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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Turk & Saudi Mad Dogs escalate War

Reports in the Indie that the primitive barbarians from the KSA are deploying forces to Turkey are deeply disturbing. Erdogan is as mad as a bucket of eels, and KSA has abandoned whatever sense it had in the face of a race to the bottom for oil. The pretext is to provide a joint force to take on Daesh / ISIS, but a glance at the map shows this is nonsense. The common border between Turkey and Daesh / ISIS, through which Turkey funnels arms and men and gets oil in return, is being squeezed on both sides by the Kurds, aided by a ferocious Russian air assault that disrupts enemy movement. Turkey's other tame Sunni Islamist rebels to the west are being wasted by joint Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Shia militia forces. As the Indie rightly calls it, these are two regional powers feeling hard done by and on the back foot in the civil war, which Iran, Assad and Shia forces are winning. 

Saudi Arabia - With the clock ticking on the corrupt and venal kingdom's ability to buy everyone off with a shrinking reserve of oil money, and internal stability from their own Shia population in the east of the state starting to crumble, KSA is resorting to ever more barbarian and savage means of civil control, whilst pouring money into an appallingly badly run campaign against the tiny Yemen statelet that is achieving absolutely nothing. Despite the reported presence of our own special forces to help them out. Throwing troops into Syria who will come into direct conflict with Iranian, Russian and Syrian forces is throwing $25 gasoline onto the flames.

Assad is truly delusional if he actually believes that Syria is ever going to revert to the meaningless Sykes-Picot boundaries of the past. This also goes for Iraq; the whole area is crying out for a settlement based on Kurd, Sunni and Shia autonomous areas, with a dib of oil for each. 

Turkey is fighting against any recognition of a Kurdish state - and Erdogan's sanity is being challenged by losing to both Kurds and Shia, being humiliated in his intention to destroy Assad, and being burdened with millions of migrants whose route to Europe will shortly be blocked. His shaky hold on power will lead to desperate measures - and, as I've said before, he's the west's most compelling and immediate enemy, who covertly supports the destruction of liberal Europe. 

Meanwhile we have .... Cameron, a dysfunctional FCO and the weakest international presence since 1797, with our Arabist idiots backing Sunni against Shia, Cameron's wife reportedly wielding a malevolent influence and piss-poor diplomatic and state resources. The EU is even worse; apart from Senior Official JC Juncker (unelected) even educated readers will be hard put to identify the fragrant Catherine Ashton's successor without prompting (Federica Mogherini; Who?) and the EU is effectively playing no part at all in securing a peace deal. 

Readers who recommend we secure our own interests and spend our efforts avoiding any fallout from the Sunni - Shia civil war are quite correct. Our three aircraft should return to their little hanger in England, our SAS troopers come home from Yemen and we must lock the door into our own realm for Saudi despots, princelings and barbarian savages, however wealthy, and let them slug it out in the ME until enough blood has been shed to exhaust them both.


Budgie said...

We have a pitiful military presence (2% of UK GDP) primarily because of the politicians. However the MoD and the top brass are inefficient themselves, and seem incapable of choosing equipment wisely, or getting value for money.

When Corbyn becomes PM the military will be wound down much further. It is not just Trident he is after, he hasn't time for any of the rest either. I will be surprised if we end up spending more than 1% on defence after 5 years of Corbyn.

As for the FCO, Raedwald, you are correct. Oddly the FCO believes that they have inspired knowledge, and that the flak they get is merely ignorance. That applies to both their Arabist leanings and their love of wheeler-dealing in the EU. Such complacency, and self-importance, is dangerous for us.

Anonymous said...

On the money as usual Raedwald.

Broadly it's an age-old Sunni versus Shia affair: House of Saud is Sunni, Assad is Shia (Alawite). It's hopeless for us to be involved militarily and there is no UN resolution saying we can attack targets in Syria anyway. Cameron is way out of his depth on a world stage that desperately needs leaders with character and judgement.

You're also right about Samantha Cameron.


Ed P said...

When was the last time the FCO were right about anything, C19?
Cameron is completely in the pocket of the KSA, so he's bound to do the wrong thing (in our names FFS!)
I despair - this site is one of very few with a clear understanding of the ME - the MSM just go on repeating the same old bollocks they're told - there's no independent investigative journalism at all now.

flyingtofu said...

I do not even know what KSA means but what you say makes sense. To help others know what's what, I recommend this documentary often misrepresented re the PKK and those who trained with them. I post it with my comments first: The title is misleading. This pre-ISIS documentary is beautiful and subtitles well-done. It is a work of love and not hate. Please see it to the end. There are a few splices in the tape? that sound bad for a few seconds. Here is the context as of 2016/2/8 as I see it: Erdogan on New Year’s Day of the Monkey (Chinese calendar) demanded we in the West make a choice between Turks OR Kurds. That is sick. All people from cultures tolerant of linguistic and cultural diversity -- and that includes the MANY GOOD TURKS that Erdogan also oppresses (and those fooled by the controlled press) -- must request the removal of the "terrorist" label from the PKK, support the Kurd’s demand for autonomy (they can still be part of Turkey) and do whatever is needed to prevent Erdogan from destroying Turkey’s future. The language "neutralize" or "clean" should reveal that we (the US +NATO) are allied to someone who Interpol should arrest! Imho, If Erdogan cannot be reined in fast by Obama and Merkel, they will be remembered as every bit shortsighted and cowardly as Chamberlain. See what altruistic, courageous, egalitarian and tolerant (in a word, sweet) people Erdogan has been murdering by the hundreds since July in this beautiful and extraordinarily finely edited 42-minute documentary with English subtitles I am posting for maybe the fifth time! It was made slightly before the birth of ISIS (the YouTube title is misleading/anachronistic!) and these women and (fewer) men include many who saved the Yazidi trapped on that mountain and did so many other things a good world would reward only to be bombed out of their mountains by F16s to be hunted down and exterminated like rats in cities now under siege. I wonder how many of these beautiful souls have been murdered already?

Cascadian said...

Turkey is getting desperate to maintain it's stolen Syrian oil revenue, and Saudi seems intent on assisting them to compete against it's own economy, who said islamists are smart?

Russia is looking for an excuse for revenge for the MIG25-shootdown, and a workout for their air-defence system. Sit back and enjoy the show (unless you are a Saudi or Turk pilot).

Let us hope that NATO, Fallon and the camoron do not get back into their stupid regime-change mode (for the children, especially the Save the Children mental midgets ably assisted by samcam). Libya and Tunisia are disaster zones, does the camoron really want to participate in another disaster? The constipated NATO will be too slow to do anything worthwhile except deploy HMS Bulwark as a floating social services office advertising the many benefits available in the west.

Anonymous said...

KSA = Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. you plank.

Let me give you a small example of the double think hypocrisy which is coming back to bite all their arses. The British political elite and inclusive of our WAHHABIST Sunni fan club aka the FCO and entire UK administration.
An example, one which I think largely reflects, personifies the UK political class and liberal sabre rattlers of our media bubbleheads. From Dave and his wifey Sammy, Aaronovitch to Con Coughlin, Fallon and Hammond, to the Communist loonies of the scum party are pro Hammas in Gaza and tacitly nod to Isil (Shia and Sunni!?) - the Jezzabollahs inclusive of- to those fuckwit extreme left wing arseholes allies of Isis in the SWP and Unite.

Last night, on Sky newspaper review 22.30 hrs, some dopey bint was attempting some shrewd analysis of the "Syrian question". Good grief it was cringe worthy bollocks but not really a surprise when one realized that, she is a scum party worshipper. Where, probably the sum total of her knowledge pertaining to Syria has been scavenged off the tables of senior champagne Chatterati of Norf Landan way.
Carry on excavating and determinedly so was she, digging her own hole and by making some anodyne remarks, which if enacted on in any way would guarantee to make the disaster zone clusterfuck that is the region once known as Syria - even worse than it is now.

At the end of her diatribe, ranting at the " evil forces of al-Assad" Russia and forgetting Iran and Hezbollah, she mouthed wistfully, "I have been to Syria, it's a beautiful place* and I once thought about living there.........."

Now, just muse, ponder for a moment and think about that last (in bold) statement and then think just who it is and who it was who have been running the country of Syria, for the last 50 odd years - eh?

A synopsis, which encapsulates the left wing confusion over what is happening in the Levant, once they were for bombing him, now albeit unofficially the help al Assad and then arm and advise the affiliates of al Qaeda of Jabhat al Nusra, while Turkey "our friend" bombs our allies the Kurds?

WTF is going on?

Why doesn't the left and HMG just shut up about Syria and concentrate on the enemy within who the left invited in through the front gates?

*Syria on the crossways of east and west, which indeed it is beautiful............... or, was at any rate.

G. Tingey said...

Is the KSA heading into it's "Romanov" moment?
Are we at 1905 or 1916?

The fall-out, when it happens is going to be ... interesting

Smoking Scot said...

I do believe that the Saudi policy of acquiring military aircraft and arms from the UK as well as the EU may have some bearing on our PM's reluctance to level any meaningful criticism.

And from what I see on Press TV, they're using their missiles and bombs and bullets at an astonishing rate in Yemen.

It's sad however to note that for the last couple of months their raids on Yemen have been aimed primarily at civilian targets.

Nevertheless the money pouring into our defence industries is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Essential reading:

A Syrian Breakthrough

Why Are The Neocons so Desperate to Rescue Al-Qaeda in Syria?


Anonymous said...

"Why Are The Neocons so Desperate to Rescue Al-Qaeda in Syria?"

Why indeed Steve. I'm bloody well sure I can't divine the CIA excuse to arm terrorists who hate the west more than they do Bashar al Assad.

The best outcome is for Syrian forces backed by Russia and Iran to continue the push north, clear out the opposition to al Assad and staunch, quell the Al Qaeda affiliates uprising and to put an end to re-supply coming over the border from the Turkish side - Sunni allies.
On balance, not necessarily do the Israelis see another rabidly Wahhabi Sunni state as the preferred outcome. In, Tel Aviv they tacitly avow that the devil they know in Bashar al Assad is a known quantity.
Obama, Kerry the Pentagon are all at sea, much to Vladimir Putin's glee - their chips have been cancelled. How it plays in Riyadh and Ankara, Doha is, probably not repeatable.
The US needs to be very vigilant here, this little local difficulty could quickly escalate and then...Then! Britain is best off and far away from the potential conflagration! ah but! with Dave in charge (dear GOD!) - we're very likely to become involved way over our heads (FFS) and just when we've no ships, no men and no planes - thanks to Dave&George and MacMental, Bliar and John (Major) - their (asinine) predecessors, they gave it (sold out the British armed forces) up for the EU.

Really, and out of the blue, in a Welt-politik stratagem, a military masterstroke the Russians so undermined western policy and in the same moment, have changed the game in Syria. Syria, where imho Russian forces and Putin's generals have brought about real prospects of some sort of denouement to this internecine, bloody and dreadful conflict. Western meejah SJW's lefty squeamishness at "Russian aggression" is as nothing when compared to the barbarity the warring factions have inflicted on the people of Syria. Though, it is also true to say beg, Isis and how the Kurds fit in - is another question.

I think Radders is correct, in that, the Russians will seek to seal off the Turkish Euphrates corridor into Raqqa and after that threatre is secured, the final battle will commence against Isis. But...that Isis, at best only a guerrilla army will just vanish into the sands and disappear into Anbar, Sinai and beyond - some of them coming this way (via Turkey, Greece to Britain) - no doubt and there's nothing to stop 'em.

DeeDee99 said...

If the rapid expansion of Muslim settlement in Europe is allowed to continue at current levels (and I see no serious attempt to stop it) in a century or maybe less we will have the Islamic Civil War being conducted on the streets of European cities.

I'm glad I won't be around to see the consequences of our political elite's failures.

Anonymous said...

"we will have the Islamic Civil War being conducted on the streets of European cities."

DeeDee99, I think we've already experienced some low level stuff going on in and around the greater London area Sunni v Shia, albeit only minor scuffles and threats but I believe it to be the early skirmishing of something much more nasty forthcoming.

"I'm glad I won't be around to see the consequences of our political elite's failures."

I couldn't argue, agree more with that.

But if you have sons and daughters, grandsons and grand daughters, the foreboding is tinged with great sadness. I believe it is too late now, I recommend emigration to all of my closest kindred and friends, "get out if you can". The problem with emigration is......thanks to the internationalists, the supranationalist bodies - the Anglosphere is also being trashed.
Australia, Canada and the USA are all well down the road, thanks to the perversion of social engineering, mass immigration and of multikulti politics, division and inter ethnic violence is a growing problem. Along with, the destruction of their sovereignty, its obliteration of these nation states, whither does one go to?
New Zealand is probably the best bet, even Iceland but living there is a risk for natural reasons too and even the Pacific islands there's no guarantee of safety. Retreating to a Scottish island or out into the English countryside only will postpone the inevitable strife of war - which is coming.

It all makes you despair, a deep mental blackness of horrible squirming, stomach churning and greasy dark despair, for, any longer: "there's nowhere to fucking run to".

James Higham said...

Whichever way you come at it - religiously or politicaaly - it still makes this place the hub and the har megiddo.

Mr Ecks said...

"there's nowhere to fucking run to".

Then fight. We are all going to die anyway. If we can manage to see off the scum ranged against us we will have done as much for this nation as those who served--and often died--in WW1 and 2.

andy said...

Well said Mr Ecks,
I`m a native born Englishman and I`ll not be chased out of my own country by a bunch of medieval minded savages,the time of tolerance and cultural acceptance of the arabian death cult is coming to an end,we`ve seen what islam truly means to them who don't subscribe to it and an awful lot of people are saying "no more" they want a holy war? fucking bring it on,this is our land and they`re not going to get it without a fight.

Elby the Beserk said...

"Federica Mogherini; Who?"

Who is a very dangerous woman. She has stated clearly that "political Islam" is a part of the modern Europe. A very dangerous woman indeed.

Elby the Beserk said...

Budgie said...
We have a pitiful military presence (2% of UK GDP) primarily because of the politicians. However the MoD and the top brass are inefficient themselves, and seem incapable of choosing equipment wisely, or getting value for money.

When Corbyn becomes PM the military
Budgie - it is not going to happen. Really.