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Thursday, 17 March 2016

British blood in Libya - Obama's price for 'stay' campaign support?

There's a very funny smell hanging around Cameron, Obama, Libya and the 'stay' campaign right now. Firstly, the US President, whose every public word is guarded by a phalanx of PR experts, blames Cameron for leaving business unfinished in Libya. Then it's revealed that Obama will strongly support the 'stay' campaign. And now the leaks are starting that Obama wants boots on the ground in Libya before the end of his presidential term - that means this year. And Cameron has nothing left to lose. 

So one has to wonder if Cameron, like Blair, has already promised the US President that UK troops will fight in Libya alongside a US contingent - and whether Obama's support for the 'stay' campaign is the price for this. 

We won't know, of course, until Cameron feels compelled to tell the House of 'urgent' matters that have just arisen regarding Libya and seeking support for an expeditionary force. No doubt the Cabinet Secretary is already writing the mandatory Dodgy Dossier. Or perhaps a Libyan 'incident' is already being contrived or allowed to develop. 

We've got nine months of 2016 left to find out. 

There's a petition on the Govt. website to stop Obama's visit HERE


formertory said...

.....and of course the BBC is pre-warming the vaseline by showing sycophantic stuff like "Obama's White House" just in advance of the Great One's visit to tell UK citizens what their duty is. And American Generals saying that if we leave the EU, NATO will be weaker (eh?). What on earth have the unelected EU elites promised Obama to persuade him to visit a country he doesn't much care for to meet a PM he seems to despise to campaign for Remain?

It's inconceivable that there's not some sort of orchestration behind all this.

Barnacle Bill said...

One has to wonder if this is part of the reason for the Quisling Cameroon's indecent haste to get the EU referendum out of the way so quickly?

DeeDee99 said...

After Putin showed POTUS in Syria how it can (and must) be done, Obama will want to demonstrate that he isn't a useless fcukker. So Libya is obvious venue for a bit of willy waving ... but he'll want his poodle along to provide moral cover.

Would Cameron DARE put it before the House? Whichever way the EU Referendum goes, I think he's a busted flush.

Cascadian said...

The Libyans are bigger fools than I took them for-who would leave the fate of their country in the hands of the camoron and obambi? Their incompetence and downright stupidity have already been exposed. Libya should be calling on Putin to get the job done.
I must admit I got great enjoyment from obambis "free-rider" comment, I think I termed it freeloader here previously. Nevertheless an accurate and stinging comment. camoron and sarkozy exposed their impotence for the world to see, then cut and run. It beggars belief that the camoron once again wants to show how flaccid a euro response can be.
And where are those 6000 troops coming from? Hopefully not NATO.

formertory said...

Thanks for the link, Raedwald, but it's the wrong petition and one which would likely be a great comfort to the Remainians. It's Student Union thinking: "we don't like what he's going to say so he must be banned". Ask Nick Griffin - an odious piece of shit but he has an opinion and a view and he shouldn't be prevented from expressing them by a few pantywaist closet-authoritarians.

So with Obama. The Government's response to the petition is unassailable so it doesn't matter if it became the biggest petition since Clarkson - they're not going to change their view. What the petition might do better is to suggest that if Obama is to address the House, there should be equivalent time and opportunity for prominent "Leavers" to address the House.

Even then, it's thin - Obama is Pres after all and for some reason millions of our countrymen seem to feel he's a friend of ours, and a nice guy to boot.

Nick Drew said...

shrewd call, Mr R

Dave_G said...

Would that we had the temerity to 'interfere' with US domestic policy....

I should imagine the American people would be more than disgruntled at such arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Your cynicism is well placed, all of you. Libya was the pivot for a new American hegemony in the Middle East - which, like the previous attempt, went horribly wrong. Some of you may have seen this (couple of minutes) video:

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

Raedwald said:

'So one has to wonder if Cameron, like Blair, has already promised the US President that UK troops will fight in Libya alongside a US contingent - and whether Obama's support for the 'stay' campaign is the price for this.'

The backscratching is almost certainly genuine, the capability for us to help, well that's another thing entirely. Having said that I do know some elements of 3 Commando Brigade have cleared their calender - my bet is 40 Commando and 2 Squadron SBS.

Vote leave


anon 2 said...

Yes. As to NATO, I'm assuming everyone knows that its headquarters are in Brussells [?sp], Belgium? And that the Supreme Allied Headquarters are somewhere called Mons, also in Belgium? A further question exercises me as to how Joseph Conrad, through HEART OF DARKNESS (1902), knew enough to forewarn us. After all, he depicted Brussells as the [whited] "sepulchral city" from which Kurtz, the greatest evil, arose to exploit and corrupt folk in the Belgian Congo. Similarly, in "The Secret Agent" (1907), this writer foreshadowed the infiltration/destruction of Britain by european evil.

Perhaps Conrad noticed that Brussells was the place where Marx and Engels, communist Germans expelled from Paris, had completed and published their "Communist Manifesto" (1848). Perhaps - like Wells; Aldous Huxley, in "Brave New World" (1932); and Orwell - this member of the Fabian* Society (est. 1884), published his blueprints to warn readers. Hidden in plain sight as the warnings are though, present-day victims continue to ignore them.

Thank you Raedwald, and all who continue to throw light on the dark burgeoning of our enslavement. I hope and pray that this work helps to waken the victims ......

*Named after Fabius, the Roman "Delayer," Fabians are committed to spreading 'socialism' slowly - by infiltration (n.b. LSE et al) rather than by force. But NATO, while a force, is devoted to defence and restoration of 'peace' - quite a stride forward for them. . . . . .

Budgie said...

I suspect that British troops are already on the ground from Yemen in the south to Libya in the north. I doubt that the RAF planes would bomb without spotters - it doesn't take a genius to guess that.

Anonymous said...

Yemen? WTF?

Who are British special forces, more pertinently why are British special forces spying for in the Yemen? And if they are there, Camoron needs his arse kicking from Westminster to kingdom come.


Libya, with Gaddhafi in situ should not have been a fucking problem, but then came the regime change nutters - Cameron, Sarko and Obambi now it is a terrorist cancer on the arse of Africa - for the Yanks, Brits and Frogs. And they (above) have the fucking gall to call out Donald Trump as some sort of nutter - well: it takes one to know one is all I can say to that.