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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

President Trump

Rod Little gets it; writing in the speccie, he's gunning for Trump for President - if only for the deep, unhealable grief it will cause the BBC mafia and Guardianistas. And all the others - those, as Liddle puts it, "who do not believe that it is even remotely legitimate to have a view which differs from their own."

Imagine Polly Toynbee in hysterical floods of tears, being cradled by a screeching Susanne Moore, onto whose red velvet shoes Toynbee drips salt and snot. Monbiot attempts to end his career by eating a kilo of GM Soya, and all the assorted spouses and offspring of left wing characters in employment at the BBC and print media rail and rant wholly ineffectually. It would be worth a year's pension to see.  

Jonathan Freedland also gets it. Two or three weeks ago he analysed Trump's appeal; I think he's right on just about every point he makes.
"Never mind that Trump is blaming those who are not to blame and offering no practical solutions to the problems he shouts about; the shouting itself is enough. He is giving voice to the anger. He can leave the hard, boring work of policy to the little people who are running against him. Fat lot of good it’ll do them. As the conservative commentator Ross Douthat wrote this week, “At a certain point disillusionment with the system becomes so strong that no wonkish policy proposal is likely to resonate any more.” Only those who channel the rage will be heard.

Nor does this apply only to Republicans. On the Democratic side, the polls show the socialist insurgent Bernie Sanders pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire. He too is running as the man against the establishment. It is a mood that stretches far beyond the US and is advancing in Europe too. Rage against anything that smacks of the system – including even the kind of coherent reform plans that might actually change it – has become a great, unstoppable force. And this is what Hillary Clinton is up against. She embodies the system at the very moment the system has never been more hated. And that’s no joke."
Cameron is getting a taste of what popular rage against an establishment that he so expertly represents feels like. Corbyn's support comes from the same motivation, as does Bernie Sanders'

There may be a lesson here for those trying to conform Farage into a mainstream politician; it seems mainstream politicians are the very last people to gather votes right now. 


Barnacle Bill said...

"Where are our natural born Trump and Sanders?" is the cry I'm sure many of your readers will shout Radders.

The rage against the old established political parties has gone from a rotting stench in one's nostril to a papable bad taste in our mouths. Unfortunately the bubble cocooning our political elites and the MSM makes them think all is well with the world.

With-out our own Trump & Sanders when the festering boil of disenchanment burst it's going to be very messy in this once fair land of ours'.

Anonymous said...

Trump (silly name) reminds me very much of Ronnie (Gipper) Reagan, we can only hope that he will make as good a president as him.

In the meantime the bile and venom that he attracts from that baying Guardian mob, only re-reinforces my view that he is the best candidate.

Isn't it odd that Cameron has the reverse effect...? Classical liberal/conservative types hate the shiny faced self-satisfied whelk, whilst the baying hordes that I mention above seem to be at worst, merely a little ambivalent at his antics.

As you say Raedwald, the press love to make out that Nige is a professional politician. The reality is that he is the complete antithesis to that base species.

mikebravo said...

Hopefully Trump doesn't succumb to an unexpected plane or car crash or a bullet from a lone nutter!
Getting in the way of the elite over there tends to have terminal consequences.
Has he mentioned disbanding the fed and printing greenbacks yet?

Anonymous said...

Great post, I wannabe, wish I could be a Trump voter! I am rooting for you - Donald Trump!

Fuck to Cameron, his mates in the scum partyl, fuck off to Cameron his adventures in loonyland of regime change-democratic wars , his sucking up the oil niggaz of the Sauds/Qataris/Turks and his useless corporate nannyism green bollox, fuck to the Metropolitan councils running my affairs like they were some offshoot of the KGB, fuck multiculturalism and fuck to the Common Purpose-Cultural Marxists of luvviedom and mediaville, fuck to the EU, the UN and to the Brussels Politburo - FUCK THEM ALL!

We want our country back! and to Farage grow a pair of balls and FFS borrow an intellect - For you - Farage: are becoming )a thick tosser0 as bad as the rest of the Westminster claque.

Thud said...

I like the fact Trump has changed the business as usual politics in the States and moved the issues that should count centre stag.He is though still just a member of the elite who has supported more democratic politicians and viewpoints than republican throughout his history.Articulating anger is good and I like his fearless approach but I'll stick with Cruz myself.

anon 2 said...

Wot Anonymous said, @ 2:40 p.m. (GMT)! I recently complained to a new acquaintance about this type of language, now used by all kinds of Brits regardless of audience. He said: "That's because the world's so terrible, now. Those are the only words fit for describing it".

As for Farage ... well, with that name he's not British anyway. So what else can we expect from a foreigner, especially of the kermit kind? It's just that the facade has worn away: he always was as he now appears.

I still tend to believe in Dr. Richard North and his Harrogate Agenda/Flexit, though. He has the intelligent, well-informed plan. What we need is to work with him and get it out there in terms that appeal to the necessary audiences.

Cascadian said...

Is it not instructive that yUK's House of Commons debated whether Trump should be allowed to enter yUK? Such short-sighted childish nonsense clothed as serious debate.

Think what you may about Trump, that exercise demonstrates how extreme the situation is in yUK, of course the camoron's comments assisted that particularly stupid train of fools.

I hope for no other reason that Trump is elected president, and refuses to visit yUK, pulls out of NATO, instructs yUK to launch it's own satellites for surveillance, let the RN try to secure its trade routes. Phone calls from the camoron should put on hold until 3am GMT. The free lunch should end, the camoron and the House of Commons should be publically humiliated.

If the electorate felt the need to humble your politicians then last election was as good a time as any to display that feeling. Truth is most enjoy the terminal decline and believe that the camoron and georgie piling huge deficits to the debt is a good idea.

Raedwald said...

Cascadian - I'm now convinced you work for David Cameron. Your comments have the most extraordinary effect of actually increasing reader support for the United Kingdom, its Parliament and Government and fulminating hostility toward chippy colonials ... clever, very clever ;)

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the establishment. They didn't get where they are now without amassing the people they need to KEEP their little empire by whatever means they deem is necessary.

If Trump continues his course toward POTUS there WILL be some event that brings it all screeching to a halt - establishment-created of course - and nothing short of assassination or even warfare (global) but, more likely, a global economic catastrophe that will be engineered to demand the continuation of the current Presidency 'until it is resolved'.

The management of the stock markets and banking shares is almost blatant now and indicative that they have just about lost total control - and either the planned collapse is about to be instigated or 'something else' is in the offing.

You chose. Either way they WILL NOT allow Trump to be POTUS.

Cascadian said...

The key Raedwald is that the UK (past tense) is not the same place as the yUK (present tense).

I suspect I was as loyal to the UK at one time as anybody here. I now only wish it to be revealed as the shit-hole it is, and a thorough humbling would be a good place to start.

The chippy colonials (and the USA) have saved your arse on more than several occasions, yet you keep on stumbling into new and disastrous fights believing yourself to be a "world" power, which demonstrably you are not.

But if that has the "extraordinary effect of actually increasing reader support for the United Kingdom" (past tense) then my time is perhaps not wasted.

Well done, providing The Daily Mail another column, this time by Richard Littlejohn.

DeeDee99 said...

The American people are being offered another Bush (the 3rd) and another Clinton (the 2nd) and an assortment of other bland, Establishment mouthpieces.

I'm not at all surprised that so many are supporting Trump.

I think Farage is far more popular than our Media let on. They went into full-on hatchet mode for a reason ....

The only thing that is saving LibLabCON is the FPTP voting system. We've seen in Scotland what can happen when a PR system is adopted.

Wildgoose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wildgoose said...

Actually DeeDee99, Scotland shows what happens with a First Past the Post System when a critical mass is achieved - 56 out of 59 Westminster MPs won by the SNP using FPtP. A proportional system would have given them around half the seats.

The real point to be made of course is that a critical mass of discontent can achieve the same thing in England and Wales, which two still share a polity, unlike Scotland (now separate) and Northern Ireland (always separate).

England and Wales of course is also where the overwhelming majority of immigration into the UK has headed.

mikebravo said...


Thanks for coming here and educating us; gutless, dumb halfwits that we are.
We are most grateful that you condescend to spending some of "your time" in attempting to open our eyes to our own pathetic existence.

English Pensioner said...

My dream is of Prime Minister Farage inviting presidents Trump and Le Pen to Downing Street!

Cascadian said...


"gutless, dumb halfwits".......are your words, not very well chosen if I may say so.

If you object to my comments perhaps you should debate factually.

I doubt I could educate you, all previous attempts by others seem to have failed.

Elby the Beserk said...

Germany next?

30 minutes of continuous LOUD jeering of Mutti Merkel. I am happy to report that this appalling spectacle has not been reported by the media...

Budgie said...

Corbyn is very much part of the establishment. He just pretends not to be. He is from a rich middle class family, private school, marxist ideology used as a substitute for missing brain power. Someone who has forgotten nothing and learnt nothing since the 1970s

That is a textbook recipe for a member of the UK establishment. The establishment directly controls 45% of UK GDP (government spending), and the establishment controls the rest indirectly by laws, regulations and taxation policies. Corbyn is salivating.

Standard advertising methodology is to promote what your product is not. Remember in the 1980s? - Mercedes were "affordable" whilst Skodas were "reliable"? Well Cameron does the same - "real concessions", "a good deal". And so does Corbyn - all those pictures of his buddies in PIRA, Hamas etc? - all brushed under the carpet. After all Corbyn is "honest" and we know it's true because he says so.

visc said...

@Budgie: I'd agree that Corbyn has many faults including his love of the establishment (in different form). However I understand he went to a Grammar school which is still under state control.


Anonymous said...

Dr. North won't have enough time to communicate it, plus he needs to reel his son in.

G. Tingey said...

Trump would bring on WWIII
NOT a good idea

Sanders, of course is about as left-wing as Hugh Gaitskell or Harold Wilson.
Not, maybe to our tastes, but not a foaming loony (however well-intentioned) like Corbyn, who is as mad as a box of frogs .....

Anonymous said...

The problem with North is that he thinks that he is the cleverest man that ever existed...

...There is only one way to do something and that is North's way, if you don't like it, or you want to discuss it... you may, but you are only permitted to use the language known as Northspeke.

Budgie said...

Visc, Corbyn went to fee-paying Castle House School in Newport to 11. Then he went on to Adams Grammar School founded in 1656. It is a selective grammar school which appears to be half-in/half-out of the state system. A bog standard comprehensive (what most people understand as a "state" school) it is not.

Budgie said...

Right_writes, I am afraid you are right about the good Dr North - a very good researcher flawed by an irascible belief in his own importance.

Oddly enough he has promoted the Article 50 route to Brexit (the alternative being the UK-led exit route based on ECA repeal). The Art50 route puts the EU in the driving seat of Brexit negotiations. Given 45 years experience I would not trust the EU to have our best interests at heart.

rapscallion said...

Indeed. He needs to reel North junior in. Whatever you do, don't disagree with him on his blog - he'll just ban you. Nice !