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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

It's pretty bloody awful, isn't it?

You can't accuse Cameron of not having front. Anyone else faced with presenting a failed deal that will achieve the square root of damn-all, leaves us at the mercy of unelected bureaucrats who despise democracy and will open our borders to millions of migrants from Africa and Asia Minor while costing us each at least £3,000 a year may have shown some reluctance in their offer. But not Cameron. He rolled up his sleeves and was soon spreading Turtle wax on that turd, polishing cloth in hand. 

And no, despite now living in an EU country other than the UK, I'll be voting 'Leave' without much fear. If it succeeds there's not going to be any great mass movements of the 800,000 Poles living in the UK or the 800 Brits living in Poland or the 300,000 Kermits living in London. Not that I have any great confidence that 'Leave' will win; closer to June we'll have a lot of scaremongering of the 'Vote Leave and you'll never be allowed to have another holiday in Spain' variety. The Evening Standard will splash a 'Wine to double in price if Brexit' headline on the front page and the BBC will run a whole season of 'Panorama' with images of impoverished Brits scraping the gutter for potato peelings whilst Johnny Kermit lights his dinner table candles with a used fiver. Big business is not about to see its consumer-proles exercise any sort of democratic control.   

So welcome to slavery, folk. The only reasonable option now is to make one's personal slavery as painless as possible.


DeeDee99 said...

Cameron was never going to conduct a meaningful negotiation. The FCO had previously advised him that the terms of our membership were just about right. The Quislings are in charge and he's just their front-man.

As well as making one's personal slavery as painless as possible, is the option of refusing to endorse that slavery by:

a) refusing to engage in their sham "democratic" processes - certainly not in the way they want
b) refuse to voluntarily donate to their sham Charity-Quangos
c) when making purchases, avoid multi-nationals
d) avoid buying Eurozone products

As usual, Conservative so-called EU-sceptics are starting their usual process of backtracking, with the more high-profile getting in early to signal their volte face. I despise them all - not that they give a damn.

John Dub said...

Yes. I do look at the 1980s as the high water mark. The end of the USSR, the EU and Islamic terrorism yet to come.

And it's all downhill from here. Sorry kids and grandkids. We fucked up.

John Dub said...

Yes. I do look at the 1980s as the high water mark. The end of the USSR, the EU and Islamic terrorism yet to come.

And it's all downhill from here. Sorry kids and grandkids. We fucked up.

Anonymous said...

R, I'm very afraid that, I have to concur and much as it deeply wounds me to admit it.

I've probably said it on here, that, the only real chance Britain has of leaving the unholy Brussels Empire is, the damn thing has to implode, to unravel itself and as it is so doing now, albeit far too slowly.

The EU will fail, it's just a matter of when, in the meantime Britain will remain as a demographic dustbin, shanty town Thames Valley all the way up to Barking, from inner London to Slough, Reading and as far as Swindon, the Midlands, Lancs and Yorks; gathering indigents and where the human rights lawyers, councillors of the PakistaniBangla slum landlords, manipulate councils, planning committees and facilitated by the ECHR (arranged marriages, and 'rights to family life' clause) can send out search parties to the subcontinent for more tenants.
As they pour in, by the hundreds of thousands and the taxpayer picks up the bill, while said landlords cream off the top and building up ever larger their property empires. Then think, Serbs, Somalis, the Roma, Albanians drug running AFPAK pipeline from Helmand via Turkey and crime gangs galore - the EU is a perfect entity, facility for people trafficking and anything else that they care to bring in - misery, disease and death mainly.

Only bright spots are the € is still a failure, Schengen went tits up as soon as Hollande declared a national emergency and countries like Hungary, the Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland are beginning to make their voices heard. By the backdoor, is that rabid dog, the Ukraine being slowly dragged in by the Kommissars and the Dutch go to the polls on that question, in April.

Brussels, the Empire is creaking, le grand projet wilts and its leaders are set on self destruction.

With, the population, the citizens, the electorates of all European nation states including France and Germany are increasingly restless, as the Kommissars continue on their purblind, insane journey to federalism oblivious to the demographic time bomb that they are priming. It will explode, it might go off in the Balkans. Bring it on, the pestilence of the Brussels Empire needs to be fired.
Fired! And only then can Britain steer away, the question which worries us all, as the Empire implodes - for Britain: will it be too late by then?

Bloke in North Dorset said...

I agree that we'll end up voting to remain, but how many referendums do you think it will take for us to vote in the way that our lords and masters in Brussels will accept?

Dave_G said...

On top of migrant 'invasion' I can't see an 'in' vote being anything more than another excuse to take to the streets.

mikebravo said...

The verminous tories(supposedly pro-British)will all line up behind their Pan-Europe, lying snake oil salesman leader and try to convince us all that to leave will bring armageddon. All the while planning to hand us all over to the European Empire.
The scum party (supposedly pro_British working class)will start trotting out the 3m jobs lie and try to convince us all that to leave will bring armageddon. All the while planning to bring in 5m new scum party voters to secure themselves power and finally destroy the hated working and middle classes.

If the plebs can not see through the sham and vote to remain then they will get what they deserve. Unfortunately they will drag the rest of us down with them. The only option will be to sell up and leave. Where to go is the question. How to escape the OWG that is being planned for us all.

James Higham said...

Pretty universal condemnation of Call Me this morning. Theresa May must feel she has a chance for the big job soon.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Radders, you are the voice of reason and your commenters here a little pool of sanity. I am grateful to you all - and to show how grateful I sometimes paste some of your purplest passages to twitter
One day one of you bright sparks is going to suggest what else we can do to turn this situation around

Barnacle Bill said...

Cameroon's indecent rush to get the vote out of the way by this summer amkes me wonder if he knows something us proles are not to be told/warned about?

As for his fecking hand brake and red cards, they are as much good as a chocolate fire guard for a roaring coal fire.

Then again the way coal is being demonized in this once great in the black stuff country. It will only be old Etonians with their EU pensions that can afford to use the stuff to toast their crumpets.

Anonymous said...

Some may remember an interview he gave a few years ago, the one that can only be found in a Portuguese newspaper, where he said that under no circumstances would he allow the UK to leave the EU. That was David Cameron at his most truthful since he first put on long trousers.

Raedwald's sentiment 'it's pretty bloody awful' doesn't go far enough as the whole process of renegotiation was so transparently odd for a prime minister of this country. We, and I mean the historic British people, shaped the modern world for fucks sake, and we end up arguing with nothings like Donald Tusk!?!

Well I'm afraid it wasn't how it appeared. It was a ploy - and the suckers who thought these negotiations were in any way meaningful are hopelessly lost - which positions the Nations and Regions, otherwise known as the UK, right in front of an open cage door.

"Look, Daves renegotiation package is hanging just inside. Shall we take it?" One step forward and Mr Junker quietly closes the door for the last time.

And that ladies and gentlemen is what this is all about: the referendum is a trap, the 'package' the bait. Clever stuff.


Budgie said...

Heath told us it was the common market.
Wilson told us he had re-negotiated the terms.
Thatcher got the rebate.
Major got the opt-outs from: the euro, Schengen, and Social chapter.
Blair opted back into the Social Ch, claimed a reformed CAP, gave up 40% of the rebate.

The whole sorry history is one of lies, fudge, broken promises and deceit. Thatcher was the only one who actually got anything back off the EU. And they never forgave her for it. Major's concessions were probably more important to us, though he only preserved part of the status quo ante.

Now we have Cameron's "reforms", none of which are available to us as of right, all subject to the EU in some way. He should be called Conman, not Cameron. Forty years of deceit .... are we still going on to swallow the lot?

Dave_G said...

Has anyone considered that the 2017 EU Treaty may completely negate these 'renegotiations'? Which is precisely why Cameron wanted the referendum BEFORE 2017?

Anonymous said...

Film director Martin Durkin (of'Great global warming swindle' fame) has something up his sleeve to counter the scaremongering - Maybe worth a bit of support;

anon 2 said...

"Face"? The traiterous Moron's nothing but Face - and the most insipid sickly phizzog topping it off. No other face ever so disgraced Britain.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I think due to failing eyesight he must have mistaken the Smarties for his meds and consequently relapsed and had a sugar rush.

Really, really batshit bonkers

I'm beginning to warm to the idea of trussing somepeople to self opening parachutes and dropping them on Raqua.

G. Tingey said...

I hate to say it, but the "Hordes of Immigrants" meme is a distraction.
PLEASE DON'T go off bang at this point - read on.
Yes, we need to be careful, but the real, really dangerous part of what the EU has become is the corprate, corrupt, centralising overweening POWER of the central executive in Brussels & elsewhere.
My pet bugbear, the EAW is contrary to the Bill of Rights, but we are still shafted & there's plenty of other examples.
Common Law, NOT "Roman" Law, -please, before it's too late!

Budgie said...

G Tingey, If you've seen the BS in Europe propaganda sheet you will have seen that they list (item 4 on the first page) the EAW as a plus point. Incredible.

However uncontrolled immigration is an issue. Very many voters are extremely concerned about open borders in the EU, above any other. The volume of immigrants is so great that it is destabilising the British demos, as well as "rubbing our noses in diversity", just as the establishment planned.

And don't forget that with the restoration of controlled borders the EAW would not be "needed".

Poisonedchalice said...

What I find so utterly reprehensible is that Cameron and Whatisname are on YouTube railing against Labour when they were in power because Labour were trying to promote the red-card system. The same red card that Cameron wants to promote.

Who the f*ck do we trust? The only answer to this is that we must trust ourselves and our instincts; and my instincts tell me to get as far away from the EU as possible. And if that screws the careers of a number of politicians, I couldn't give a shit.

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