Syrian rebels has always been mere “virtue signalling”. But by appearing to side with them it merely encourages their resistance, while incidentally helping the cause of Isis.
And of course he's horribly wrong on every aspect of Europe; even his scaremongering is so risibly, clumsily, stupidly naive and jejune that his French allies waste no time in shooting it down. After Cameron claimed that a 'leave' vote would lead to vast migrant camps around Dover, he was being either grossly ignorant or wilfully deceptive; the treaty between the UK and France that allows pre-channel screening on both sides is a bi-lateral treaty wholly separate from EU membership; the French interior minister has since made it clear that it would be 'madness' to repudiate the treaty and that it would continue, whatever the outcome of the vote.

What an utter prat Cameron has become. It seems he can't be trusted to open his gob these days without putting his foot in it. It reminds me of the final weeks in office of Gordon Brown - and that's saying something.  


Budgie said...

Indeed Cameron is an "utter prat" who cannot be trusted. But his positions on all three of these issues comes from the FCO unfortunately. That means his successor will probably have exactly the same policies. Unless of course his successor has more brainpower and chooses to use it to put down the mandarins.

Right from the time Cameron was just leader of the opposition he has shown repeatedly that he is a vacuous PR spiv - Heath-without-brains. Given that his personality defects are so obvious, people who really wanted to leave the EU should have voted UKIP rather than propping up this odious man.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'What an utter prat Cameron has become.'

I'd have used something stronger to describe him, 'cunt' for instance, a good old anglo-saxonism for a traitor to the descendents of Anglo-Saxons - while I'm at it I'll throw in the other ancient tribes that make up the Englisc, whose descendents he's also a traitor to: Jutes, Frisians and Britons.

I hope people can now see that Cameron is the de facto leader of the 'in' group (Michael Rose is just raggedy old sock puppet). Sticks out a mile, screams at you, every time he opens his big fat gob. Awful man. Yesterdays Sunday Express cartoon had him down to a T: a sweaty snake oil salesman.


Anonymous said...

edit: I meant Stuart Rose (Baron Rose of Monewden) he of Marks and Sparks fame.

note: Rose is his adopted name, his real surname is Bryantzeff, which is White Russian.


Billy Marlene said...


Anonymous just made that correction in time.

General Michael Rose has stood down the Mobility Troop.

Robert said...

I am waiting until February 18th after the Council of Ministers meeting when Cameron hopes to get the final blessing on his 'renegotiation' from the rest of the EU (or not). His whole plan for keeping us in the EU depends on the outcome of this meeting and I am expecting some rabbit to be pulled from the hat or he is toast.

You could also say he is a bit like a modern cnut turning back the tide on immigration.

Anonymous said...

That David Cameron is a fuckwit is a given, some reasons for his Godawful choices are pretty darned obvious.

When his main adviser is Samantha, daughter of Reggie Sheffield who coins it from the taxpayer to the tune of £300,000 p/a from his birdchoppers + £300/day as a Lord - and whose mother-in-law is that perfectly off her head Lady Astor, congenital insanity, entitlement and politics is hardly going to produce a sound mix, now is it?
His green lunacy adviser is ex greenpi66 nutter one Lucy Cavendish no doubt recommended by ex greenpi88 activist er....... his wife.

Remember his wife exhorting Dave to bomb Syria? and doubtless Libya too and btw the scum party advocates committee 'Save the children' Sam is part of that crazy gang too.
Ollie Letwin who chucks away government documents in public park wastebins (how green is that?) is also said to be close to DAVE - nuff said about that fucking eejit.
Then there are the pro Isis-SaudiArabia lobby namely the FCO. Qatar running the university campuses and the DECC (shut down COAL and build birdmincers) and his Turkish mate Boris, all gung ho SUNNI WAHHABIS Plus all Dave's other senior advisory panel - the luvvies in luvvieshire, who to a girl's blouse of them; hate Israel and Shia Muslims and PUTIN - yes they hate PUTIN more than er....DAVE!

The left* says.....We hate PUTIN, al Assad, Farage and Saudi Arabia but love Isis, ...... we despise white Britain and love to want to be segregated men only Mosques (women upstairs out of sight). Oh, dear Karl Marx and all the Engels! FFS the Long Marchers are disappearing up their own backsides, have goosestepped their way into a perpetual intellectual paradox a - mental midden they will never be able to think their way out of..........DAVE, knob head, clueless, doesn't give a fuck: just runs along for the fun of it and oh yeah "I luv the EU!"

*Sharia party-Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb-ut-Tahrir UK4sharia/UKuncut/NUT-NUS-TUC-SWP-Unite/Corbyn's scum party/SJW/BMA/RCN/Quangoshire/Metropolitan councils/Metropolitan Police-Brent-Inner london councils-Tower Hamlets/Birmingham/Bradford/Leicester/.....

Anonymous said...

Cameron's not fit to shine Blair's shoes.

Anonymous said...

right_writes said @ 19:09

'Cameron's not fit to shine Blair's shoes.'



Anonymous said...

"a traitor to the descendents of Anglo-Saxons"

With a name like Cameron, do you really think he is an Anglo Saxon?

Cascadian said...

The camoron has been "stuck on stupid" for quite some time now, whatever he espouses is usually wrong or for expediency will be later reversed.

Like others here I believe he is little more than a PR spiv mouthing others ideas-notably samcam's green and feminist rubbish, but also the EU line of serial propoganda.

That is only a diagnosis of the problem, a means for the solution of the problem has to be found-removal of said camoron before he does further damage-the "conservative" party offers up ms maybe or Boris the clown. Corbyn and the commies? You are in serious trouble.

While the camoron fusses about Syria and plays at being a world leader on-the-cheap, civil unrest in yUK is becoming so rampant that the police are targetting white protest groups for expressing widely-held views. The police are not your friends. Calais type gimmigrant camps will soon be the least of his worries. Widespread civil unrest seems imminent.

Remember Tottenham, and govern yourselves accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 20:24

'"a traitor to the descendents of Anglo-Saxons"

With a name like Cameron, do you really think he is an Anglo Saxon?'

Now that you ask I don't think he could be.


DeeDee99 said...

I'm beginning to think Cameron has a problem with basic arithmetic.

He seems to think of a figure and somehow add another zero.

There are, apparently, 5,000 illegal migrants in The Jungle. Cameron issues a statement saying 50,000 might come here if France reneges on the Treaty it signed.

There may be 7,000 reasonably trustworthy moderate Syrian rebels. In Cameron's world, that becomes 70,000.

Perhaps he isn't lying and scaremongering. Perhaps he just has a problem understanding the purpose of zeros.

Nice to see the French Government calling him a liar and the British media calling out his FUD campaign. They're doing a pretty good job so far.

Anonymous said...

Well that didn't take long Radders, your piece for the 9th Feb disappeared within ten minutes...

Did you perchance think that the competition was too easy...?

Or have you been warned?

Mr Ecks said...

"Cameron's not fit to shine Blair's shoes."

Camoron is not fit to shine Bliar's turds.

mikebravo said...

Cameron - "wrong on pretty much everything" would be an accurate headline.

I note that the DT has taken down the story of the French rubbishing his claims that they would repudiate the treaty and have gone for a more sycophantic line instead. Someone must have had a word!

Anonymous said...

Why would immigrants set up camps in Folkstone. Would they be waiting to jump on a truck to France?

Day by day Cameron sinks lower and lower in my estimation, he's certainly already on the traitor list - Heath, Wilson, Major, Bliar, Brown, Cameron.

G. Tingey said...

You forgot to add the Madwoman to your traitor's list!
The last PM who was NOT a traitor & kept our military defences up was an ex-Navy man ... Callaghan.
Sad, isn't it?