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Friday, 5 February 2016

'Ignore your constituents; think only of your Ministerial career'

Dave's message to parliamentary waverers - 'Ignore your constituents, think only of your Ministerial career path' - could not have been uglier or more crass. I heartily hope today that all those who have so foolishly advocated that politics should be a 'profession' will see how misguided they were. And will remember that great Tory parliamentarian Sir Patrick Cormack (Baron Cormack from 2011) who made clear it was 'Country, Constituency, Party. In that order.'

Make no mistake. Although he cannot openly impose a three-line whip on Conservative MPs, the threat of deselection and of time in parliament being spent in a Siberia of back bench anonymity is very much present.

And if the 'Leave' campaign is disorganised, what of the 'Stay' campaign, whose sole positive campaign point is that the global multinationals support it, much as they support TTIP and everything else that disadvantages SMEs and locally focused domestic firms. 

Still. a great deal can happen over the next seventeen or eighteen weeks. The FT runs a story after someone diligently followed the AIS tracks of merchant ships to find unexplained stops and rendezvous that could have been used to load migrants, arms or even dirty bombs. We should not forget that the reason the AWE is in Aldermaston and not in the Woolwich Arsenal  is that the War Office was alive to the potential of a Soviet nuke carried on a merchant vessel - and decreed that all critical weapons sites be distant from UK ports. And the last time I met the PLA's harbourmaster, he was still obsessed with banning leisure users from the river in favour of maintaining commercial traffic as far into London as possible. Just remember how much global shipping is under the control of Islamist owners. 


Anonymous said...

I have always thought that a ship based bomb exploded under the Dartford bridge would cause enormous economic damage to the UK. Also if you could get the tank terminal there on fire, usually full of petrol, you could further compound any effect of dropping the M25 into the Thames.

Yet there is no vetting of vessels passing under the QE2 bridge.

DeeDee99 said...

Cameron's attempt to coerce MPs into ignoring their duty to represent their Constituents and do as he orders has backfired rather badly for him.

We live in a supposedly Representative Democracy. Cameron seems to think the only person MPs represent is him. The papers are calling him out on it and Isabel Oakshott was scathing on QT last night.

We need are a full senior MPs/Ministers to stiffen their spines and stand up to Flashman.

Sackerson said...

Didn't know that about Aldermaston; and hadn't heard that about Cameron but not at all surprised - another Eton-educated traitor.

Raedwald said...

Sackerson - strange but true; I've seen the declassified files at the PRO. William Penney (later Ld Penney) started at the Royal Arsenal where he perfected simultanuoes detonation before the WO moved the whole thing to Aldermaston; curiously, the AWE still maintains an outpost on Woolwich Common, a chain link and barbed wire compound to the W of the RA barracks, where the nose cones for our rockets used to be made. It's still in use, though no idea what for.

Anonymous said...

I used to live near AWE, my mum used to visit and ask have you seen anything funny - goings on and I replied to her - no mam I think you mean Porton Down.

On political shills and duty, these days and concerning all public servants, their only obligation is to serve themselves and squeeze till the pips squeak - all else is making noise, though MP's do that well enough.

"move over in the trough George Dave's here".

Nick Drew said...

as an aside, note that Canary Wharf is not covered by google streetview ...

G. Tingey said...

That is why RRE is at Malvern, of course ....

Barnacle Bill said...

Cameroon's dictate to our MPs is another reason we should have the power of recall over our MPs.

These people are sent by us to Parliament to represent/protect our interests. Not those of some jumped up, flabby backboned, snake oil salesman who just happens to be the Leader of their party at the moment.

I saw a comment somewhere that the next leader of the Conservative Party should be an Eurosceptic.
Too late!
As by the time a new leader is needed we will be well and truly chained into the Euro Federal State.
Unless the "Men-in-Grey-Suits" plan on visiting Cameroon soon?

Budgie said...

Cameron's self-serving threat to Tory MPs and ministers is so blatant that even I, who regarded him as an oleaginous spiv, am startled.

All those deluded Tory voters who crowed about the Tory "victory" only 9 months ago must be kicking themselves. Or they ought to be.

Everything that Cameron does makes me more sure that Corbyn will be the next, and last, PM of the UK, (because Corbyn hates the UK so much, and will dismantle it).

Cuffleyburgers said...

Well, yes and no Budgie, because it is so obviously provocative that it is going to annoy people.

ANybody who voted Tory expecting a fair fight was a fool. Anybody who voted for the only party that would be in a position to offer and implement a referendum was right.

I voted Tory for that reason. I think it is too early to call the outcome. there is good reason to think it won't happen this year (at least according to Doc North at EU Referendum, the most knowledgable person in the world about this stuff, according to himself, and he's probably right) which leaves plenty of time for further disasters to befall the whole thing and for it to become more and more obvious that staying in is pointless.

There seems to be a gathering of momentum for out - only a year ago, outers were the lunatic fringe. That is changing. It could well be that in a year from now outers will be mainstream and the outcome will not be in doubt.

I don't honestly believe that Brussels will get their shit together in that year - they are in absolute chaos re immigration schengen etc, THe south is out of a job and the East wants to close its borders. the economy everywhere is shot France is a basket case, election after election is bringing success to sceptics, the key figures are international laughing stocks and merkel's credit is at an all time low.

The in side's only argument is fear and lies, and the press are starting to call them out on it.

I'm not saying we'll certainly win, but I am saying it's already looking less hopeless than say a month ago.

Anonymous said...

I rode shotgun out of Aldermaston in the mid 80's - travelling through the shires at night whilst armed to the teeth has a certain buzz. We had enough on those runs to evaporate 10 cities the size of Birmingham.


Cameron really has morphed into a creature like Blair now, hasn't he? The same MO of fuck the plebs and fuck the party I'm doing it for me. He doesn't even make sense with it anymore. He's after nothing substantial and he'll probably get something less but he'll still try and sell it as the equivalent of a cure for dementia. Desperate.

As for Libya...


Cuffleyburgers said...

"We had enough on those runs to evaporate 10 cities the size of Birmingham."

Steve - what stopped you dammit??

Anonymous said...

Cuffleyburgers said @ 16:21

'Steve - what stopped you dammit??'

You think about these things long after the briefing. What I mean by that is your task is to guard the UK's nuclear deterrent whilst on route to wherever, I cannot say, and you are reminded of the power of such weapons by those who detail you. Put simply you are obligated to give your life for the retention of said weapons should the need arise. We would not under any circumstances withdraw from a firefight.

In all we had roughly enough (detterent) to destroy half of France or Germany.


Poisonedchalice said...

Isn't the PLA's Harbourmaster a certain Rear Admiral (ret) David Snelson? He was when I last met him.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Cameron, but the issue was won when the referendum was promised. After that, phile or phobe, we are in a sort of democracy, and a referendum vote will be taken. Now, let us accept that the electorate includes idiots, traitors, fuckwits, dingbats, Corbynites, Muslims, Rastafarians etc etc, and let's face it, they do vote in Labour governments from time to time, but the only certain way of preventing an Out vote was never to have the referendum at all.

Raedwald said...

CI - After Admiral Snelson's time, and actually one of the two deputies, an ex merchant master

Budgie said...

Cuffleyburgers, I was specifically writing about the "Tory voters who crowed" in the weeks following the election. If you didn't crow about the Tory win, fair enough. However there were some who definitely did. And the crowing seemed to me to be both ugly and misplaced.

Nor do I accept your logic that the Tory votes were because of a eurosceptic desire for an EU referendum. If that were true they could have all voted UKIP instead, and we would be out of the EU by now. No, the majority of Tories voted out of tribal loyalty first; not for the referendum; not even to keep Miliband out. Moreover Cameron was forced to offer a referendum because UKIP topped the EU elections in 2014 as well as by Tory eurosceptic pressure.

I did not call the outcome of the referendum, if that is what you were implying, I called the outcome of the next general election. The reason being that the selfsame Tories who crowed about their tiny majority 9 months ago, are the fools who think Corbyn is a pushover now. That cockiness (the bread bun throwing mentality), shows the inability to learn the hard won lessons of the 1970s in the fight against marxists like the Corbynasties.