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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Trust in BBC plunges as enquiry exposes lies

The rotten heart of the BBC has been cruelly exposed today by the Savile report, which revealed a culture of lying and cover-up by people who would afterwards pose as 'victims' themselves to the enquiry. Reading between the lines makes clear that the arrogant, above-the-law attitude which BBC staff used to justify lying, concealment, distortion and cover-up swiftly transforms into a saccharine fake 'victimhood' once they are exposed, now claimimg they were 'afraid' of exposing Savile. Bollocks. Their culpability is clear. 

What is more, the lying hounds at the heart of our national news organisation are already deeply distrusted over the cover-ups of migrant crimes, particularly sex crimes by Pakistani men. They are not alone. As Der Spiegel reports
Siegfried Vollmert, 57, is the purchasing and sales director of a steel company in Essen. He travels a lot, driving 80,000 kilometers (49,710 miles) a year through Europe. He no longer believes what the papers write, he says, adding that he prefers to see things for himself. "There must be a reason why the media are losing circulation," Vollmert says. "The average Joe has a keen sense for when he's being taken for a ride." Vollmert accuses the media of having lost sight of the interests and concerns of its audience. The teacher shortage, poor hygiene in hospitals and a growing number of burglaries -- journalists ignore all of these issues, says Vollmert, because they have blockaded themselves in their ivory towers. "They don't listen to what's happening down below."
 Philipp Karger, a 33-year-old engineer, hardly gets any of his news from classic media anymore. "It's obvious that you get your information from above," he says, citing coverage of the New Year's violence in Cologne as evidence. The fact that the media took so long to report on the ethnic background of the presumed perpetrators was the result of instructions from the federal government, or at least an organization affiliated with the government, says Karger. He is so sure of himself that he reacts with genuine surprise when his accusation is rejected. "I thought that had already been officially confirmed," he says. According to Karger, the media had to respond as they did so as not to undermine Merkel's refugee policy.
As the people of Europe are waking up to the fact that you really can't believe what you read on the newspapers - or hear from the BBC - a million more economic migrants are tearing at the southern fences. No doubt the guilty hacks at the BBC who are now so happily compliant in suppressing all negative aspects of economic migration will squeal in future that they lied about it because they were 'scared'. Sorry, no defence. 


Anonymous said...

And more comes out of the woodwork from Rotherham. It should be mandatory to report the ethnicity for 1st and 2nd generation migrants, and serious crime should lead to the deportation of the whole family.

TB is back with a vengeance. How did it sneak in after we'd eliminated it? With these same bastards, that's how.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, we've got the same name!

When the natives are sucked into the same scandal. be they social workers, police, Labour politicians or just harridan brothel-keepers, the rest of us think we are doomed. The two white women should be publicly flogged - not just for their crimes, but for being that ugly.

Dave_G said...

Question for me is - how do they (the establishment) co-opt the menials into supporting their position? Where are the whistleblowers? What happened to personal integrity?

I suppose it all went south with the introduction of the 'me, me, me' society.

Anonymous said...

The BBC, remarkably incurious when the news coming in collides with one of its narrative boundries. Take the wholesale grooming of little English girls by Pakistani inbreds. The BBC has each day covered the trial of a young white professional footballer and his involvment with an underage girl - and today we hear that his girlfriend has quite sensibly left him and taken their child with her. So at least five minutes coverage x three time a day on the national news.

Now contrast that with the gang of 'Asians' found quilty yesterday of horrendous acts of depravity against one English girl - over many years it should be said. Bearing in mind these trials have become routine now across parts of England. Virtually fuck all from the BBC and absolutely nothing about who they are. The victim may have been tortured, raped and buggered by space aliens for all we know, and that's down to the BBC colluding with the political establisment who imported the problem in the first place sixty years ago.

I say hang them, and the bastards who promote race replacement for either profit or social experimentation (capitialism/socialism).

Revenge will be had.


Michael said...

It's also rotten to ping a diversionary tactic on dear old Tony Blackburn too.

Yeah, he's often been out on a limb for some reason or other, but they forget how much they needed him, and some of the others like DLT, when they tried to emulate the pirates back in 1967.

Pity they also used Savile as a front man, and they should have known better, but that's show business folks, and don't the Beeb hide behind the facade as much as they can.

If any director or producer back then didn't know what was going on, they can hang their heads in shame - when it's convenient to do so.

Then they'll just stay in their 'jobs'.

Bill Quango MP said...

How do they explain Newsnight?

That expose that was pulled from the airwaves by ..erm...the BBC top brass. Who claim they didn't know anything.

Budgie said...

Dave_G, I think it all went south with the introduction of the politically correct society.

Anonymous said...

Having read some of the reports that Anna Raccoon has posted on her blog over recent years...

You know, the ones that go into graphic detail of Savile's crimes which actually usually turn out to be completely uncorroborated and not in the public domain until well after his will had been bolstered by the return of all the charity money that he made...

I sometimes wonder whether there is anything there at all...

Psycho's never lie, and adults never embellish childhood memories, not even if there is compo floating about.

Mind you we keep seeing that girl get goosed on TOTP, so it must all be true I s'pose.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

".....What is more, the lying hounds at the heart of our national news organisation are already deeply distrusted over the cover-ups of migrant crimes, particularly sex crimes by Pakistani men........"

The prevaricating pooches!
Damn them, and damn anyone else who doesn't put a candle in the window and stays up all night also damning them.
Each any every sex assault(1), no matter how minor, MUST be reported - and in excruciating detail I might add, 'cause many of us do NEED to know those sorts of things, right. The age, gender, race, ethnic origin, et cetera MUST ALWAYS be revealed. In the case where this information is unknown at Press-Time, the Default Perp will be labelled 'probably Pakistani'.
After a remarkably short period of time(2), the British people will begin to think of Male Pakistanis as sex-crazed animals. Accordingly, the righteous British people will begin to protect themselves from potential Male Pakistani assaults by organizing neighbourhood Paki Bashing Committees - PBCs - and engaging in a bit of proactive and preemptive First Strikes. You know, for protection. The Police and Magistrates also read the same papers and listen to the same media, so they will pretty much turn a blind eye to the shenanigans. Before long there will be no Male Pakistani Sexual Assaults to report. The Media will then turn on the Welsh. Or perhaps those born within earshot of Bow Bells(3)

(1) Including the ones where the victim has decided not to report it to the Authorities. It's for their, and society's, own good!

(2) It didn't take the NAZI regime long at all to convince the German People that Jews were criminals and hunting them down and killing them was acceptable preventative activity. Innit?

(3) Y'all better leave Michael Caine alone though, or you'll have to face me!

Budgie said...

I claim my £100 for an infringement of Godwin's Law. Forgive me, I'll re-phrase that: I CLAIM my £100 for AN infringement of Godwin's LAW.

Each any every verbal assault of THATCHER, no matter how minor, MUST be relished in the Grauniad- and in excruciating detail I might add, 'cause many of us do NEED to know those SORTS of things, right, innit, at this MOMENT in time. The age, gender, race, ethnic origin, et cetera MUST ALWAYS be revealed. In the case WHERE this information is unknown at Press-Time, the Default PERP will be labelled 'probably Corbynasty'.
After a remarkably short period of time, the British people will begin to think of Male Corbynasties as Thatcher-crazed animals. Accordingly, the righteous British people will begin to protect themselves from potential Corbynasty assaults by organizing neighbourhood Corbynasty Bashing Committees - CBCs - and engaging in a bit of proactive and preemptive First Strikes. You know, for protection. The BBC champagne socialists read the same paper and listen to the same media, so they will pretty much turn a blind eye to the shenanigans, AS USUAL. Before long there will be no Corbynasty Assaults on Thatcher to report. If WE ARE lucky. The Media will then turn on Farage. Or perhaps those born with the consequences of thalidomide.

Anonymous said...

What you need to ask is, why are the headbangers of the extreme left wing SWP, UKuncut, Momentum, luvviedom Notting Hill Socialists so very fond for and friendly with, the Moslem Brotherhood?
Then they - the Left equivocate, so all Hilary Benn style, they rise up in froth of amoral but irreligious indignation about Isis but love Hamas - when all I can see is no difference other than what each murdering sects colours they wear black or black?

Aside from the obvious - votes. IRA supporting, Hamas Loving secret agitators for Isis?

Yeah, I think - I really do believe that, the nihilist whackos on the left secretly revel, glory in the heinous assault by the Moslems on western society and particularly the Christian tradition allies and partners in its (western society destruction and a bonus for the left is the grooming, raping, sodomizing young white "trash", it just socks it to the hated white British - even harder.

Remember well, how the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood as far back as the late 1920s and today the Muslim brotherhood and vast Saudi/satrapy funding continues to alter EUrope using the transport the Marxists so willingly provide and under the watchful guardian - the ECJ-ECHR.

Bleating as the RED lambs are fattened for ritual slaughter, ba,ba,ba as much as you like.

Britons - we know just who the enemy is.

The Scum party, the worst and the lowest of the low are the recruits cajoled from the idiot ranks of the poor little rich things who bought and supped deep at the Marxist Kool aid.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Dearest Budgie @ 25 February 2016 at 23:43,
I've no idea what you're on about, but for all I know it might just have been a clever parody.
We'll never know.
Conspicuous by their absence though, Footnotes. A good parody of me MUST include Footnotes.
I did, however, recognize your mention of that ferrous(1) Roberts tart, you know, the chemist one working on ice cream emulsifiers before she contracted vCJD and was deemed highly electable.
Can we still 'eliminate' the Welsh though? They smell.


Does this sentence look pathetic to you? Be forever grateful that you hail from a wealthy and fertile land, a land that produces an abundance of goods and services. Be thankful you can afford to trade for such pleasantries and caprices as VOWELS. I have created "Vowels For Wales", a non-profit NGO primarily dedicated to helping those most wretched of souls. If you have any vowels you don't really need, please send them in.

Thousands of Welsh owe their miserable lives to the afflictions of their native tongue. They sit in their caves with their sheep and prostrate themselves before their ever so meek twig-and-pebble alters, bedecked as they are with any shiny things they might have found while doing pilgrimages to Tintern Abbey and the Wye Valley, and chant phonetically, in a language even they cannot comprehend.

Some naysayers foment that it'll never work just giving them vowels. They say we'll only encourage in them sloth and dependency. They insist the Welsh should be encouraged to avail themselves of their amazing comparative advantage in the production of consonants. They would be far better off trading with prolific vowel suppliers like, maybe, the Hawaiians.
They might be right; It is simple economics I reckon.

(1) Ferric? Does anybody know her valence?

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

What is a Corbynasty?
Is it like a Jabberwocky, all mimsy were the borogoves?
But perhaps coined by a regular bloke instead of a vile paedophile like Mr. Dodgson?

Wildgoose said...

I bought the Times yesterday, and this was one of the news snippets:

"A man arrested in Paignton after a five-hour siege by dozens of armed officers and dogs, assisted by a helicopter, has been charged with assaulting a woman and damaging an old biscuit tin. Nickolas Solomon, 34, insists that he acted in self-defence and that the biscuit tin was his own and was used to store his fishing gear. He will stand trial at Torquay magistrate's court on March 30."

I wonder how much that lot cost?

Meanwhile, the main front page news story is "Police conspired to protect Rotherham child sex abusers" and the inside headline is "Children were abused, pimped, trafficked...and then ignored".

Police Priorities?

Meanwhile, as regular as clockwork every time more damaging information is published about the Moslem rape gangs, the airwaves and other news coverage are promptly filled with more stories about Jimmy Savile, this time featuring Tony Blackburn, and all designed to swamp the truth becoming more widely known.

We're being news managed and more and more people know. You can't fool all the people for all the time.

Mr Ecks said...

The BBC report is a vast document and Dame Janet seems slightly less dumb than all the other Marxist feminism- controlled mugs who have prepared the earlier ( and funded from patient care ) hospital "reports". The vast majority of which were absolute shite.

For all that even the bit I have looked at so far still seems full of the "Ibelieveher" type crap.

One thing for example. There seems to be no attempt to find or get in touch with other potential witnesses who have not come forward. Often these claims are made in the form of X witnessing some abuse to Y. No attempt ever seems to be made to find out if Y still lives and if so then to contact Y and ask if they remember this alleged assault or if it even happened at all.

The majority of allegations against Saville have no evidence for or against after 40-50 years. But wherever evidence could exist it is never looked for by the so called investigators. It is people outside the "official" frame who have looked. And when there are facts still left checkable the verdict comes down in favour of Saville's innocence of the charges. For example the number of women who claim to have been molested at filmings of TOTP at the BBC Television Centre (and give fulsome descriptions of that Centre leaving no doubt about which building they are talking about) when --as a matter of recorded fact--the filmings in question did not take place at the Television centre.

It will be 25 years --as with the Satanic Panic nonsense--before people will be able to look dispassionately and logically at the Saville allegations.

When they do my money is that they be dismissed for what they are: a massive hoax/panic engineered--like the earlier panics--by Marxist feminist dross to advance their man-hating cause.

Budgie said...

Perhaps a worse example of BBC propaganda is their treatment of phone hacking as a news item in comparison with the treatment of the racially motivated grooming, abuse, rape, torture and murder of white British working class girls by Pakistani-origin men. A serious examination of the part played by lslam has not taken place, unlike the relentless hounding of the redtops.

The Islington Corbynasty mindset is largely reflected by the BBC: luvvie sycophancy; Thatcher paranoia; pro-EU; politically correct; anti-Jewish; anti-Israel; pro-Mus|im; belief in CAGW; reliance on the Grauniad; statist advocacy; fear and hatred of white British working class; fear of the tabloids; champagne marxist; sneering at patriotism; admiration of social engineering; and on, and on.