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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sex gangs: How many more mass prosecutions to come?

I started this post earlier today and thought twice about it. It has never been the purpose of this blog to cause or encourage victimisation or discrimination against any racial or religious group, but like Douglas Murray and many others I'm faced with the ugly reality. What all of these sex offenders have in common is their faith; they're Moslems. They also acted jointly without shame, but knowing their actions were unlawful. This tells us two uncomfortable realities - that they have no respect for UK law, and their own communities are failing to condemn, expose and dissociate themselves from such behaviour until the last conviction is obtained. 

I have no idea how many more prosecutions are in the pipeline, how many scores or hundreds of Moslem men are currently being held on remand awaiting trial. But I suspect that the police and the CPS are only exposing the tip of an iceberg in British society, which means we have a very great problem. 

Please avoid hatred and incitement in the comments - the question is whether we are doing enough to catch and jail a whole cohort of Moslem men committing gross sexual offences on an industrial scale.


Anonymous said...

Average IQ of <60? It shows in their mugs, there is no sign of an Oxford debating team and thinking on that, does ignorance excuse bestial behaviour and was that the intention all along, let em loose on young white kids - do they hate us that much? Certainly, all councils and the purblind gendarmerie once known in the UK as the Police Force saw nothing wrong in serial grooming and rape of minors - some of them are still in denial about it.

What have 'they' done? the damage is irreparable not only for the victims but for the country as a whole.

Robert said...

Operation Sanctuary in the Newcastle area had by Sept 2014 arrested 120 people and charged 20. This operation had at least one report on BBC main TV news with no mention of the ethnic background of the perpetrators. The investigation is on going and information is restricted by the courts. There have been no updates since spring 2015 but some more arrests and charges have been made.

Mr Ecks said...

Conviction should equal automatic loss of UK citizenship and deportation to their point of origin. Or their parents POO.

mikebravo said...

They sure are an ugly bunch of feckers!

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks said @ 13:38

'Conviction should equal automatic loss of UK citizenship and deportation to their point of origin. Or their parents POO'

A serious government would deport through the bloodline, both parents then, if applicable, all four grandparents, etc, etc.

Raedwald said:

'I have no idea how many more prosecutions are in the pipeline..'

An organisation called English Witness keeps score. Information is fed to them by ethno-nationalists living in the affected areas. The vast majority of those damaged for life are English schoolgirls, average age 14 though 21 percent were below 12 when the grooming started. I do not possess the exact figures but the total number is fast approaching 4000 victims. Ask yourself what the government's reaction would have been if it was thousands of little Muslim girls?

What we do know is the police and local government colluded to keep the public in the dark about the mass raping of white female juveniles in this country, which is unforgivable. We also know that the Home Office was also involved early on; pursuing Nick Griffin, who had dared to tell the public what was going on. By now the entire government knows what it is hiding - sadly it has worsened and as the Muslim population increases we may not ever see an end to it short of them running out of "easy meat".

This is a first in our history: our own government inported a culture and religion that is now usurping us, little by little. I'll be defending whatever is left but that comes from a love of my people, which as we know is a feeling verboten for whites to hold.

I hope I never hear of an English child saying "what did you do Daddy, when they made us a minority in our own land?"


Anonymous said...

I wonder if, certain bloggers are still mouthing cultural behaviour excuses for them?

Why did they all back off? The authorities, in its moral and physical cowardice stigmatizes the nation.

Their silence the Omerta, its complicity damns them. For this was known about in the Nineteen Nineties, national politicians like Dennis MacShane and community leaders as bad as the Councillors and its social services covering up who were supposed to be protectors some even joined in and feasted on young flesh. PC Plod where were they?

May they burn for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Not just moslems but moslems from a particular geographic origin?

Anonymous said...

My Muslim neighbour, who to all appearances seems to be a nice bloke, keeps addressing me as "darlin'" (not in a nice, jokey kind of way but in a dismissive way). I'm not some feminazi snowflake out to take offence - my point is this: few white British men would think nowadays of using such a term to a woman they hardly know; this man's English is fluent and he's lived next door for two years so either he's managed not to pick up that it's just not the done thing, or he doesn't give a shit if he sounds patronising and disrespectful. Either way it doesn't reflect well. A very small thing in comparison to the subject matter of the post but the difference is, in essence, a matter of degree.

Cull the Badgers said...

Not picking on anyone but we need mass deportations.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - I fully appreciate your dilemma, and have the same problem.

Some of the comments here, recommending deportation of multiple generations of individuals are distasteful, un-british and would of course, quite rightly be illegal.

However the current response by the authorities seems to be equally unacceptable - brush under carpet, move along please nothing to see.

The fact is that there is a massive problem, due to the cultural incompatibility of a substantial minority of the population (a majority of course in the areas where these disgusting acts are carried out) with British values as they ahve evolved down the years.

The left, who unfortunately for everybody, control the areas of society who are in a position to do something about this (the civil service, councils, eduaction authorities, school administration, and of course the Police) are in denial and indeed have backed themselves into a postion where for them to recognise the problem or to propose effective solutions will be against the core principles of their organisations.

Therefore no effective solutions will be implemented even if they were proposed by other entities.

Meanwhile the government which is also in denial has doen nothing even to ensure the basic point that new immigrants will be required not only to obey the law in every respect, but that they will immediately be deported if they fail to do so.

The problem is widespread all over Europe and seems to be a consequence of the spreading of governmental function across multiple nations which has exacerbated the tendency for government ministers and officials to become totally and utterly divorced from (a) reality or (b) the opinions and desires of the electorate.

Unless this problem is fixed soon the consequences will be truly frightening and tragic, and will take decades to fix.

The only (slightly) positive note is that this crazy, indeed criminally incompetent, refugee/migrant crisis is likely to bring matters to a head, as all over Europe people are now very very pissed off, and a lot of them are people less willing than than the British to have the piss taken out of them by their government.

Anonymous said...

The thing that makes me fear for the future is the web of corruption that was exposed at Rotherham.

Its not just the sheer numbers of victims. Its the number of perps. The follow up investigation to the original prosecutions found that charges could potentially be made against 300 individuals. There was simply a vast swathe of a certain "community" participating with each others knowledge and blessing.

Then you had the collaboration of the council leadership (Pakistani) and the local police (Pakistani) in brushing it under the carpet.

Lastly its the sheer balls to try (and because of the utter cowardice of our politicians) to get away with it for so long.

Simply put, tribal societies and representative democracy is oil and water. You saw the same thing with Luftur Rahmnan. He looked after his own and ignored everyone else. Add in the attitudes to sex, violence and crime and its a really toxic mix.

Then the EU wants to let millions of similar people into Europe with some ISIS wankers as a bonus.

When the backlash comes (and it is coming) its going to be nasty.

haddock said...

In less politically correct, but safer times, there were folk memories that warned children of danger.

There was a 'skipping rhyme '

"My mother said never to play
with the gypsies in the woods,
and if i did she would say
naughty girl to disobey
Your hair shan't curl
your shoes shan't shine
you naughty girl you shan't be mine
my father said that if i did
he would bang my head
with a tea pot lid"

There are plenty of old stories and poems relating to kidnap of children by alien cultures. At one time it was a real threat and a real warning.

Thud said...

When a society cannot protect its young, its females or the old it has surely reached its end? seems like sometimes.

Bill Wagstick said...

Taupe Peado's

Span Ows said...


"Some of the comments here, recommending deportation of multiple generations of individuals are distasteful, un-british and would of course, quite rightly be illegal.

However the current response by the authorities seems to be equally unacceptable - brush under carpet, move along please nothing to see."

Can't you see that what you describe in the first paragraph is BECAUSE of the second one.

Poisonedchalice said...

Public executions would be good. One after the other, after the other. Lined up against a wall in the communities where they committed their crimes and executed by firing squad. I think that would bring a very abrupt halt to future transgressions.

Coney Island

Cascadian said...

Pakistani rape gangs are a problem that will remain unresolved while the present system of yUK "policing" and "justice" continues.

Read this to understand why:

plod has totally forgotten Peels principles and now only attempts "social cohesion" a cowards phrase for total appeasement.

The "police", court services, social services, liebour controlled councils and government of all forms are not your friends. Whilst the "police" are more afraid of a Pakistani voter backlash than indigent voter (of all colours and former nationalities) backlash then you will continue to be ill-served by "police" and

APL said...

This is the way they behave when they are at home, why do you expect behaviour any different when abroad?

DeeDee99 said...

We have two generations of inbred, religiously-indoctrinated, misogynistic men (mostly Pakistani) but Officialdom tip-toes around the consequences for fear of offending the community which protects them and repercussions from the white majority if the scale of the abuse became known.

Of course "we" aren't doing enough to bring the perpetrators of the crimes to justice. The Establishment are terrified of the consequences if they were to take the action which is needed.

Every single one of them should be castrated and jailed for life. That might make others tempted to behave in the same way think twice.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Span Ows - not quite... the plod are very good at cracking down on white people very often for crimes that shouldn't even be crimes.

For once, Cascadian is correct - the plod have totally lost the plot, and abandoned the peelian principles of good policing. They have become a heavily politicized branch of the social services, and the consequences are disastrous.

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

This is all the police and CPS seem to be good for:

Woman on a Raft has coined a new acronym for police targetting: MAWG - middle-aged white guy.


Wildgoose said...

It's still going on.

I called the Police only last month because a taxi driven by a Moslem taxi driver with another Moslem also in the car with him was kerb-crawling my 13 year old daughter and 13 year old god-daughter, trying to engage them in conversation whilst making "comments" about their appearance and clothing.

A report was taken but will anything be done? I doubt it.

And when the Police won't act then ultimately there is only one option.

Ironically, these Mosem rape gangs have probably done more for European cooperation than anything the EU have come up with - the kind of grassroots cooperation that can be likened to anti-bodies fighting off a societal infection....

Anonymous said...

"kerb-crawling my 13 year old daughter and 13 year old god-daughter, trying to engage them in conversation whilst making "comments" about their appearance and clothing."

Shotgun............ maybe?

Any young white kid innocently (naively) wandering in the areas near to these ghettos-shithole Paki/Mozzie areas are potential victims.

Plod turns a blind eye - nothing will come of your complaint.

Wildgoose you must ensure your daughter and the other young lady are properly advised and warned about the dangers - this should not be so in Britain... !

But our politicians and the internationalists-EU bestowed upon us, the benefits of Multiculti, Human rights laws adn 'rights' to family life....... gave us no go areas where "running drugs, continuous low level crime, intimidation and white flight... do what you like" and lawless ghettoes. These thugs think they own the country - not jus the locale and they are becoming more bold as each day passes, it won't be long before local mozzie areas declare autonomy and Sharia areas and the police will sit on their hands and Dave (TPTB-EU) will say - "its their human rights to be able to have their own way and customs and do as they bloody well pleeze innit!"

Gang rape it is then, how long before they're beheading infidels and chucking gays off buildings? And PC plod will still look away.

Anonymous said...

oh aye - have a look at this and weep, if you haven't caught it yet.

Unbelievable but true.

Ahmed, who was convicted of oral rape, was locked up for nine years whilst Osman got 12 years after being convicted of an unrelated robbery in which he mugged an innocent man on the street for his rings and mobile phone was also taken into account.

In dramatic scenes outside the courtroom around 60 members of Manchester's Somalian community protested against the verdicts suggesting the three men were being 'victimised' because of their race, while the victim was a white Brit.

They managed to pile into the public gallery and gasped as the sentences were handed down - while Yussuf flicked a middle finger at the mother of their victim, who was present.

Anonymous said...

As a White African refugee of British ancestry, with experience of tribal cultures I can only lend serious credence to the fact that all this is being done deliberately by the NWO. Is there a spiritual force involved? I have to say I feel there is, to explain the involvement of a whole strata of civil bodies as mentioned in above posts. How can police turn their attentions to the WMM in the face of these heinous crimes? Some victims were threatened with harm to younger family members, mothers who contacted the police were ignored. Just as the women in Sweden are crying out to their emasculated men to protect them I beg the men of this country to do something soon.

G. Tingey said...

This is a first in our history: our own government inported a culture and religion that is now usurping us, little by little.
Err ... no
Christianity - "Saint" Augustine, remember?

Is there a spiritual force involved?
No If only because there is no such thing, any more than there is any "god" - which is also the muslim's slight problem ... no "god", so, then Mahmud wasn't a "prophet" was he?