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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Austrian pride in closing migrant route - but EU takes credit

The Kronen Zeitung has a scoop today in publishing the draft statement to be issued tomorrow  following the meeting of EU Heads of Government in which it is to be stated that the Western Balkans migrant route 'is now closed'. 

However, rather than admit that Austria's action in co-ordinating Balkan nations to block their borders has worked, an initiative which only last week was being roundly condemned by the EU and Greece, the unelected officials in Brussels have decided that the better option is to credit themselves with Austria's win; the extract below is credited to the paper:-
The leaked document goes on to agree further aid to Greece, including seconded border guards from EU nations lent to the EU's 'Frontex' bureaucracy, and to ready implementation of return of economic migrants to Turkey from 1st June. 

However, the EU's haste in pursuing options that push the problem back to Turkey come at a price; unrestricted access to the EU for Turkish citizens. As long as the UK remains in the EU, this means a new flood of Turkish economic migrants to the UK. There is, it seems, no win-win solution.


Dave_G said...

"seconded border guards..."

EU-speak for 'thugs prepared to beat anyone into submission'.

Of course the gimmigrants are going to lie down and give in to this sort of persuasion..... cue some impressive fighting - censored by all the media of course.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Cue a rush to fake Turkish passports and official documentation. At a guess Erdogan + cronies have had a little lottery win beyond the promised biiillions in €€€€€ EU cash....

I look forward to interviews of farcical chancers doing their impersonation of their idea of a Turkish person etc ...

Are the Swiss allowing any €€€€ in these days?

Anonymous said...

Disabled toilet.

Anoneumouse said... it an end to the Jihadi Anschluss

Budgie said...

So this needs "mobilisation of ..... Member States contributions"? I bet George didn't see that one coming. Or maybe he did and just covered it up like most actions in this invasion by migration have been.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, that the fuckwit pigs trotting and troffas of Brussels, they are letting in the Janissaries.

Ottomans, Sunnis wound up by Wahhabist mullahs will rush here (and to Germany) but if you think the flow from the Balkans is way too much now, by Christmas it will cause the ferry firms to be chartering extra ships full of Turks but also as you suggest Eritreans et al with Turkish papers.

At least, Oesterreich caused Schengen to be stuffed, for the good of all Europe.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

".......the unelected officials in Brussels...."

There ya go again using that word 'unelected' as an 'Emotive Adjective'. The emotive adjective is a pedestrian rhetorical device used by those who would attempt to argue a position which they believe to be potentially suspect, or by those who would argue any position for an audience who they believe do not think.

".....including seconded border guards from EU nations lent to the EU's 'Frontex' bureaucracy....."

Well there ya go Britain!
Empty your prisons! Divest yourselves of all those brutish/british Football hooligans!
All your 'elected' officials!

Raedwald said...

S-R - what part of 'seconded' don't you understand? Or do you really believe that EU Shengen block nations recruit their border guards from UK prisons?

And yes, the elected Mayor of the smallest French Commune has more democratic legitimacy than Herr JC Juncker, the EU's senior official. Appointed.

Anonymous said...

"you have ignored my warnings"


"be prepared to be destroyed"

Fantasist or, just plain old pillock?

Raedwald said...

Nutter - they must be skipping their meds ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely R.

Today, agog at his antics I watched a driver just nonchalantly cruise through two red lights, it was Sunday and fortunately the roads were quiet, recently having read about the proliferation of drug addled drivers (new illegal substances test) I arrived at a similar conclusion (to yours albeit far different circ's).

Meds or proscribed drugs? True, there are some very weird folk and when they're off em (heads) - the world is a dangerous enough place already.

cascadian said...

"The EU will stand by Greece in this difficult moment" the beachhead has been surrendered. Greece has been abandoned, hopefully they were smart enough to negotiate some forgiveness of debt to the eurobanks as compensation for their abandonment.

What happened to the mighty EU naval armada in the Aegean? As usual ...all puffery.

The lesson as Austria, Hungary and Macedonia (and no doubt others) have shown, is to ignore the EU and look to their own self-interest. Even the camoron should be able to understand that. But never fear I am sure that ms maybe/the camoron have yet another cunning plan to expose yUK to the gimmegrants depredations.