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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

UK prolonging war in Syria, Turkey pouring petrol on the fire

In a comment of unbelievable stupidity that nonetheless reflects the failure of Cameron's governments in foreign affairs, his foreign secretary Philip Hammond has blamed Russia for prolonging the war by supporting Assad. It is of course equally true to claim that the UK is prolonging the war by failing to support Assad. And meanwhile in Brussels Europe's most senior unelected official, JC Juncker, leads a bunch of unelected headless chickens who seemingly cannot make the connection between their part in the prolongation of the Syrian civil war and the tsunami of migrants and refugees on Europe's shores. One despairs. 

Meanwhile, as the Independent reports, Turkey is headed for an invasion of the Kurdish-held parts of Syria, that would put it in direct conflict with Russia. It is now accepted that a Turkish jet lurked at low level specifically to ambush the Russian aircraft that clipped Turkish airspace. Now the de facto co-operation between Russia and the Kurdish YPG forces means that Syria's border with Turkey has almost been closed to Daesh / ISIS, cutting Erdogan off from millions in earnings from illegal oil imports and cutting Daesh / ISIS off from resupply of weapons, munitions and fighters. Whether NATO can succeed in preventing Erdogan acting rashly - and illegally - is doubtful. So far he has swallowed the EU's €3bn without halting a single migrant. 

Indeed, as Spiegel reports, Erdogan has halted Syrian migrants at Turkey's border (except the Daesh / ISIS ones, I suspect) but the Turkish state airline is filled to capacity on scheduled flights from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia with young men who need no visa to enter Turkey - and it is these migrants who are now forming the bulk of the lucrative smuggled traffic to Greece. Bribes paid to local Turkish police and customs officials of €3,000 a pop, according to Spiegel, are guaranteeing that the traffic continues. 

And no doubt both Saint Angela and Senior Official JC Juncker (Unelected) shake their heads in wonder and bafflement at so many rough and priapic Maghrebi thugs now in their midst and wonder how it all happened when they meant so well.


rapscallion said...

I don't think Fuhrerin Merkel or JC Juncker (unelected) are shaking their heads at all. They are nodding them in appreciation of how well their plan is going. When judging politicians always assume the worst and the most base motives - you'll rarely be far from the mark. This is planned.

Poisonedchalice said...

If (and only if) it was a mistake, then the adage "the road to hell is paved with good intention" rings true.

However, no such good intentions were considered when Liebour let 3 million in. Lord Glasman admitted as much in The Times and R4.

Coney Island

Oldrightie said...

Hammond, cheerleader in chief to vilify Russia. Cnut. As for the migrant crisis part of diluting ethnic European populations and white majority, sure but the consequences not panning out. As stated by a German Minister today. Cameron,s just rearranging the deckchairs on the "Titanic" mess that is a sinking EUSSR.

meltemian said...

"So far he has swallowed the EU's €3bn without halting a single migrant."

Actually I don't think the EU has actually got round to paying the money to Turkey yet.

Thud said...

I still want payback for 1453.

Budgie said...

Unfortunately I believe it is the FCO that is all in favour of removing Assad. Just as it is the FCO that is all in favour of us remaining shackled to the EU.

I don't think Cameron has the brains to think up any of this, he is just wheeled out to smooth over any peasant revolt with a dollop of oleaginous brown stuff.