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Friday, 12 February 2016

Turkey's Erdogan compared to Gaddafi

The news of a ceasefire in Syria comes as Europe - and particularly Germany - realise that a further Spring tsunami of migrants could kill Europe. Kerry has arrived to halt the flood by any means. Syria's blockade of Aleppo is about to apply the same lever - starvation - as the UK used against Germany in the Great War. The Kurds are about to close the eastern gap through which Erdogan pours arms and men for Daesh / ISIS and gets oil in return, and the Syrians, with Russian support, will close the western gap once Aleppo is taken, recovering the greater part of the country currently held by non-ISIS rebels.  

Erdogan has found himself isolated from both Russia and the US. The US has had enough of his support of Daesh / ISIS and will no longer connive at keeping the Kurds from control of much of the border areas. His actions have also justified the Russians introducing modern and effective air defences over Syria - in effect making US and coalition flights over Syria (including those by the UK's three aircraft) subject to Russian goodwill.   

Hollande, a lumpy little yoghurt of a man with little relevance, is whining that the deal will leave Assad in power. Indeed, it looks as though Assad will survive a lot longer in power than Hollande. And a ceasefire isn't a permanent demarcation; it puts the rebels on the back foot and allows Assad to rest and redeploy his forces. It also stops an increasingly mad and desperate Saudi regime from sending troops to fight the Iranians in Syria. 

The EU and its senior official, JC Juncker (Unelected), have proved utterly useless in any role whatsoever in finding a conclusion to the Syrian civil war. And worryingly, as a measure of American displeasure, a comparison between Gaddafi and Erdogan has been leaked to the press. Let's hope thay're also bright enough to realise what Cameron was too thick to work out; that as bad as Erdogan is, Turkey is less likely to cause chaos in Europe with a venal, corrupt and pliable puppet in place than with all the factions, including Daesh / ISIS, unleashed.


TrT said...

A ceasefire may come in to force in a week.
Plenty of time for Assad to encircle Aleppo and then starve out the resistance during the ceasefire.

G. Tingey said...

Indeed, Erdogan is a really nasty piece of work - & it looks as thought Putin has worked out that, provided there is no full-scale assult on Turkey, then NATO member or not, Erdogan will get no help.
Not that Putin is nice to know.
Now which side do you want to support?
The nasty guys, the nasty guys or the even-nastier guys ... seems to be the state of things at present

Anonymous said...


Has anyone told/asked IS?

mikebravo said...

Amazing that the EU and USA can agree to a cease fire so quickly.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the discontent of the people who were to be replaced by migrants.
It rally does prove that it was the US and EU that were behind the prolonging of the civil war in the first place.

cascadian said...

Let's remember that the Syria problem was largely caused by the camoron, hollande and obama's ridiculous "Assad must go" position. Luckily some adults (Russia) have intervened and that trio are now being totally ignored, any attempt to vilify Erdogan will hopefully backfire on the same trio .

The ceasefire is no such thing, Russia will continue to kill the terrorists but assist in humanitarian works, essentially the EU and USA have been sidelined, Lavrov is in control. You will not read this in the western news go read Russia Today.

Turkey will continue to assist "refugees" to access Europe unless paid some jizyah by the EU, its the Islamic way.

A flabby NATO presence will be inconsequential, operating only as Russia allows.

There will be no WW3, EU cannot fight, USA will not fight, if Saudi wants to blow its brains out against Iran lets all sit back and cheer.