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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Cameron recruits a Kermit to 'Project Fear'

In my boaty days, the rules for entering the UK in a small vessel at an unstaffed port or harbour were clear. You called HMRC on the VHF, moored up and were prohibited from leaving the vessel until either visited by an immigration officer or for a fixed time period. If a crew and passengers were refused entry off they would go, aboard their own vessel. The same principle applies for cross-channel ferries; there's no obligation to allow one single passenger, one single car or one single freight wagon off the vessel until entry clearance has been given. If the Border Force set up shop on the exit ramp they would leave on-board all those refused admission, who would then be the ferry company's headache. 

Cameron's efforts in recruiting a Kermit economy minister to Project Fear by warning that the French would renege on a mutual advance border treaty are therefore as pointless as everything else about the man. Yes, Border Force checks can be kicked out of Calais - but you can be damn sure this doesn't mean a tsunami of illegals boarding the ferries. The ferry companies, knowing that they will be lumbered with them, will introduce their own checks. At a cost which will be recovered by higher freight and fare costs and increased travel time costs. Which will harm both French and UK trade.   

The current treaty arrangements, completely seperate from EU treaty obligations, are of great bilateral benefit and despite the whining noise from Paris will not be revoked. It's just Cameron and more Project Fear to join the dodgy dossier and other miscellaneous 'Stay' lies.


DeeDee99 said...

This is blindingly obvious to anyone with a few functioning braincells. But Cameron is banking on the dumbed-down, unthinking part of the electorate to succumb to his Project Fear.

The other idiocy he's spouting is fear that The Jungle will be rebuilt in Kent. This is equally ridiculous: the minute an illegal immigrant gets into the UK, he/she disappears into the black economy - they don't get a tent and set up home in the Kent countryside.

His behaviour - lying, scaremongering and trying to scare his own people is disgraceful. The Conservative Backbench MPs should collect the 50 signatures necessary to trigger a leadership election.

Billy Marlene said...

On top of this the BBC report these playground scares with enthusiasm and gusto; any counter opinion is delivered in sneering and derogatory tones.

Unfortunately the leavers are only preaching to the converted. I fear that the lethargy and ignorance of the masses will result in a status quo. This is Cameron's game plan.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Raedwald, the benefits of privatisation are manifest.

Not long ago, when travelling from Ireland back to Blighty, I was told by a government bag lady, that I could not bring a 200ml cellophane wrapped gift bottle of some womany stuff past her point of influence. She said that I could however, unwrap it, buy a couple of 100ml empty plastic bottles from the "gift" shop (which was about 15ft away) and transfer the contents... Until then, I would not be able to board the plane.

If responsibility for the SAFE transport of entitled passengers, staff, freight and the plane itself, were the responsibility of the airlines...

You could be damn sure that it would be far more efficient than the state run operation that we all seem to put up with at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Quite right. The bilateral agreement has bugger all to do with the EU.

Mind you, we'd have to seal off the Channel Tunnel - but I understand that just means dropping the fire doors so no real technical problem there.

The French are bastards. They want to keep us in because they want the money and will try any trick to screw us over. They have always been natural enemies so why would we assume they are our friends now?

Kermit? LOL!

Bloke in North Dorset said...

According to this month's Yachting and Boating World UKBF is going to be stepping up checks on leisure and small commercial vessels anyway.

FrankS said...

With his scares re Border Force and The Jungle in Kent, Cameron proudly boasts that our borders are beyond his control. What a rum fellow!

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

I’m surprised anybody makes it safely to harbour in the UK. You retards don’t follow the Visual Bouyage rules.
It’s “Red - Right, Return; Left, Leaving.”
I figure out of jealousy and a flawed sense of protection, that in the off chance you found yourself fighting the mightiest navy in the world, you turned all the buoys around so that the American Men-O-War would run aground when approaching.
Funny thing is with those Yanks, it would probably work!

Of course, this trick wouldn’t work on the Dutch if they decided to sail up the Thames and burn your fleet again. Innit?

".....If the Border Force set up shop on the exit ramp they would leave on-board all those refused admission,...."

Aye, there's the rub. who'll pay for that?

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Oh and your much lauded Immigration Officers can be bribed with something as insignificant as a dextrous reach-around administered by a cute bikini-clad Asian.

I beg your indulgence for this second comment

James Higham said...

Any sailor knows the score. Why does Cameron lie?

Oldrightie said...

Cameron lies because it makes him feel powerful when he gets away with it.

mikebravo said...

Operation fear continues without heed to the reality.

This non story was debunked last week by an non-lying kermit. The aforementioned agreement is a bilateral agreement between the French and UK governments. Nothing to do with the EU.

If they ended it Calais would be awash with illegal gimmegrants trying to get to the UK and they would have to do something about them themselves like they had to before the agreement without any financial help from ourselves.

It is a sad reflection that cameron can not come up with any real benefits of staying in the EU rather than just lies and bullshittery.

May his own backbenchers boil him in his own snake oil!!!

Bill Quango MP said...

Someone just made this exact point, that it would become the ferry companies headache, on BBC radio 2.

Wasn't you , was it, Raedwald ?

Raedwald said...

Hi Bill - No, not me. I don't do phone-ins ... but it's the truth. You can't leave a migrant on an aircraft, but they can live for weeks on a ferry - and can even use the crew's quarters and laundry facilities if necessary. Just going back and forth from UK to France six times a day. Nightmare for the ferry cos.

Barnacle Bill said...

If the Cameroon cannot come out and say that our borders will be secure regardless of if we are in or out of the EU then he should stand aside for a UK prime minister who can.

mikebravo said...


Someone within his party should stand up in the HoC and state that if he is not prepared to stand up for this country regardless of the outcome of this (peoples) referendum then they will.

That would however take some guts. It doesn't seen that those are a prerequisite for our "professional politicians".

His credibility is going down the shi##er on a daily basis. If the leave campaign can not beat him now we are truly hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is showing us his true colours, he may regret this later, after the referendum. He is finished as PM whatever the outcome, now as loathed as much as Bliar. He will not be forgiven.

Anonymous said...

If I'm reading this right you've got two frogs who just happen to be croaking at the same time about the same matter on the day that Mr Potato Head is visting. Yeah. For me that's the story and it's one that will be repeated (abandon hope all ye who want leave) ad nauseam for the next 4 months: Dave visits somewhere and like a jack-in-a-box, up pops a scare story.

I see he was with Hollande today in the Somme prefecture in Amiens. Lot of British lads died there 100 years ago. Flower of English youth they were; Welsh and Irish too, and Scots aplenty. Waste. I hate politicians.


James C said...

I seem to remember that having sailed back to the UK the wait was three hours - about two hours longer than was necessary to clean a boat up after a cross channel trip. Inevitably Customs and Excise never came. I never understand why the jungle doesn't move to Roscoff or Cherbourg where they could jump on a ferry to Ireland - once there they could walk into the UK. Even at the height of the roubles the border was porous despite the 18000 troops in the province.

Anonymous said...

Gimmegrants and the continental tour of an easy life.

'n' dey jus' luv de Calli-jungle bwana! Of; free grub, daily rioting, drugs and SJWs girls 10 a penny or, gratis by oh alan snackbar! they intone,

"wots not to like.... Kuffar, innit?"

Budgie said...

Cameron, like other Remains, has simply lost the concept of what controlling our own borders means. They are infantilised by years of holding on to Nurse EU so, though they may appear to listen, they just don't take it in. They don't understand that we can let in who we want and exclude who we want, bar a few illegals who get in round the edges but can be thrown out when found.

Anoneumouse said...

Typical of France they haven't even signed never mind ratified United Nations Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

Budgie said...

Anoneumouse, I did not know that, you are correct. Did you have a further point? The EU has not signed or ratified either, but many constituent parts have: Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain etc.

Anoneumouse said...

As my Grandfather used to say you you should always interpret the word French as duplicities


French: deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or acting in two different ways to different people concerning the same matter; double-dealing.

Synonyms: deceit, deception, dissimulation,fraud, guile, hypocrisy, trickery

Poisonedchalice said...

Radders ol' boy; surely you meant HMCG, not HMRC. Although I fully understand that keyboard fingers are probably hard-wired to type the latter these days!

Coney Island

anon 2 said...

It's good to see so much support for my reasonable antikermitism!! Frogules are pestiferous, and ever have been: I used to be sorry about what the Romans did to them, but ....