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Sunday, 7 February 2016

UK Charity bosses who aid migrants must be jailed

I do despair of the British press these days. It's as though the entire thing was being run by well-meaning twenty year old interns. Take a story today in the Indescribablyamateur that urges the Home Secretary not to accede to calls to criminalise charities assisting economic migrants to enter Europe. In a letter that reads as though it was penned by an unruly teenager May is told "“Up until now your Government has done everything it can to avoid helping refugees who have fled to Europe. Now you wish to stop others from doing so as well. This would be a morally reprehensible decision, punishing people for doing the right thing while the Government sits on its hands."

Well, it will come as a disappointment to both the Indie and it's ignorant contributors, but such action is already illegal. As the CPS website states:

Assisting unlawful immigration to a Member State (facilitation) - section 25 of the Immigration Act 1971

Section 25 Immigration Act 1971 creates an offence of assisting unlawful immigration (known as facilitation). The offence was substituted by section 143 Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 which came into force on 10 February 2003. This widened and extended the old facilitation provisions and covers any act facilitating a breach of immigration law by a non-EU citizen (including a breach of another Member State's immigration law) and acts covered by the old offence of "harbouring".
Under section 25(1) a person commits an offence if he:
  1. does an act which facilitates the commission of a breach of immigration law by an individual who is not a citizen of the European Union;
  2. knows or has reasonable cause for believing that the act facilitates the commission of a breach of immigration law by the individual; and
  3. knows or has reasonable cause for believing that the individual is not a citizen of the European Union. 
So all those young crusties combining a holiday to Lesbos with some macho posing in pulling wet Somalis from the beach for 'Facebook' are already breaking the law and can be prosecuted and jailed without any further change of legislation. But the real culprits, those whom I'd personally like to see banged up, are the bosses of 'charities' such as the Refugee Council, which uses millions in government funds to undermine the nation's entire strategy against migrants. 

The Met commissioner needs his arse booted out of his cosy HQ with considerable force. When he was so foolishly squandering resources on chasing phantoms and rumours about bold warriors he missed the real enemies in our midst - the charities and their bosses breaking the law today.


Anonymous said...

Encouraging refugees to come to Europe is the opposite of humanitarian.

UNHCR's budget for providing Syrian refugees in the Middle East with food and medical care is 39% underfunded.

It makes no sense to invite refugees to Europe while UNHCR is underfunded. It costs between 10 and 25 times as much to support a refugee in a high income country than in a Middle Eastern country. US government figures show that many refugees remain dependent on welfare for years, so if the war were to end in the next year or two and the refugees in high income countries elect not to return to the Middle East, the difference in cost could be higher still.

The worst thing is that most of these people probably cheered on and/or voted for the politicians (in the case of Libya, most Labour MPs; Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama) that caused the refugee crisis in the first place by encouraging violent revolution in poor countries, while bizarrely denouncing UKIP (who were consistently against these horrific wars) as "racists".

Anonymous said...

I would contend that there aren't any refugees in Lesbos or any other southern European area, merely economic migrants.

If such people want to help, they should spend their holiday in Jordan, which has up to four million of the poor f*ckers.

DeeDee99 said...

Another appropriate response to prosecuting individuals who break the law is to also prosecute the CEO's of the "Charities" and to withdraw Government funding.

But our cowardly Government won't do that, any more than the police will prosecute their Executives.

Anonymous said...

Mass immigration is the massive but very blunt cutting edge which severs the ties and family fealty of the British people which were once so strong but are now disconnected.
Severed, ironically by young skilled British blood leaving these shores, the flower of the nation has disappeared abroad because Britain now has no place, does not recognize British culture, traditions and the British history of nationhood.
That's the bloody plan, to dissolve nations and most particularly BRITAIN and where the new aristocracy of monied public sector champagne Socialistas now despise the white Anglo Saxon populace equally as much as the landed aristocracy have since the Norman conquest.
Despise? actually is not the correct term, that they still fear us would be a better way of so describing it. Thus fear naturally breeds a racist contempt, so that they TPTB have fashioned a cultural and social assault on everything the true Brit holds dear and at that, through the auspices of discrimination and human right laws made those people of white Anglo Saxon stock second class citizens within their own shores.

Most? no! all of the major UK charidees are stuffed full of Common Purpose-Cultural Marxists dedicated to unwrapping and dismantling the social cohesion which used to bind tightly this nation. Bliar's scum party stuffed the apparatus of state with Socialist 'long marchers' - apparatchiks in - quangos, charities, councils. Although this was a process ongoing and way back when academia had long since capitulated to this insane Marxist inspired Frankfurt School precepts. Dogma, indoctrination dedicated to societal nihilism and of moral relativism. Amorality rules but wear your heart on your sleeve, show you care, virtue signallers en masse - "step right this way and all the rewards will be your, not least robbing the taxpayer blind" - no wonder they histerically laugh smile inwardly because: we Anglo Saxons pay for the destruction of our own island nation, enforced to pay welfare for the world and indubitably: for our own coffins.

What you allude to in your post R - its subtext the HNG's tacit admission therein. That, Muslim charities and pervasive Islamic influence got on the charidee bandwagon, where they (should I say we UK taxpayers) fund albeit indirectly groups like al Shabab, al Nusra and Isis, and aid the wave of gimmegrants sent by the Imams from across the Maghreb, Middle East over to Pakistan and beyond - that's what HMG needs to get a grip of - the cult of death influencing UK taxpayer sponsored charities.

Budgie said...

The Telegraph 07-02-2016: "David Cameron is to warn that a Brexit would leave Britain vulnerable to terror attacks and that migrant camps will spring up across the South East of England."

We better all vote Remain, then.

Or alternatively the man is certifiable.

Anonymous said...

"Or alternatively the man is certifiable."

Anyone who says, "if we weren't in it [EU] I'd be pushing to join it"

"we want the EU to extend to the Urals"

- is stark staring mad.

Ah but then................The Tory party apparats voted for DAVE, tells you another thing you need to know about the RED lite party. In total the Westminster political claque are just distinguished by shades and varied hues of RED and whose loyalties lie anywhere but to Britain and the British people.

wiggiatlarge said...

"David Cameron is to warn that a Brexit would leave Britain vulnerable to terror attacks and that migrant camps will spring up across the South East of England."
The lying toad is well aware that it will take several years to unravel from the EU during which time the same laws will stay in place, afterwards (if it ever happens) those who make it here will once processed disappear into the black economy or wherever like all who have come before, tens of thousands has a ring to it.