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Monday, 15 February 2016

Turks, Saudis openly supporting Daesh / ISIS

Turkish and Saudi fury that their allies Daesh / ISIS are now under severe pressure in Syria are leading both to reckless idiocy. The Turks are breaching international law and acting wholly against NATO remits in shelling Kurd positions in Syria; the Kurds are set to close the door between ISIS and Turkey through which Erdogan gets his family's illegal oil and sends Islamist fighters and supplies to ISIS.

KSA have sent both aircraft and ground troops to Turkey to bolster efforts to keep the ISIS border crossing open, but the head-chopping nutters face humiliation if Russia shoots down a western-made warplane or destroys a Saudi ground formation in Syria. Russia's options against mad dog Erdogan's Turkey are constrained by Turkey's NATO membership; any counterbattery fire against Turkish gunners would lead Erdogan to call for NATO support. The Saudis on the other hand can be destroyed without any such compunction, and it would severely embarrass the West if 'backward' Russian weapons systems succeeded in downing a sophisticated F15. 

That both Turkey and KSA have thrown off all shackles of pretence in so openly and riskily giving backing to their ally Daesh / ISIS demonstrates the strength of their links to the Islamist scum. It also suggests a new understanding between the US and Russia not to allow the mad Sunni dogs to escalate the Islamic civil war into a wider conflict. After doing all they could to provoke a Russian / US incident, the two regional actors have finally been forced to act or see all their hopes of Sunni hegemony to be realised through Daesh / ISIS finished.

Both Turkey and KSA are making quite explicit their true war aims - which have nothing to do with fighting their Sunni ally, Daesh / ISIS

From the Indie, quoting the primitive savages' 'Foreign Minister' - "Bashar al-Assad will leave - have no doubt about it. He will either leave by a political process or he will be removed by force."

And from RT:Turkey ‘won’t allow’ Azaz, northern Syria, to fall to Kurdish militia, promises ‘harsh response’ 

Their ISIS ally must feel buoyed today by such open support ..


Anonymous said...

I gather Obarmy and Putin have been in contact.

The next thing which needs to happen and PDQ.

The USA in the form of an ultimatum, NATO require the Turkish-Wahhabist allies to back off (plotting military adventures in Syria and the shelling of Kurdish positions within Syria).
In the UK, if we had a leader with some guts, political nous and any sort of spine he'd be on the media airwaves and back channels advising Turkey to do something along a similar vein (above).

Laughably, of course Dave is in charge, thus, he'll ask that Mrs 'clueless inertia' Kraut - Merkel - what to do and she'll say "oh we can't annoy our fine and wunderbar allies and the Ottoman Caliphate rejig inspired madman President".

Or....................."what we've got here is, failure to communicate"

Syrian chaos, international inaction, prevarication on behalf of the tossers who purport to be "in charge" turns a small local war into a full scale regional conflict?

mikebravo said...

The septics want their gas pipe line through Syria and they will not let anybody stand in their way. If their proxy's in KSA or Turkey cause a major conflict against Russia then, so be it.

The will be quite happy for ISIS/Daesh to exterminate 5 million Syrians as long as they get their way.

The only question is will the USA citizenry stand for it.

Anonymous said...

Full marks for keeping the flow of conversation about Syria going Raedwald. BBC/ITV/Sky News are a disgrace to journalism.

What we're seeing now is containment: Obama contacting Putin directly is no better sign that the two world powers are seeing beyond the horizon. Conflicts like these have a nasty habit of pulling in more and more players and before you know it a whole region is out of control.


'Russia's options against mad dog Erdogan's Turkey are constrained by Turkey's NATO membership; any counter-battery fire against Turkish gunners would lead Erdogan to call for NATO support.'

The Royal Artillery wrote the book on counter-battery fire missions but even so you can't beat a troop of tanks charging through a battery position like a herd of elephants.

The Russians being good chess players are always two moves ahead so expect the unexpected, and some behind-the-lines mayhem. The Saudis will regret where they're going with this, as will Edrogan - who could one day have a Turkish bullet parked in his braincase.


Cuffleyburgers said...

Agree with Steve, excellent journalism Radders, something we are not seeing from those whose day job it should in theory be.

It is a deeply worrying situation, one with all the hallmarks of something which is out of control and could end extremely badly.

Nobody with any brains can have confidence in the quality of the national leaders in the west who need at this pont:
a) to keep us out of the direct fighting
b) to ensure collateral damage in the UK is kept to an absolute minimum including letting any git who wants to go and fight, go but not allow them back, and preferably ensure they get a pork chop cooked on their head as the song has it
c) to ensure that the UK's genuine long term interests are served ie. that KSA in general and the dickhead Erdogan in particular are severely humiliated, that Russia bleeds enough to reduce her taste for adventurism
d) that the USA and our European neighbours do not get involved
e) that any eventual flood of refugees is dealt with at arms length and are not allowed to reach Europe. We have a legitimate national interest in not allowing them to reach Europe because the vastness of the numbers involved is such as to be severely destabilising to the host countries. It seems the Eastern Europeans have been a bit quicker on the uptake than Austria Germany Sweden. If this last requires us to deny support to Merkel then so be it. She is in the middle of making an epoch-changing blunder - if it only affected the krauts we could leave her to it, but unfortunately it doesn't so we can't.

Cameron is probably not as stupid as we sometimes make him out to be, but he does not make decisions in isolation. He relies on the advice of career civil servants who; well to say they have feet of clay would be an understatement - they very often seem to act deliberately against our best interests, and especially where Europe and the ME are concerned

It really is time that parliament started taking responsibility for the management of this and put Cameron's feet to the metaphorical fire.

Cascadian said...

The camoron and obambi are the disaster twins when it comes to "red-lines" and "regime change" whatever they propose is the worst possible solution whether implemented or ignored. With luck they have learned something from Libya/Gaddafi (though I doubt it).

They are now tied with Saudi Arabia in voicing the certainty that Assad "must go" and thus by implication find themselves supporting DAESH/isis -well done the camoron! One must assume that the KSA forces are now the proxy for a feeble Britain and even obambi.

NATO (essentially the USA) will be spinning some excuse why it is unable to support Turkey, probably needs to do a report as to how to prosecute a zero-carbon war before it mobilizes.

Putin has a free hand while these mental midgets fellate each other and issue specious statements through their "spox" he understands they are unserious. If some ragheads can kill a US ambassador and three US citizens without a response, nobody is going to fuss about a few hundred Turkish artillerymen casualties or a few downed Turkish airforce jets.

Cascadian said...

BTW why would not the camoron and obambi support isis/DAESH their public pronouncements and policy have been very Islamist friendly.

isis seem to be the wrong "kind" of Islamist, but then again IRA were the "wrong" kind of irish and yUK found no problem in appeasing them. A mental giant like the the camoron will have no problem in accepting the situation in Syria and support for isis if Assad can be toppled.

Meanwhile hezbollah, does Russias dirty work, as Greg said the other day-no good options. Pity the Christians in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Crunch time:

Week Eighteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: a dramatic escalation appears imminent


Bill Sticker said...

Ah, so that's why the Saudi's have planted twenty of their F-15's at the Incirlik NATO Airbase in Turkey.

G. Tingey said...

First anonymous
If "Turkey" - read islamist Erdogan, what a crook, carry on like this, they will find themselves being eased out of NATO, to save us the embarrassment.

As for him & KSA backing Da'esh, well, yes.